Sven's Football Parlor

Hello friends. Please, pull up a chair, make yourselves comfortable, pack your favorite pipe, pour your favorite brandy, and let us discuss the sport of kings. Football.





The first order of business to be discussed is the fact that I am a better Offensive Coordinator then Bruce Arians. Make no mistake, I do not say this lightly, or in jest. My reasoning however, is simple. See, I would not run a singleback formation  every single god damned play. I would also use a trick known as a play action pass. When Mendy is running his brains out in the 4th quarter and has already gotten 40 tough yards, a play action on first or second down is a crucial play call. Running him from the shotgun on 3rd and 6 and then having Legursky TOTALLY WHIFF on a block is not good playcalling. We are not playing robots (yet.) on the field, so the man needs a chance to recuperate. Bruce Arians play calling was horrendous, and though the plebes may constantly clamor for his resignation, I think the time has finally come for the cooler heads of the organization to take a good long look at potential candidates who will be available next year. There is no longer any excuse for his playcalling, and I am sick of him "seeing the light" every 2 games and managing to call a game that takes the pressure off of him to perform better. He is a terrible playcaller, and he needs to be replaced, end of story. Don't give me the same old spiel about the O-line, or Ben holding onto the ball too long. If someone would actually develop a game plan and play book designed to the strengths of each player individually, instead of trying to force the style of play HE wants on the team, we would not be having these problems. I am dead serious when I say that I could call a better game then Bruce Arians.


I was happy to see the team remember that Randle El has more uses then being overthrown when Ben is under pressure. It wasn't a very good play, and it only worked due to luck and Mike Wallace being a gentleman and a scholar, but it was refreshing to see some diversity.


Mendenhall could be great. Hell he should be the best RB in this league. The problem is that every time he runs its into a wall of protection with no one to run behind.  We need a fullback. Draft one, get one from free agency, I don't care, but with a good full back leading the way for Mendy and picking one or two key blocks for him, he could have an explosion in productivity. He MADE his plays happen tonight, not Bruce Arians singleback BS playcalling.


I know that many of you are angry at the defense for letting it come down to that last minute heroics. In some ways it's an understandable argument. We again saw that horrendous soft coverage when we went up by 20, which allowed the Bengals to score before anyone could blink and suddenly be in contention. That really needs to stop. We are a pressure defense. If Palmer has been held to 7 points for 3 quarters, chances are you are doing something right in the defensive department, so this tendency to back off is dumbfounding. Why switch to something that NEVER WORKS, when you could do no wrong beforehand?


That said, there were 2 horrendous and pivotal calls on Cincy's last scoring drive. The second PI against Ike was the right call, but the first that moved the Bengals to the 1 yard line was stupid. The judge closest to the play doesn't call it, so the back official does 15 seconds later? And the replay clearly showed no interference. Stupid. Also, the roughing the passer. I hate to sound like Ray Lewis, but the bottom line is you gotta let men be men out there baby.


All in all, a good win for the Steelers. It's always a great day when we beat the Bengals, and being the potential sinking cannon ball in their 2010 shipwreck of a season makes it even sweeter. I think the offense needs a kick in the ass to get motivated, and someone needs to fire Bruce Arians already, but the defense played a great game. You can bitch all day that it should not have come to that, but this is not the same defense that allowed teams to win at the last moment in the 4th quarter. This is the defense that gives them that hope, so that they can feast on their rivals disappointment when they come up just short. Though they may have led us to the brink, once again it was the defense that stepped up and made the game winning play. No matter what you think, that's what champions do consistently.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, but unfortunately the brandy has run dry, the pipes are fading out, and I must retire to my chambers for the evening. Have a wonderful night my friends. Au Revoir!

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