Hump Day Mix Regular season week 9: "Rumble in Da Jungle" Revised Edition...

Hell boys and girls...I made a mistake not checking my e-mail d'oh! In the words of Arn "I jumped the gun a little to quickly d'oh (TWSS). 6 sent me the goods, I have been shot out of a cannon this week and didn't think he did, I apologize Count_'em, lol.   6 (a.k.a. the wizard) and I will try to keep the faithful at BTSC entertained. This week's edition of DJ Wubbzie Slash's and count_ 6's version should be short and sweet, but to the point. We head up to a AFC North showdown on Monday night, that should test the limits of how the rest of or season should be like, We will break down the odds and ends of the Saints game and give you my breakdown of Cincinasty while tantalizing your tastebuds with awesome eye candy from cheerleaders around the nfl and women abroad.  On a lighter note: Arn is doing well...he will be getting his feet wet next week for the trifecta.

Here goes the jump my friends...bare with me...I had a rather crazy day at work lol.

What about those predictions from last week?

Webslasher81: Well 6 predicted that the Saints would steal the show and we would take one on the chin. He predicted right, I said that we would win by 3 in a bloodbath, and it was almost a defensive battle up until the beginning of the 3rd quarter. I said that BB would tear up the Saints secondary and I was way off, although be did decently he didn't look like himself, and it was expected versing the regining SB champs on their home turf as well as I said Troy P. and the D would come out and expose the Saints, although they played decently through the gaps the secondary played rather soft or should I say softer than as of late. 6 said Rush-hard would have a field day and he would have a good game, and he did, that gaping hole our O line causing broke it wide open for our featured back. 6 won the battle, as he was spot on...maybe I should make him my bookie! lol.


count'em_six:  Well it wasn't a shootout and Reggie Bush didn't play, but unfortunately I was right about the loss.  It just smelled like a let-down game to me.  The Saints were back home and desperate to win...not to mention they're a very talented team.  I thought the D-line would take time to adjust, but fortunately that area was one of the positives of the game.  I called 300 yds and 2 TDs for Brees...and was only 5 yards off from being exact.  Also predicted Timmons would bounce back and he did.  My boy hooked me up with 11 total tackles (10 solo) in my fantasy league.  I thought Salamander would get at least a TD and 100 yds...wasn't too far off with 1 TD and 71 yds.



Predictions for the Cincy game?

Webslasher81: Since this is the 3rd straight road game for our heroes of the Black and Gold, this game is pivotal for our division stature, to have hopefully the Ravens lose this week to the Miami, we had a tough time with the Fins, and if it wasn't for a last ditch effort by the Ravens against the Bills in OT, they might of lost to them. I'm not going to say that this will be easy, but we don't forget that the Bengals swept us by a total of 9 pts. for the first time in division play since 1988. We come out strong and work our the kinks, on offense. BB has a decent day (15-22 252 yds passing 2 tds, 3 scrambles for 20 yds.) and Rush-hard has a great day (31 carries for 118 yds, and 1 td.) The D gets back to the way they were before Goodell stole our thunder, (Deebo frustrating Palmer 2 sacks and 7 tfl.) Point blank the Steelers blast this wide open 21-9.



count'em_six:  We're winning this game.  The Bengals aren't the dink and dunk type of team.  They certainly don't have a QB that's capable of doing it either.  Palmer won't break 225 yards in the air and no RB will get over 50 yards.  I really think Tomlin and Co. will have this team ready to bounce back from a disappointing loss last week, and take it to the Bengals.  I'm sure some of their fans were hoping we'd beat the they're gonna face an inspired Steelers team.  This game won't even be close.  Steelers 34, Bengals 9.  That's token TD's this week.


Who are your predicted standouts?


count'em_six:  The Bengals have the 23rd ranked rushing defense - giving up 120.7 yds per game.  I think our ground game will collectively stand out.  If the over-under were 150...I'm taking the over.  Know that.  On D, the OLBs.  Yea I'm looking at you Deebo and LaMarr.  1 sack between the two of you and no forced turneovers last week.  Y'all are gonna bring it this week.


Webslasher81: Well as I stated before BB will bounce back and have a good well as Rush-hard. The D will make a statement after last weeks performance was sorta dismal as the 2nd half began.


What are your concerns for the Cincy game?


Webslasher81: Anytime we play our rivals, either it be the Browns, Bengals, or Ravens we always play a tough physical game, with everything always laid out on the field. We hate them, and they hate us it will always be that way. I have 2 concerns, 1. How BB and the offense comes back from 2 errand turnovers late in the 4th quarter to seal our fate against the Saints. and 2. The secondary, against the Saints we played at times like it was out of mere confusion playing a part in prevent and giving up massive yards at the end of the 2nd quarter and throughout the second half. The D line (Ziggy and Eason played awesome in the absence of Smith) and our LB core played like we should have played. Troy P, "Can't see me", "Headhunter", B-MAC, and the rest of the secondary needs to step it up, I hope Iron Mike can sub in Crez or possibly Mundy to add confusion for Palmer, T.O. Ocho and co. we have to contain them, as well as Benson to earn our 6th win and I know we can do it.


count'em_six:  Given my predicted score, it would probably sound hypocritical to give a concern.  But since these are only predictions, I realize it's certainly within the realm of possibility to be completely wrong.  That being said, I'll go with our secondary - in particular on 3rd down.  The Bengals may not dink and dunk, but they do have a couple receivers capable of the deep ball.  No need to mention names, because I really can't stand either of them.  A few big plays in that regard could make for a long day.  If we eliminate the splash plays and mostly have success on 3rd down, my prediction shall come true.



Random notes?

Webslasher81: In the wake of everything that happened this weekend minus 36 hours of rest,  6, Arn, and I hopefully have been keeping up your stargazing morale. I am always grateful for the constructive feedback, and I am happy to be apart of the best internet blog since sliced bread. Once again thank you all for putting up with my random ramblings and off the wall pics. Now lets get to the goodies of the this Poast...and 6 damn man I wish I was there for the "Pimp and Ho" extravaganza oh well maybe next time, like when we have the BTSC get together this December (hint hint lol.).



count'em_six:  I mentioned a couple weeks back that I was having a Pimp and Ho party.  Had a freakin' blast!  We went through a half keg and I still put out 3 recycle bins full of various bottles and cans.  We had a Little Red Riding Ho, we had Lady Gaga's, we had the sexy referees, and of course my favorite of the opposite sex was none other than my girlfriend.  She actually made her costume and looked amazing.  It was kind of a peacock themed dress...and really hot.  Now to think of the next themed party?  We joked about doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show that could get out of hand...perfect!



Cheerleader of the week?

Webslasher81: Meet Sarah...obviously you know who she roots






Going international:



and this week's lovely lady abroad...from the Cezch Republic, Kami...




count'em_six:  Ok she's not a cheerleader, but she could be!  Hello Danica!



count'em_six:  From Japan, Ms. Ourei Harada...





Well thats it for this week ladies and germs...the "I'm sorry, revised edition..."  Next week the trifecta takes ahold of the BTSC faithful and runs to the prize, when we head back home to take on the CHOWDA HEADS from Foxboro, Tune in next week for how we breakdown the real "Boston Tea Party", PITTSBURGH STYLE!!! Adieu our good friends at BTSC adieu...



Going international:

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