Rapid Reports A Season on the Brink Edition

Let's not panic, lets not fret.  There are 7 games left in the season.  The steelers were undressed last sunday; blame it on injuries; blame it on fatigue; blame it on coaching.  Either way it happened and our season has been altered because of it.  Our beloved Steelers are 6-3 and this week's game has been magnified.  Even if the Steelers lose Sunday the season isn't lost but it will be in serious jeopardy.  At 6-4, the ravens will most likely have a sizable lead in the division the jets and pats will seem a little further out of reach.  I feel that if we are to get the 7th ring this season we need a bye week in the playoffs.  We had our bye so early that the team will tire towards the end of the season if we don't get another bye.  We can still control that fate with games left against the Ravens and the Jets.  If we win wi'll be 7-3 and nightmares of last year should fade into long-term memory.  

No more waking up in cold seats murming, 'Chiefs, Browns, Raiders....'  after last year I think some of us are on edge.  The coaching staff is going to do what they can to get the intensity back in this defense.  The coaching staff is going to do what they can to get the offensive line ready for another battle.  Each game is important and every game you have to win.  Good team bounce backs from losses, we have so far this year - lets continue the trend.

Coach Mike Tomlin sent a loud message to his charges Wednesday. Tomlin had the team practice in full pads. He hasn't done that since early in the season

So the kicker is cut and the boys are back in pads.  I think Tomlin understands that this is a critical point in the season, there shouldn't be another flat performance this Sunday.  I think the message is clear, winning is what is expected and we cannot accept losing.

WR Mike Wallace, fresh off an 11-catch performance Sunday night, has seven TD receptions on the season. The franchise record is 12, set by Hines Ward in 2002. Wallace also leds the league with a 21.4 average.

I'll say it, Wallace will be better than Holmes.  He already on pace for a 1,000 yard season in his second year, something Holmes took 4 years to do.  He is two touchdowns away from scoring as many touchdowns in two years as Holmes did in 3.  Would it be nice to have Holmes and Wallace, I'm not sure. I think Sanders can develop into what Holmes used to do for us.  If you watch, Wallace is starting to get open on the intermediate routes too.  He'll be the complete package after year 3 guaranteed.    

Jonathan Scott will remain at left tackle in place of the injured Max Starks (neck). Coach Mike Tomlin said Scott did a "serviceable job" Sunday night. Not exactly a big vote of confidence, is it? 

Well he shouldn't get a vote of confidence.  Scott will need to up his play to at least average to keep the pressure off of Ben.  It would be nice if our OC would move the pocket to help out the left side.  There are various ways to keep the pressure off the QB.  We'll see if any are employed.

 S Will Allen (concussion), DE Nick Eason (illness), DT Steve McLendon (illness), STroy Polamalu (achilles), and DE Aaron Smith (triceps) did not practice on Wednesday.

Well if people was wondering about Troy, he finally shows up on the injury list.  Its not good either, we're all too familiar with Achilles injuries.  The thing about Troy is that even when he guesses wrong, he had the speed and quickness to make up for it.  Hopefully he starts to look more like his normal self as the year goes on.  We need him at his best.

LB James Farrior when asked if other teams will try and copy the Patriots' game plan: "Oh yeah, no doubt about it. Teams are definitely going to look at this game and we're going to have to address every week until we get this stuff stopped."

In all honestly the Patriots copied their game plan from the Saints who copied it from Baltimore.  They just executed it better.  If we haven't made the adjustments yet then I don't know when we will.  I think most of the adjustments need to be focused at sacking the QB not just putting pressure.  QBs like Brady aren't going to flinch unless you hit him.

This will be updated as more reports come out.  

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