Driveby Report: Buffalo still chokes like no other edition

I'm about to hit the hay, but I figured I'd get this Driveby out of the way.  My heart has slowed down and my blood has simmered down from a boil.  It hit boiling point when the refs threw their weekly flag on Deebo.  Anyhow, I am tired but ready to let the bullets fly.

1. Deebo:  I am still amazed how we get called for holding when Deebo gets held worse than we hold them.  All that said he made some great hits, as well as a Sack and a forced fumble.  The one where he dislodged a pass from the hands of a receiver  is becoming commonplace.

2. Rush-hard:  He had a great game.  I know, some of you see that fumble on the stat sheet for the second week and it makes you feel nervous.  It wasn't a fumble for the reason you are normally nervous.  It was a serious strip.  Now i know why the Bills give up so much yardage; crappy tackling because they go for strips all the time.

3. Redman:  Just had to put that in. He had a couple of good runs for first downs.  They all support my theory of Buffalo tackling, but he was clutch.

4. Ben: He missed on some chances but he managed the game well. Another good run in the clutch.

5. Drops:  Ok, so Johnson had the biggest drop of the game in overtime, but Sanders dropped one that probably would have been 6 as well.  I call the Johnson drop justice to even out the 12th man for Buffalo.  It wasn't called as bad as the Raiders game, but I'm tired of the refs trying to be a factor in the outcome of our games.

6. Troy:  Great game.  Big hits, big INT, big fumble recovery  and big plays factored in huge.  Last year this would have been a loss.

7. Willie Gay:  On one play Willie looked like last year and after that Willie was close to making some game changing plays.  Give Willie some love this week folks.  I'm not going to lie I said uh oh when I saw him at corner and heard B-Mac was out.  Now I'm giving him his props.  He surprised me.

8. Kemo:  I think he's not well physically.  Kyle took advantage of him plenty.  If he is hurt, he better get well by next week.  If not....  *sigh*

9. Suisham:  Ok I'm not nervous anymore. By the way, do you think Skippy would have hit those kicks?  Just asking.

10. Hines:  He doesn't get the double teams anymore.  Look for more of these 100+ games.

11. Heath:  Big Money.  He's there when you need him.  His numbers are like medicine.  The small ones are potent.  In the clutch he does much.  Yeah I wrote that corny rhyme against my better judgment.

12. Robopunter:  Nice distance and hangtime on that endzone punt.  That could have been disaster.

13. DBs:  Did anyone notice that the DBs played a little more press coverage at times?  Ok not press but not 7 yards off the line all the time.

14. Farrior:  I see ya playa.

15. Meemo: You can hate all you want, but his versatility is valuable.  He had  big first downs on crucial 3rd down plays.  Nice hands and tough running.

16. Kick coverage:  started to look like last year.  I hope this was just an anomaly.

17. Prediction:  When the Steelers got the ball at their 20 with 9:20 left on the game, my wife said the Steelers will drive and the new kicker will kick a fieldgoal to win on this drive.  Then the media will say the new guy is a heroes.  That’s exactly what happened.

18.  This one is yours.  I'm falling asleep here.

I will read this tomorrow to see if it looks like I wrote it in my sleep.

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