Sunday's night nightmare


Watching the game two days ago it was the most frustrated thing

I am not a good analizer of the games like some of the guys who writes here and tprobably the points that I am going to write are in most of the post showed lately but my opinions to describe are part of my frustration I had last Sunday

Our team looked nervous at the beginning of the game and predictable in the plays in both sides of the line

It was a nightmare seeing the Steelers' defense being shaken everytime the Patriots had the ball and  there wasn't a momentum in the game in which this unit could control it into its favor.

Simply for me Brady and CO. played a physicall game that the Steelers use to make,  this brought to my memory the game two years ago when Steelers faced the same opponent and our Team played a terrific game almost in the same way Patriots did it two days ago.

I agree with some of the guys that wrote some posts that Steelers' coaches were overcoached by the Patriots ones  and theycouldn't do anything to reverse that

In the latest games the rival teams are forgetting to run the ball vs the Steelers defense because they know that can have a better result using the air to beat this team, as Brees, Brady and Palmer (this guy almost gets the win) showed lately, Troy is not playing at his level lately, Woodley is dissapearing in some periods of the games, except for Ike the rest of the CB are below average, Farrior is showing his age, the only one playing at high level is Timmons.

The deffense played terrific during the first four games of the season knowing that all the success was going to depend of it performance but has suffered a lot to keep the same level once Ben returned

The offense is completely predictable, I agree the OL is with some guys down but the reserve ones should show some good level to play in NFL but not, I though the Randle EL will be a good replacement in case Hines being hurt but on Sunday's showed me that He is only an average WR

 The Browns used runs tru the center of the line with some success against the Patriots and the Steelers tried for the ones out of the tackle this probably for the lack of a good guys in the line to open the Holes  Mendy needed to run so for me OC Arians that is not doing his job properly, looks like is not analyzing the games before and is not trying to make the adjustment on time

How is it  possible that in the first half Ben just threw 70 yards and in the second period almost 300? Why did Arians wait until the second part of the game to make an adjustment?

The Steelers must bounce back in the next week against the Raiders a team with a good runner and average QB but a team with a great momentun that will be hard to defeat

So I am hoping Tomlin and CO learn a lesson  of the past game in order to improve or it will happen like last year in which the Steelers were in good shape to repeat but fell down in the middle of Season in the same way that can happen in this season.

But to finalize I think the Steelers can be the best contender to win again the big game and that the last game was only a nightmare in the middle of the season

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