Is Rob Ryan as DC better than LeBeau?, Is Mangini better HC than Tomlin?, Or What had done better the D of Clev than Our D, and sometimes Our Team.

As all of Us after some weeks had seen that teams beaten by the Browns, I hate to say this, but, spank Our Steelers, that had forced my to look for something that Our Team has not been capable of doing, or just missed some info from this copycat league. After seen some videos and opinions around the league I just found something from Brian BiIlick (I just copy the tittle of this FanPost, right now I don´t have the exact link, wich was from NFL´s Network: Playbook or from The Coaches, but I can show my point in other links), and He just pointed out that first LeBeau is better than Ryan, and the only thing that had been done better from the Browns D, HC and DC was, just to not to show until the last second, who and what will come from the defense to rush the QB. That as Billick said, If the QB had not figured out where is coming to pressure him, it forces the QB to read just as the play develops, If the DL, stand still just about 4 to 10 seconds before the play is coming the QB has even time to change routes, blocking schemes - also from the center and backs, thowing lines, and decide even to change to adjust, the play that is going to "match better what Our DL or even Our all D, and in some cases the personnel in the field that Our DC sends to him, - brees or bradycheat, or manning mostly". All that can be avoided He said, just moving the DL´s and LB´s over the LOS until to a -time- zone where the QB normally starts the play and that is around 2 to 1 second before the expiration clock shows zeros, or even closer, adding pressure to his reading, exposing him to a flag if he tries to make a normal read. Another forgotten variation of those ordered mess from LeBeau´s D. If just Our D add this dimension they could be even better than already are. From the offensive side, In every sport the offense depends mainly in the equilibrium that they had with the handling of the ball, or try to avoid from the other team, and that is what We in both sides of the ball just don´t show. 

Disrupt their handling. I just hate to say that that was BB gift, He just was unbelieveble precise to move players around, and that was His strongest point by far, and those W´s at His first season is the neat result of that, if any LB or DL just missed his place by an instant BB is gonna make him pay, He had a rythm to attack their weakness´. Today I can say that Our OL is just every game a patchwork in progress, but even some of Our best players in the OL just make mistakes, trying to hold enough to cover BB, this BB that forgot that best asset. Also He was capable of throw 3 yard passes, I mean dink and dunk teams - right now even Favre can trow those, also if BB is just so good outside of the LOS, Why in TFW just not let play some bootlegs, or play actions, fake to a first RB then give to the second RB; after His -QB reading of the hole, quick options with the RB´s. To spread a little bit the D.

And even in the saints game I had seen some holdings against Harrison and Woodley, but in the cheatriots, that just was almost holds every or every other ther play, even some holds over the shoulders and pulled over the shoulders jerseys that only, We as Steelers fans apparently had seen, We are delusional for the nofunleague, but I hatted the most: the loss of Anger, the lack of Heart. Also We just forget to use a f***i** FB. We just forgot to run outside the T and any Traps. 

I just miss: Smashmouth Steelers Football.

Maybe the best part is that We can add and apply all this knowledge and tricks in the Post-Season.

Please forget the french.

I just wait Halloween passes to avoid any perssonal witch hunt, aroused from the Headline.

The links are for the saints vs Browns game, observe at 17, 36 and 1:36:

The links are for the cheatriots vs Browns game, observe at 1:26 and 1:43:

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