Rapid Reports Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for 7-3  and Jason Campbell who could tell you what Hines field taste like, what kind of fertilizer they use, and when the last time it rained.  I hope your stuffing stuffed, your turkey juicy, and your cranberry sauce is extra saucey.  There isn't much left to say about last weeks game that hasn't already been said so I won't say anything.  I just hope we can repeat the final score again.  Even though it might be tempting to peak the corner and look toward Ravens week, lets not let the bills poke us in the eye.  We all know the bills have been playing decent football and are just a couple of plays away from having a winning record.  

I like where the Steelers are right now.  Last week help erase the suicide letter some fans had written in blood.  It is evident that this year will not be a reflection of last year.  Now the Steelers are in a position where they aren't in the limelight but they are right there in the playoff hunt.  There are many people that have doubts about the Steelers still after the Patriots game.  Thats a good thing, if we see them in the playoffs the defense will need that edge of disrespect and take it out of the Pats then.  I'd rather lose last week's game than the one that may e coming.  

 Coach Mike Tomlin on Buffalo's 2-8 record: "We don't take this group lightly. We're not in a position to take anyone lightly. We're not that good."

I like the attitude.  After pounding a team it could be easy to forget that you just got beat bad the week before especially seeing that 2-8 record.  Tomlin understand that this very well could be a trap game and if the Steelers want to win they are going to have to bring their A game.  This is good mind games being played by Coach.

The Steelers will practice from 11:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. "We are going about our business," coach Mike Tomlin said. "We will be practicing." 

I don't know if its typical for teams to practice on Thanksgiving day, but our guys are out there.  There are many people who have to work on thanksgiving day so they can't complain much here.  Guys should be thankful they are in the NFL.


 DE Ziggy Hood, a No. 1 draft choice in 2009, played his best game as a pro against Oakland. Hood, subbing for the injured Aaron Smith (tricpeps) was solid in run coverage and got some pressure on the QB despite not getting a sack.

I think Hood is developing right before our eyes.  It has taken a while but I think the Aaron Smith injury might be a blessing in disguise.  When Smith gets back Hood may start over Kiesel.  I still wonder how long Smith has to play.  I think he still have a couple more years in him but if he gets injured again then some serious questions will have to ask about his durability.  But its good to know Hood is developing behind him and there are a couple of young guys on the practice squad developing.     

The Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Wallace combo have combined for TD passes for 40 yards or more six times in just two seasons. That ties the Terry Bradshaw-to-John Stallworth combo in franchise history. 

I thought this was a good tid-bit just to quantify what Wallace has done for this offense.  Ben and Mike will break this record especially with Wallace developing into a complete Wide Receiver.  He needs to average 90 yards a game to match Holmes best year yardage wise.  He has already matched Holmes best year for touchdowns.  

 WR Antonio Brown has water on the knee and he will probably be inactive for Sunday's game with the Bills.

I am really liking Brown on special teams.  Its a shame that he has water in his knee, I think he'll be back for the Ravens game and I like the added dimension he gives us on special teams.  He is a threat to take it  to the house every time he touches the ball.  As we all know anytime you can get points off of special teams it makes the game go a lot easier.  We haven't had anyone who is consistently dangerous in special teams in a while.  I'm happy to be excited now when there is punt instead of seeing najeh davenport or gary russell back returning.

DT Richard Seymour issued a statement apologizing to his “teammates, fans and coach” for hitting Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger after a play Sunday and getting ejected: “This is an emotional game that sometimes triggers frustrated reactions. … I reacted in a way that was unprofessional to the game...”

I'm not necessarily mad at Seymour for punching Ben.  But that is coming from someone who beat up a guy for bragging about beating me in basketball.  Look he was like 4 years older than me and he was 5 inches taller than me at the time and he barely won.  I just lost it.  But he never talked trash after that.  But I noticed how Richard never said Ben said anything to him.  It was just a reaction to Ben touching him.  But that type of stuff has no place in this game.  I wish his fine was higher, I have no idea what Goodell is doing.


 Not participating in practice on Wednesday: WR Antonio Brown (knee), SS Troy Polamalu (achilles), DE Aaron Smith (triceps), and TE Matt Spaeth (concussion).

Injury update.  I really hope Troy's injury doesn't get worse.  I just received a text saying that Brett Keisel is now questionable for tomorrow's game.  I personally think he should wait and rest a week for the Ravens.  We might be able to do without him this week.  All the other injuries sans Aaron Smith are not serious.

Coach Mike Tomlin when asked if G Ramon Foster has earned another start: "He did. I liked his intensity and the physical presence he provides." 

If foster can produce well at RG then that will solidify an improving line.  It is still tempting to want to a guard in next year's draft.  Mike Pouncey has been downgraded to a 2-3 rounder now.  So it is probably realistic that we draft him in next years draft in the second round.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on rookie WR Emmanuel Sanders: "He's growing as fast as anybody I've ever had. Every time he gets an opportunity, he does extremely well with it."

We are watching Sanders grow as well.  Our Wr group could e one of the leagues best in a couple of years.  We will be ready for Hines' departure when he hangs up the cleats.  I'm really not sure what they are going to do with Antwann Randle EL after this season but I think if Hines stays Randle will be gone with the production of the rookies coming up.  Especially if Sweed shows anything even though I'm not holding my breath on that regard.

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