Hump Day mix: Regular season week 12 "Canadian Bacon" Edition

Well ladies and gents, welcome back to another edition of the HDM this one is coming a little early than expected (TWSS...PCI, English, Tann, Chewie, Ringo, 6, Kick, Klompus, Salami, and yes even MaLoR, as well as the rest of the BTSC faithful, this is for you lol.) that you all know and love. In this week's edition Arn returns from his crazy week in the "state that thinks it's bigger than Alaska". We (Arn and I your favorite dynamic duo. Side note: 6 is still AWOL b/c of his work schedule, but hopefully he will be able to make it back to the land of the living in one piece. Our thoughts go out to him while we empty out this 40 of Old E in his honor.) will break down the Raiders game, and give you insight on what the Toronto Bills have in store for us, now lets get to the hump after these words from our fearless sponsor of sorts, Arn...

PixburghArn:  I was in the Lone Star state last week and was out of the
mix...the Hump Day Mix that is.  I'm back, but things get a little dicey
next week.  I'll see if I can make it two weeks in a row getting a post in,
in between the catching up from my trip and a slow week.

How about those predictions from last week?

PixburghArn: I didn't predict anything.  But, the stars at night are big and
bright....deep in the heart of Texas.

Webslasher81: I predicted that we would come out from this game 20-13 winners, BB and Mendy would have good games (and they did yesssss!) and that Timmons would destroy the opposition, (Timmons played well,but Deebo stole the show…and Campbell’s soul.) I am pleased that we came out from the gate pissed off and didn’t let the likes of either QB who played for Oakland fluster us like they did last year.

Predictions for the Bills game?

PixburghArn:  I predict the Steelers will have a hard time stopping the
Bills in the second half.  They will face the spread offense often.  Buffalo
will get in scoring position because of interference calls, but mistakes
will kill them. The Steelers will be able to run at will, but only because
they will be surgically dismantled by the Steelers passing attack.  Steelers
45 Bills 20.

Webslasher81: I predict that we need to play better defense, even though our secondary is based off the zone, it would be nice for the "Master" to fluster that spread "O" that Arn’s talking about with sprinkles of Man to Man coverage. Steelers win 31-17.

Who are your predicted standouts?

PixburghArn:  On offense I think it will be Rush-Hard Spin-Den-Haul.  How
about 175 yards and 3 TDs.  Maybe some of that yardage will be receiving
yards.  I'll say his total yards will be over 200.  On defense, either Ike
or Troy.  One of these guys is going to get a huge pick and change the
momentum in this game.

Webslasher81: As weak as the Bills seem to be…don’t let their guise fool you. They can air it out at times and almost had big wins against a certain few teams that don’t need to be mentioned here (cough…cough Baltimore…). On offense, Wallace will have a field day speeding down the field with all the bombs coming his way, (14 catches 167 yds. 2 tds.) as well as Mendy, I don’t think he will have 175 yds as Arnie is predicting but he will have a great day (22 rushes 126 yds. 2 tds.). On "D", our line will pressure Fitzpatrick into making errand throws and have some costly fumbles as well… "The Wolverine" will have a great day (13 tackles, 4 tfl, 3 sacks, 1 fumble recovery.). It all comes down to how "The Master" will disrupt the ebb and flow of the Bills "O".

What are your concerns for this week?

PixburghArn: I am concerned with Fitzpatrick's ability to scramble and make plays.  The
DBs are going to have to cover longer if he gets away.  The key is keeping
him contained and make him have to make throws from the pocket.  I am also
concerned that this may be a trap game sandwiched between Oakland and

Webslasher81: I agree with Arn, even though the hapless Bills season is over, doesn’t mean that they can’t crush somebody’s elses dreams of getting into the Playoffs. Ftiz is scary and they are playing "I don’t give a F." type football right now. Going into this game like any other game, we must have the mentality like this is "life or death" for us gaining momentum for the remaining 5 games on the schedule, every game is riding on seeding, and uprooting Baltimore’s hopes of a Divisional crown.

Random notes:

PixburghArn:  We finally have another game that should have been easy on the heart.  The
only thing is, the refs kept my blood pressure up.  I am looking forward to
spending some time with family and eating stuff I'm not supposed to eat.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Webslasher81: The refs will be at it again, painting targets on our chests, so I am going to take it with a grain of salt. Goodell and his cronies all want the Pats in the superbowl, we all know this, let’s rise against this bastard system, and show them who the best team is in the NFL! I am going to be drunk this merry giving of thanks day…I hope all of you have a blessed holiday, that our ancestors would want us to have!

Cheerleader(s)/International babe(s) of the week:

PixburghArn:  I did some scouting of the Bills and I got distracted.  I was going to take
some pictures of local scenery.  I was told there was a place where the
local wildlife is breathtaking.  Rarrrr!  Those aren't Buffaloes but their
wings are hot.  Krikey!



Webslasher81: That pic was amazing…I am at a loss for words…I will try to compete…here is, the Buffalo Bills very own, Vincenza…my oh my…that pool water looks quite tepid! Lol.




PixburghArn:  Going international again and staying PG 13 to accentuate the natural beauty
of the women.  I figured I'd go to Bolivia to round out my South American
tour.  Next time I'm going back to the caribbean. Let me introduce you to an
old friend of mine.  She is the lovely Jessica Jordan Burton.




Webslasher81: Arn, first and foremost…I have to tell you my man that you have a "gift"! Your women finding skills are impeccable, lol. And this is why I will always be the apprentice. I will do my best, I am staying in Europe…although I am heading to Greece, and here is the lovely…Aella, her name means "Storm wind or whirlwind"...Well that's a Tornado I wouldn't mind getting caught in lol.



Well that’s it for another edition of HDM I hope all of our faithful followers at BTSC have enjoyed the notes, banter, and scenery! Tune in next week when Arn and I tackle our most hated rivals of the AFC North…Baltimore. With our own "Crab-cakes" style recipe, the only way MaLoR will eat them…Ciao!

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