Driveby Report: We let down the Bungles, down by the riverside edition


Ok, so I went to the game and I didn't tape it.  That means once again I don't have the luxury of reviewing before I write this.  Since I never review the games before I write these it's not really an excuse huh?  Well at least watching TV you get the replays.  This driveby is west coast Cali style.  Slow rolling down the street with tinted windows.  Lock and load baby.

1. Big play Willie Gay:  I think he's getting his confidence back.  Big special teams play and he was in position to make a couple big defensive plays.  He dropped a sure pick six, but I forgive him.  I would go into "And people wanted to cut him" but I know you realize some group of people have asked for every player on this team to be cut at one time. 

2. Timmons:  If he doesn't make the Pro Bowl then something’s wrong.  Palmer had confidence throwing to Grisham early, thinking a linebacker can't stick with him.  He even covered Owens some.  Palmer is a slow learner.

3. Deebo:  I was listening to the Bengal fans and they had one thing to say about him.  He's badass.  My brother-in-law was just shaking his head.  He said that guy is a beast.  (Deebo is from Friday, filmed in Cali)

4. Farrior:  All I can say is wow.  He came to play.  This was the 2004-2005 version.  He was laying the wood and seemed to be around the ball all night.  On the sack I thought for sure that was Timmons flying through that gap and sacking Palmer before he could even set.  Ok, I lied...but wow.

5. Polamalu: Palmer was very much aware where he was, but when Troy came up he was making them pay.  He and Clark missed a chance at INTs because they were loading up for the hit, but I will get over it.  If I haven't said it yet it's really good to have him back this season.  I saw Palmer miss some throws because he saw Troy at the last moment.  One time was the throw to Owens in the endzone in the last seconds. (Troy came from USC in Cali...Palmer too)

6. Ike: He played well.  That touchdown to Owens was extremely difficult to defend.  As a matter of fact I would like to see that play with Wallace.  The room for error in that play is very small.  You count off in your head and then throw to a spot in the corner of the endzone. If the throw is even a yard further he may step out of the endzone or not get to it.  If he throws that a yard shorter Ike may pick it off.  Ok, maybe he'll knock it down.  Besides a bad throw, the only thing that stops that is a jam at the line or you are just 5 yards behind the receiver.  (Owens played for the NIners in Cali)

7. B-Mac: Man I always give him props on his tackling.  He got some last night.  He also made some really weak attempts.  He threw himself at Benson's feet one time and he just let him go another.

8. Steelers fans:  There were way less Steelers fans at this game than I've ever seen in Cincinnati.  There weren't many Terrible Towels and it was quiet when we scored.  Not completely, but noticeably so.  I think it was because it was Monday Night.  If you came from Pittsburgh to the game you would have to leave work early, drive 4 1/2 hours, leave the stadium at midnight and get home by 5 am. You could take Tuesday off and stay overnight, but that's a day and a half.  On a side note: There was a Steelers fan a few rows down from me that was extremely drunk.  At the start of the 4th quarter he lit up a joint (Indo made famous by Snoop [Steelers fan] and Dre in Cali).  No lie my friends.

9. Wood:  If you look at the stat sheet the numbers are small (1s and 2s), but every one of those were big plays.  Two sacks, Two very timely tackles (one stopped a first down and the other stopped a big play), One assist that was big and the forced fumble.  Something not in most stat sheets was the big pass defended.  Come to think of it, there may have been a penalty on that play. (The Wood, a movie filmed in Cali)

10. Heart:  First thing I'd like to say about heart is, the Bengals defense played with it all 60 minutes.  I have to give them that.  T.O. doesn't seem to have much to me.  He runs out of bounds when he can get 5 or so more yards.  My heart needs a break.  Can we win more games like the Tampa game?  I've been to two games so far this year and they almost ended the same.  I was at the Baltimore game and this one.

11. Arians:  At times he really had me wondering, but I have to admit he called some nice plays at just the right time. 

12. Wallace: Is money.  He missed one crucial pass, but he handled everything else.  I would have like them to at least get him a few plays deep against the Saints even if it appeared to be defended well.  He's shown he can go up and get it. Also, You know I have to say it....He was underthrown again on what would have been a TD. 

13. Ok, I've unloaded my clip except for this one bullet.  It's yours.  Why 13?  Well Cali is the 31st state and this is in honor of all who suffer from dyslexia. 

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