BTSC Not-So-Daily Six Pack: No Time To Panic Just Yet Edition

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 31: Julius Jones #21 of the New Orleans Saints and Troy Polamalu #43 of the Pittsburgh Steelers exchange words during their game at Louisiana Superdome on October 31 2010 in New Orleans Louisiana. The Saints won 20-10 over the Steelers. (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)

A few links, notes, and thoughts to begin your humpday.

* "It's too early to start worrying about the Steelers' pass defense." SB Nation Pittsburgh contributor Pete Wilmoth states his case as to why it's not yet time to panic about the Steelers' secondary. I know a number of you are not buying this argument at this point, but Wilmoth does a nice job with the post. Though I'll save my drawn-out thoughts for later this week, I too am not overly concerned just yet. I'm concerned, yes, but I really believe this next two weeks will illuminate whether or not this year's defense can be more than just 'very good.'

* Tim Gleason, aka maryrose posited the question about whether or not Coach Tomlin missed an opportunity to challenge a potential Rashard Mendenhall touchdown in this week's installment of his 'Five Burning Questions' post. On Tuesday Tomlin discussed how he would have opted to do just that in retrospect.

"Since the game, I found out it was a potentially challengeable play," Tomlin said Tuesday. "We didn't deem it to be one in the instance in which it occurred. There wasn't a bunch of video evidence available to us, and the guys on the field didn't seem to think it was a challengeable play, so we didn't."

Yes, NFL head coaches making handsome salaries should get these decisions right in the heat of the moment, but hey, live and learn, live and learn. Tomlin is no longer the league's youngest coach, and as he continues to accumulate experience, one would hope that mistakes like these are fewer and further between. But there's an awful lot going on at once during any given moment of an NFL Sunday, and I for one, am not one to demand perfection on every last front. Only that the same mistakes aren't repeated consistently.

* A quick overview of just how unstable the lineup has been along the offensive line for the Steelers thus far. I alluded to this in my post yesterday about this O-Line deserving credit for their play, yet still having a long way to go before being expected to catalyze solid offensive performances each week.

* A few quick-hit notes about the possibility of James Harrison being fined for his hit on Drew Brees; the expected return of Brett Keisel this coming Sunday against the Bengals, and Isaac Redman and Flozell Adams being limited in practice this week with ankle sprains.

* With 2010 draft pick Thaddeus Gibson snatched off the practice squad by the San Francisco 49ers, Steelers Lounge investigates Kevin Colbert's history finding talent in the fourth-round

* Josh Kirkendall of Cincy Jungle ponders whether there's reason to hold on to hope for this year's Bengals team. At 2-5, the notion might sound preposterous, and no doubt about it, the Bengals would have to rip off quite a nice winning streak beginning this next Monday night against the Steelers. Regardless of whether they've dug themselves too deep a hole, I can still see them being a tough out for the Steelers simply because they may just match up fairly well with us. More on the Bengals soon.

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