NFL Week 11 Behind the Numbers: Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) vs. Oakland Raiders (5-4)

0 times that Troy Polamalu has played the Raiders in his 8 year career...until this Sunday.

0 Sheetz towel dispensers that fear new Steelers kicker Shuan Suisham.

1 time the Steelers have not had at least 20 rush attempts against the Raiders in their 24 game history.  The Steelers are 0-11 against the Raiders with less than 32 rushes, but 11-2 with more than 32 rushes.


2 game winning streak for the Raiders against the Steelers going into Sunday's anticipated match-up.

3 rushing touchdowns for the Raiders in their last 10 straight games against the Steelers defense.  The Raiders have the second best rush offense in the league and the Steelers have the best rush defense.  In my opinion, whoever wins that battle will win the game.

4.5 the maximum allowed 40 time to make Al Davis's team.  Unless, of course, you are a "big ugly" and then you need to be able to bench press a dump truck.

5 interceptions Ben Roethlisberger has thrown in his only two games against the Oakland Raiders.  Four of them came in the 2006 contest.  Two of those were returned for touchdowns, including Chris Carr's silly 100 yard return.

5.4 yards per carry this year for Oakland RB Darren McFadden so far this year.  However, 0 of those games were against a top 5 rush defense and only 1 was against a top 10 rush D.

6 tackles, 3 QB pressures (1 hit), and 4 defensive stops against the for Brett Keisel against Oakland last year.  One heck of a game.  I sincerely hope he is back this week to wreak havoc similarly to last year.

7 curse words maximum to describe Bruce Arian's game plan without having people think you have gone too far.

11 interceptions on the year for the defense.  Compare that to only 12 last year.  Do you think this is a proponent of teams passing on the Steelers more?

21 points the Steelers let the Raiders score in the 4th quarter of last year's game.  Those 3 touchdowns came on Oakland's 3 possessions in the fourth quarter.  Or, in other words, the Steelers did not stop the Raiders a single time in the fourth quarter.  The final touchdown was scored with 9 seconds left on the clock and sealed the game.

24 times the Steelers and Raiders have faced off in NFL history.  The Raiders lead the series 13-11.

29 teams that Ben Roethlisberger has beaten out of the 32 in the league.  One of the two teams, that is not the Steelers, that he has not beaten is the Oakland Raiders.  Two match-ups and two losses.  The other team is the Atlanta Falcons.

30 yards is the minimum required space Antwaan Randle El needs in order to think about returning a punt.

38 pass attempts per game by Steelers opponents compared to only 22 rush attempts.  The Steelers defense sees less rush attempts per game than any other team in the league.

49.2 was the QB rating for Jason Campbell the last time he played the Steelers, where he threw 2 picks and no touchdowns.  I recall that those were the first two picks Campbell had thrown all season and it was week 9.  Campbell has been named the starter for this game.

103 rushing yards for Rashard Mendenhall last year on just 20 carries, which gave Mendy a 5+ yards per carry.  He also scored on a 3 yard run early in the fourth.

121.8 was the QB rating of Bruce Gradkowski in the game last year, which remains his career high.  He completed 61% of his passes for 308 yards and 3 touchdowns.

149 receiving yards for Santonio Holmes in the Raiders game last year.  60% of Ben's output in that game went toward Holmes, lets hope that Mike Wallace can step up again.

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