Steelers draft needs and possible prospects

Since this is a fairly quiet time on BTSC I am going to write a post on the Steelers draft and free agent needs and possible fixes for these needs.

Need 1: Cornerback

The Steelers are weak at this position. On the other side of Ike Taylor we have no proven #2 CB. BMAC has shown why the Cardinals were willing to trade him and why we got rid of him the year before. Willie Gay has been mediocre at best. And Butler and Lewis have not even performed well enough in practice to replace the two terrible corners. However, they do have potential. Depending on who is available when we pick in the first round, we could either pick a CB in round 1, 2, or 3. Here are some potential prospects:

Brandon Harris, Miami, 5-11, 195, 4.41/40yd dash

He is a great man to man cornerback that can flat out make plays. If he is there in the first round this should be the pick. However, with his great play this year he will likely go in the Top 20

Ras-I Dowling, Virginia, 6-2, 200, 4.52

This is who I would personally like to see drafted. A big physical corner that is ready to play opposite Ike right now. He can allow Coach Dad to let the CB's bump and run and he is also a great play-maker. Do to the rise of Janoris Jenkins and Brandon Harris their is a good possibility he is here when we are picking.

Aaron Williams, Texas, 6-1, 189, 4.44

I have not seen much of him but from what I hear he is a great coverage corner with good ball skills. He is a late 1st, early 2nd round prospect that might be worth the shot late in the 1st round.

Curtis Brown, Texas, 6-0, 4.37

A lightning fast corner that still needs some work on his ball skills. He plays man coverage very well. IF we go not corner in round 1 this would be a great 2nd round pick.

Jimmy Smith, Colorado, 6-2, 4.52

This would be my 3rd round prospect. A huge corner that bumps and runs with the best of them.

Need 2: Offensive Guard

With the rise of Ramon Foster this is no longer a need in the 1st round. However, addressing this in rounds 2 to 5 would be worth the shot.

Mike Pouncey, Florida, 6-5, 320lbs

The only way we should pick him is if he falls to us in the 2nd round. He is not a first round prospect right now. However, he did play great at guard last year and we all know how his brother turned out.

Marcus Cannon, TCU, 6-6, 350

An absolute mauler of a guard. He would be a great run blocker that has decent footwork. He would be great value at the end of the 2nd round.

Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova, 6-4, 320

He has had a great season and has been rising on many draft boards. If we don't go G in rounds 1 or 2 I would love this pick in round 3.

James Carpenter, Alabama, 6-5, 300

If we elect not to guard early picking Carpenter in round 5 or 6 would be good value. A good run blocker who has the potential to be a great guard as he has good footwork and is very smart.

Need 3: Nose Tackle of the future

We need to find our replacement for Big Snack. This might not be able to be done in this draft but here are some possibilities.

Jerrel Powe, Ole Miss, 6-2, 330

I would only take him in the 3rd round. He is a big boy that can stop the run. His stock is dropping so maybe he will fall to us in round 3. Would be great value there but anywhere before round 3 would be a risk.

Sione Fua, Stanford, 6-2, 308

A smaller NT but actually is better at stopping the run this year the Powe. Another 3rd round prospect that might end up being better than Powe. However, I would probably take Powe if he were there in round 3.

Kendrick Ellis, Hampton, 6-5, 340

A physical specimen that lacks a motor or a work ethic. Does not fit the Steelers mold. Only way we pick him is in round 4.

Phil Taylor, Baylor, 6-4, 355

This is the guy I want. A raw talent but he is massive and can stop the run. If he maintains the 355 and does not get to heavy this could be the future. If we get him in round 5 I would be thrilled. Hampton could teach him and in 3 or 4 years he cold be the guy we need.

Need 4: Replacement for Kiesel

Allen Bailey, Miami, 6-4, 288lbs, 4.8/40yds

Bailey has a ton of talent as is becoming more consistent this year. Likely won't be there when we pick, but if he is there at the end of the first round we should snag him.

Cameron Jordon, California, 6-4, 290, 4.94

If Bailey is gone, and we none of the CB's that are worthy of our first round pick are there we should trade down to the 5th or 6th pick of the 2nd round and snag Jordan. He is a great talent with a great motor and work ethic. In a year or 2 he could be our starting DE.

Christian Ballard, Iowa, 6-5, 285, 4.85

Will take a year or two to develop but that is okay because we still have Kiesel. IF we can get him in the end of round 2 or maybe even trade down and take him early in round 3 I would be thrilled.

Cedric Thornton, Central Arkansas, 6-4, 295, 5.10

This would be my late round sleeper, will take at least 2 years to develop into a starter but in the long run he could be great. He is big enough to hold his gap and can also get after the passer a little. Would be a good pick in round 5 and a great one in round 6.

Need 5: Kicker

Matt Bosher, Miami

Bosher does great on kickoffs, and can consistently hit field goals from 50 yards. Would be great in round 7 or even as a free agent.

Need 6: Fullback

Shaun Chapas, Georgia, 6-2, 245, 4.8

A great, great blocking back. If we could pick him up in round 6 I would be thrilled.

Owen Marecic, Stanford, 6-1, 244, 4.74

Another tough, good blocker. A round 7 would be worth it for him. Will also contribute on special teams.

Need 7: Possesion WR

WE should spend a mid to late round pick on a big tall reciever.

Devier Posey, Ohio State, 6-3, 205, 4.49

He is tall, can catch, and is pretty fast for a big guy like him. A good value for him would be the 3rd round.

Austin Pettis, Boise State, 6-3, 201, 4.56

This would be my favorite pick. A big guy that reminds me of Hines Ward in his knack for getting open in the redzone and on third down. I would rather have him than Posey in the 3rd round.

Leonard Hankerson, Miami, 6-3, 215, 4.57

If we decide that we have bigger needs in round 3, Hankerson would be great value in round 4. He can catch decently and kind of reminds me of Sweed. However, he would be decent value and a good QB like we have will help him tremendously.

Terrance Tolliver, 6-5, 206, 4.50

A massive target that would make Big Ben go nuts. This guy could be what makes this offense unstoppable. He has great hands and a great vertical leap as well. Would be an awesome 5th round prospect.

DeAndre Brown, Southern Miss, 6-6, 228, 4.48

If we don't get Tolliver in round 5, Brown would be great in round 6. He is taller and faster than Tolliver but broke his leg as a sophmore. However, this year he is having a great year. Would be a steal in round 6.

That is it for my first edition of our draft needs. Another one will be put out after the season ends. Tell me what you think.

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