Driveby Report: Hey Raiders, this isn't 2009 edition

Once again I was out of pocket for over a week.  This time I was down in San Antonio, home of the Spurs.  Yes I am a Spurs fan.  No I can't figure out why anyone would cheat on Eva Longaria.  Anyhow, this isn't a Spurs post, nor is it Entertainment Tonight.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, time to get this Driveby going.  Locked and loaded. Raidahs, you musta been "California Dreamin."

1. Deebo: I could hear the squeaky wheels and the Jaws-like music all game long.  Then Deebo jacked Oakland all day.  They I thought for sure I saw Ike run over and say "You got knocked the #$%& out!"

2. Timmons: Funny, he covers tightends better than our nickel back.  I'm not Gay bashing, I'm just stating a fact. Hey, Timmons is taller.  Anyhow, it's also funny to me that Timmons showed up on the field far more than he did the stat sheet.

3. Farrior: Working hard to keep Foote on the bench.  Whatever he did last year's offseason, he needs to not do it again.  Maybe he read all that stuff that was written about him on BTSC last year.

4. Woodley: Had to add him because it rounds out the best linebacker corps in the NFL.  Instead of asking who from this corps is going to make the Pro Bowl, we should ask who is going to be left out?  Let the debate begin.

5. Ike: Even when he picks one off it doesn't count.  Just kidding.  Ike played well.  I still think he does things he doesn't need to do.  The pass interference (which was questionable) didn't need to even seem like it was legit.  He had good coverage.  Still I've seen worse than that not called.

6. Speaking of calls: I know, don't get me started.  How many of these refs have played football?  I'm not only talking pro or college.  This is what I imagine them saying: "Oh my, that big man just hit that man real hard.  It looks like it hurt. I'm going to defend him with my little yellow hanky." 

7. Penalties (cont.): Raiders total yards 182, Steelers penalty yards 163.  Penalty laden drive let to the Raiders' 3 points.

8. Wallace: A complete receiver with speed. He's only going to get better.  Receivers max out at about year 4.  This thrid round pick is no Willie Reid. Ben is starting to have confidence in him.  When you make catches like the one he made covered and having to adjust that increases your chance for touches.

9. Sanders: Wait, is this guy a rookie?  Let me check.  Yep. He's no Willie Reid.... hey did I say that already?

10. Brown: What can Brown do for you?  He can return kicks for one thing.  He may be a little behind Sanders in development, but that's still good considering...  When Ben gets used to these young bucks and they get used to him, it's going to be scary.  They dropped a few TD passes on him in the Patriot game that would have kept it close.

11. REDMAN: Touchdown. :)

12. Suisham: Scares me

13. Ben: Is still the man.  He makes pays.  He passes, he runs.... for touchdowns, he flops....

14. Rush-Hard: Rushing hard.  I know what you're thinking.  You look at that stat line and the fumble just looks like a larger font.  You think about him running with the football like a loaf of bread, but that was his first fumble of the year.  He was holding it low, but...uhh Ok I'll leave it like that.

15. Pouncey: Guess why Seymour was frustrated?  If you're stuck look to the left.  Since Fiddy gave me number 53 and the rights to both Home and Away jersey, I think I'm ready to change to the Pro Bowl jersey.  When I do I'm going to give two people my home jersey and away jersey.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about see Fiddy's post where he give BTSC members numbers.

16. Braxton Miller: He's not a Steeler, but he's QB of Wayne High in Ohio.  That's our school.  They are in the Division 1 final 4.  We play the defending state champs Saturday at 7 @ the University of Dayton's Welcome Stadium.  Braxton is Ohio State's next QB. I may put a non-Steeler poast out soon to give the update I promised before the season.

17. This is your bullet. Can someone tell me why there are 17?  Hint I was thinking of music.

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