First let me say "I'm all for player safety... within reason"

That said,

IF YOU CHOOSE A HAZARDOUS JOB... YOU CHOSE IT, AND ACCEPTED THE ACCORDING REMUNERATION (MONEY).  Did you hear me Brady???  Did you ever hear a Steel worker say, "You can't build over 4 stories high because I could get hurt if I fall".

My Bitch...

I think Mr. Godell's attempt to eliminate the "Drunk Driver" from the "100 Yard Highway" is fine and admirable. 
But his apparent GODell complex to rule at his Whimsical Will, with no applicable guidlines (rules & methods) is not only unprofessional and discriminatory... but apparently outright biased.

Many may not know that there was another call (Pats Game - after the fact) that Troy be severly fined & punished because he pushed Brady's helmet in a pile-up.  When seen by replay, it was a love tap, as Troy attempted to not pile on & keep Brady from placing the ball out front... and Troy only moved Brady's helmet about 3 inches at most. 

Harrison has his helmet fiercely twisted to a 90 degree or more angle on 50% of the plays and by my count, there has only been one holding call in Jame's favor all season... for pulling at his jersey.

AND Roger you Numbnuts, what about Hines Ward being held in a lockhold, fighting for a yard, unable to move, getting a full-on helmet-to-helmet shot by a Patriot defender... OH, I forgot, it was a Patriot defenderAlso, he had the ball firmly, took 4 churning steps while pushing for the yard before impact, and it was ruled incomplete when the Patriot helmet knocked the ball loose... OH, forgot again, it was a Patriot helmet. 

In the Pats and Raiders games, Ben was also knocked down after pass release and kissing facemasks with defenders... does this not also draw a penalty and possible fine for the defender's weight oppression?

GODell, Where is the line?  The line that says, "this is and that isn't". 
Something like, "if the helmet is the first point of contact at full running speed while the WR is in the air" or "2 defender steps after the QB releases the ball without attempt to deflect direction away from QB" or "if ball-holder drops helmet into path of tackler - no penalty".... etc. 
The way you are governing it now, if the "Drunk Driver" on the "100 Yard Highway" has a nice looking pair of legs, good hair or chest, she gets away with no ticket and just a warning. 
And we all know that the Patriots have good hair and legs! 
AND... we all know that the Steelers are hairy, bulky, unshaven, no-chest-silcone, beer breath brutes - give them a ticket for the thought of speeding and the inevitable future tail-light crack.

SO GODell...

Why not just put REDSIRTS on all the QBs and all the WRs and just like in practice... you don't hit the Redshirts. 
Instead, we give QBs & WRs the standard 2 flags tucked in their pants and if you can pull out a flag, he's down.
BUT... If you touch his body in the process, he is entitled to 10 more yards and automatic 1st down.
AND... If you pull his pants down in the process, it's an automatic ejection and $25K fine for the Steelers.

GODell's Gospel...

Here's the best results I could find on "NFL Levied Fines" and it only covers up to week 9 (from link;

James Harrison = $100K for 3 fines - don't forget, they decided to drop a fine which would have made it 4 +$
Ray Edwards (MN Vik) = $32,500 for 3 fines

Everybody else on list = average $9,400 for 1 fine

Draw you own conclusions.

This is supposedly the correct email address; ...... I sent my complaint.

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