The Day Jon Kolb's Horse Almost Cost the Steelers a Dynasty


This is part one of a series in which I will try to recount some of the stories the Steelers alumni told during this year’s Steelers Men’s Fantasy Camp.  There are lots of stories and I know I will not retell them as well as they were told to the group, but I will do my best…---DWMT



In the early seventies, Kolb owned a ranch somewhere outside of Pittsburgh where he raised horses.  The ranch was quite large and was a place where various players would often come to hunt deer during the season.  As Kolb explains it, hunting there was no major challenge as he would occasionally throw corn out for them.





One day in the locker room, he and several players, including Jack Lambert, were talking about going hunting.  Bradshaw overheard the conversation and asked if he could come along.  This was not a common occurrence as TB often stayed to himself at that point in his career.  Kolb agreed, adding that Sam Davis was coming over the next morning as well.


Bradshaw arrives at the ranch early in the morning and Kolb finds him in the barn petting some of his horses.  Bradshaw asks if he could ride and Kolb says sure.  But good old TB does not know who to saddle the horse.  Kolb relates that he always assumed TB knew how to saddle a horse because he had a belt buckle the size of a dinner plate.


So Kolb saddles the horse up.  Bradshaw then starts twirling a rope around, clumsily.  He asks Kolb if he knows how to “lasso things”.  Kolb replies that he often has to catch some younger horses up and put them in the barn.


TB then says “Hey, lasso me!” and starts running.  So Kolb rolls his eyes, trots the horse out of the barn and lassos the soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback.  Bradshaw, Kolb says, is totally caught in the rope:  arms to the side, legs tightly pulled together since he struggled against the rope. 


Kolb ties the other end of the rope to the horse’s saddle and goes over to get Bradshaw free.  When he gets there, Bradshaw asks (as Kolb but it, “I have no idea to this day why he asked this.”)  “Whaddya  think would happen if I spooked that horse?”  Before Kolb could respond to this out of the blue question, TB yelled “Yee-Haw!!” and off went the horse, dragging the great Terry Bradshaw behind it.


Kolb said it looked like a power boat during the Three Rivers Regatta.  Grass was spraying up from behind Bradshaw as the horse was on a dead sprint toward the barb wire fence.  Oh God, Kolb said!  He is dead for sure!  I just killed our quarterback!  How would I explain this to Chuck?  To the media?  To the Rooneys?


After about 500 yards, the horse stops to eat some grass.  Bradshaw is trying desperately to free himself.  Kolb is behind them trying to catch up.  Finally, he gets near the horse and off it goes again.  Another 200 to 300 yards before stopping.


This time, Kolb is able to grab the rope and free Bradshaw.  TB is beaten up and bloodied pretty good.  Then the horse starts to run again, taking Kolb who still has hold of the rope a few hundred yards as well.


Finally, the horse stops.  Kolb walks the horse back to where Bradshaw is still laying, moaning and bleeding. 


By that time, Sam Davis arrives, walks up, looks at both Kolb and Bradshaw, both bloodied from the ordeal and asks if they are still going hunting.


Kolb says they played Dallas the next weekend and Bradshaw threw a couple of touchdowns and never mentioned the incident to him. 


John Stallworth told us later that if he had been there, he shoots the horse along with Kolb and Davis.


Kolb says when TB does tell the story, it is much, much different!




Up Next:  Levon Kirkland battles angels, demons, and  Greg Lloyd!


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