Fantasy Update Week 9 - Layin on the Woodley

     I love this site. BTSC is without question my favorite source to find anything Steelers related. In all honesty the entire SB Nation as a whole is the best place to find out anything about the NFL before it actually happens. As a longtime reader to BTSC and occasional commenter, I never thought I would actually find my own niche on here. I'm not as knowledgeable on the draft, or specific play calling, or Steeler's history as many of the regular posters on here are. I was thinking this to myself last week as I was scouring the waiver wires on my fantasy teams to help find that one gem that would push my team over the top for the coming week. It then struck me like a sack of lead; nobody has really started a weekly fantasy segment in the FanPosts. So after the jump I would like to present you with (albeit a tad later in the season than I would prefer) BTSC's first article in a weekly segment on the glorious pastime known as fantasy football.

     I would like to think of myself a pretty decent fantasy player, I am currently involved in three competitive leagues with different people from around the country. Across those leagues, as of now I have only 4 combined losses. I hate to toot my own horn with that, since I can almost guarantee that someone on here is infinitely more knowledgeable than myself, but I make up for this with resolute determination and a complete lack of regard concerning what time I have to get up in the morning as I spend so much time watching waiver wires, trade proposals, and injury statuses.

     To start things off, I picked out a few players that may not have enough (or have too much) attention coming their way. For player to pickup I listed at least one from each position for the coming week that you might want to take a look at claiming for your starting roster for the coming week(s). I also included 2 players that seem to be on a team in nearly 90% of the leagues I have taken notice of that need to be dropped. Finally I put in a "please ignore" section that will include players that you should completely ignore all of the hype about. This week that section only includes Jerry Porter, but in the coming weeks I hope to add a few more names to that list.

     I would hope this write-up will mostly become more focused on comments, with people asking any sort of questions they have, and I will be sure to answer as many as I possibly can. Also my doing this on a regular basis somewhat depends on the reaction to get from everyone. So let me know if this sounds like a decent idea.

Players to consider picking up:

Matt Stafford - He really came back with a vengeance last week. Washington's pass defense was not really playing up the capacity I think they are able to, but nonetheless Stafford looked great.  I wouldn't think you'd need to start him for next week with his matchup versus the Jets secondary (although they have been underperforming with a 15th ranked pass defense), but with upcoming weeks against Buffalo, New England, and Green Bay he could be a valuable backup and occasional starter. Of the 3 leagues I am currently in, he is available in all three.

LeGarrette Blount - The future of the Tampa Bay offense is all Blount has going for him. IMO he has a decent matchup going for him this week against Atlanta. They may be 6th in rushing defense, but are giving up a surprising 4.1 ypc. Teams will be trying to stop the Freeman-Williams connection through the air so I don't think Atlanta will be stacking the box to stop Blount. Available in only 1 of my 3 leagues. Pick him up ASAP.

James Jones - All indications are that Donald Driver will be out this weekend, which would place Jones as the 2nd best receiver in Green Bay. Needless to say this is a very valuable position to be in from a fantasy perspective. Available in all 3 of my fantasy leagues.

Nate Washington - Things could not be looking brighter for Washington right now. With Kenny Britt hurt he would have stepped up to the role of #1 receiver; however with the pickup of Moss he goes back to the #2 spot. However in the short term this actually means good thing for Nate. Without question teams will focus on stopping Moss by all means available, which should draw even more attention from Washington and his big play ability. Available in 2/3 of my leagues.

Dan Carpenter - The Miami kicker has been on a disgusting hot streak lately, however should be available in most leagues. 10 field goals over the past 2 games is nothing to scoff at. Kickers are truly a dime a dozen in fantasy, but as of right now I'd place Carpenter as the most valuable kicker in the league. Last week, available in all 3 of my leagues, now not available at all (however if for some reason he is pick him up immediately)

Buffalo Defense - please feel free to call me crazy here but if you are hurting for a defense for next week you could do a lot worse than Buffalo. Against the Bears I believe the Bills have a very good matchup. I think we've all learned that Chicago cannot establish a run against anybody, and while Buffalo is giving up a staggering 5.0 ypc I see that number dropping after this weekend. The Bills are equipped to handle the passing game of Cutler and all of those turnovers that he likes to hand out like Halloween candy. Without question they will be available in 99% of leagues in the country, and they should be a quick one week pickup only. Obviously available in all 3 leagues.

Players you just need to drop:

Roy Williams - It was just a matter of time before Dez Bryant stepped up his play to the ability we all knew he could. If you watching him play last week you would have to agree that Bryant has already surpassed Williams in terms of talent and in several aspects playbook knowledge. I doubt Bryant is available in any leagues anymore, so the next best thing I can offer you is drop drop Williams to the curb.

Ryan Mathews - This may be self explanatory, but it's always hard to part ways with your first round pick. The fact remains that Mathews will just not be able to put up the numbers we all imagined he would at the beginning of the season. With Mike Tolbert getting a TD in the last 5 games and having 7 on the year shows that San Diego has absolutely no confidence in Mathews in the red zone. He didn't look horrible in his limited playtime against Tennessee last week, so if you can find someone in your league who isn't completely down on him I would recommend you work some sort of trade. San Diego still has the top ranked offense in the league so someone somewhere is overvaluing him.

Please Ignore:

Jerry Porter - Statistically speaking, research shows that there in on average 1.2 Oakland Raider fans per fantasy league. Now while that previous stat may have been 100% made up, here is something you can count on; Porter is in no way the cause of Oakland's sudden offensive revival. His entire production last week came from one catch, and while he is still considered the #1 receiver in this team, his production this season will never reflect that. Heyward-Bey is starting to catch onto the offense and McFadden is really hitting his stride, so if anything Porters contributions to this team should lessen from their previously abysmal status. Stay away at all costs.


     To finish things off, I wanted to add a creative title to the post, and didn't have to think very hard. Each week I would just title the post with the most innovative fantasy team name that I've heard in the past week, so please feel free to add yours to your comments. This week's title comes courtesy of myself and also my friend John who first proposed naming a team "Layin on the Woodley".

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