Hump Day Mix regular season week 11 "The Black Hole concept" edition.

First and foremost ladies and germs I apologize that this post is coming out 2 days after the Hump. I have been sick with the flu for the past week and am now fully recovered from my Nyquil induced coma. Arn and 6 have had busy schedules this week so I will be doing this poast solo. I will breakdown the previous matchup against the Pats and give you my random musings for this weekends matchup versing the Raiders. I hope you enjoy...


What about those predictions from last week?

Webslasher81: Well both Arn and I poasted that we would win no matter the outcome. I predicted that we would beat the Patsies by 4. That didn't turn out so hot...Was it just me or did we play in slow motion, most likely the worst game so far...(barring injuries and miscues). I hope we got this out of the way...Overall we didn't play our best but by no means did we no show production...the offense behind BB came back from a huge chunk of points to make it at least a respectable game...there were some errand missed catches which I won't discuss further as well as a chip shot field goal that ulimately cost "Skippy" his has been a miserable week for me to say the least.

Predictions for the Raiders game?

Webslasher81: I for one am going to say this, that even though the loss to the Pats stung, it won't ruin our playoff hopes. I feel that we gets this type of loss out of the way so that we can overcome everything else that is thrown at us. At this point of the season seeding for the playoffs is just that, seeding. I don't care if were seeded # 1, as long as we get to the dance with a invitation,then the magic will happen. I believe that we come out fuming an destroy the Oakland Raiders, we don't forget how they beat us on a last ditch effort from Gradkowski. BB has a decent game, (13-18 attempts, 207 yds. 2 tds), Rush-hard will come out blaring, (23 rushes 106 yds. 1 td, 3 touches 24 yds, 1 td.). The defense will play more tightly, pressuring a flusterable Jason Campbell, Timmons has a field day, (14 tackles 4 tfl  2 sacks.). Steelers win 21-13.

Who are your predicted Standouts?

Webslasher81: On "O" it's BB and Rush-hard, and on "D" it's Timmons...(stats above.).

What are your concerns for this week's game?

Webslasher81: As always...injuries! As well as mistakes that would give the Raiders the advantage. We must control the clock and have good field position to give us the win. Lebeau is going to keep working on the gameplan mixing it up and keeping the Raiders "O", flustered all day. We have to come out like we did against the Bungels...full cylinders blaring, but don't gas out in the 4th quarter and make stupid mistakes.

Random notes?

Webslasher81: Other than me being sick, and that this being a "must win" game for us...if anybody liks wine...I recently bought some Pink Floyd muscadine red off of the internet and cracked open a bottle last night it was delicious. If anybody's interested the website is:

Now onto the cheerleader of the week and international babe(s) of the world.

Cheerleader(s) of the week: I'm keeping it true to form and I am not going to jump the gun like i did last week lol. Here is...a foursome that I wouldn't mind getting to know...



International Babe(s) of the week...

Since being sick I recently bought Assassins Creed: Brotherhood for the 360,to pass the time great game, but when it comes to their gameplay with women few can touch the Antipasto. I love italy! So here is the spice that makes the food worth eating...let me introduce you to..."Twins Bassel...Twins" Frederica and Fontana.



Whew...i'm spent (TWSS) lol. thats it for this week's hump day poast 2 days late but I guess things like this are worth waiting for lol...j/k. Anyway boys and ghouls until next week when Arn, 6, and I return so we can tackle the woeful Toronto Bills...

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