Hump Day Mix regular season week 13 "Can you say Crabbie-Patty"


Well...well...Men and women, it's time for another HDM with yours truely Arn, 6, and me Slash. We have been spinning webs as the "trifecta" have finally been brought together again, we are going to possibly "shock and awe" the faithful followers here at BTSC with the notes from last week's scare from the Toronto Buffaloes, as well as insight on the most "heated" rivalry in the NFL today, as we take on the Ratbirds in "WIRE Stadium"...the homeland of Edgar Allen Poe. I Hope you all enjoy, and yes this also means you MaLoR!

Your thoughts on last weeks game?

PixburghArn:  Man I hate games like last week's game.  Ok, I hate losses
a whole lot more.  Man, I'm too young to be putting my ticker through
this. All that said, the Bills need someone that knows the Heimlich
maneuver.  Well now it's on to Baltimore.  With the health of our line
and B-Mac, I'm not feeling too confident.

count'em_six:  Agreed Arn.  And we can expect a similar game with the
Ravens this Sunday.  I can't believe how much our team has been
penalized in the last two weeks.  10 for 107 yds against the Bills and
14 for 163 yds against the Raiders.  24 penalties for 270 yards in 2
games.  That's almost 3 entire football fields!!  It's outrageous.  I
want to start seeing MT flip out on the refs.  I don't want to see him
clapping anymore with that determined look.  I love that he's a cool
head, but every once in a while I need to see him freak the f out.  The
Ravens game might just be when we see it.

Webslasher81:I agree with you guys 110% but…Do you know what’s even worse…spending the ENTIRE time getting texts from PCI while on the road, driving back to Colorado Springs. Going from knowing we have a 13-0 lead by halftime to read texts and calls (via PCI, thanks by the way brudda!) saying that it was tied up 13-13, then going into OT @ 16-16, and winning it by a field goal "skippy" would of biffed 19-16. I thought my life flashed and slashed (pun!) before my eyes WOW! (i.e thanksgiving vacation in Nebraska with family.)

How about those predictions from the Bills game?

PixburghArn:  I predicted the Steelers would have a hard time stopping
the Bills in the second half and would get scoring opportunities because
of pass interference calls, but mistakes would kill them.  Also I said
the Steelers would be able to run at will because of precision passing.
Let's see, all of that was right, even though a blind man could see that
coming.  I missed by a longshot on the score.  While the Bills made huge
mistakes, we could have had more points if we didn't trip over our
collective dick while going in for a score. No LeBeau wasn't on the
field.  It's a figure of speech.

count'em_six:  Didn't make any.  Been relatively MIA the last couple
weeks.  Work has been nuts.  I'll leave it at that for fear of the
outside chance someone I work with might be reading this blog.

Webslasher81: I predicted that the Steelers were gonna stomp the Bills 31-17…well…that didn’t quite happen, if it wasn’t for the "D’s" major step up (Troy’s pick, that dropped TD catch by "The Joker"…etc.)the game would have been sealed and we would have been 7-4, thank or lucky stars that Sushiam dropped those 4 fg’s. I didn’t know that we would be playing two teams the past 2 weeks (Raiders/Bills respectively and Roger Goodell’s cronies).

What is your prediction for the Ravens game?

PixburghArn: I think the difference in this game will be pressure.  If
the line can give Ben time then there will be enough available to Ben to
keep drives alive and score.  If Flacco gets pressure he will turn the
ball over.  We need Bret Keisel back on the field.  I'm going to also
say that a big return by either Brown or Sanders will bring momentum and
the Steelers will be the first team to score a TD on a possession
starting on the Baltimore side of the 50.  Final score Steelers 20
Ravens 17.

count'em_six:  Another penalty laden, heart-attack-waiting-to-happen
game.  Flacco The Dork will be on his ass at least 5 times and will
throw a pick to Troy.  Meanwhile, Harrison will be blocking the same way
he did against the radiers, but insert Flacco for Bush.  Harbaugh will
be crying to the officials all the way to the last second of the game.
We win this game and leave carnage in our path.  Steelers 24 Ravens 10
(but closer than the score indicates).

Webslasher81: I have to say this is going to be an "all out war" blood and guts will be all over the field after it’s said and done… A crucial flag from Goodell’s cronies will ultimately decide this game. Steelers 17 – Ravens 14…there is also going to be massive fines from both sides I can smell it.

How about those standout predictions?

PixburghArn: Well, Rush-Hard was one of the standouts.  He didn't get
175 yards and 3 TDs.  He had 151 and 1 TD.  A penalty kept him from
getting close to my prediction of yards and maybe would have led to
another TD for him.  Oh well.  I did call a big INT for Ike or Troy that
would change the momentum.  Ike almost had one (never said that before)
and Troy almost had two.  But the one Troy did get was HUGE.  Willie was
also Huge (TWSS) on that play.

count'em_six:  Again, didn't make any.  Will have something here next
week obviously...

Webslasher81: I predicted that Mendy would have 2 tds 126 yds. Again I was wrong, Wallace was even more silent than usual although he came up with "clutch catches…I predicted that he would light up the scoreboard with 167 yds catching and 2 tds. And Woodley would standout above the rest of the "D" although he played well, not up to my stats though, 13 tackles, 4 tlf, and 3 sacks. Oh well such is life eh…? Lol.

Standouts for the Ravens game?

PixburghArn: On offense I think Sanders has a big game.  His stat sheet
won't tell the whole story but 50+ yards on 4 catches and a TD.  But the
standout will be Ben.  His big plays will overshadow any mistakes.  On
defense Lawrence Timmons gets a pick and makes plays all day.  He will
lead the team in tackles and add in a sack.

count'em_six:  Can always count on Ward in these games to step up.  I'm
thinking 80+ yards and a TD.  The Ratbirds will be too worried about
Wallace and leave Ward open a few times.  I think Heath will have a
serviceable game as well - 50+ yards.  Defense is going to be Harrison.
My man is going to step up even bigger and have a defensive player of
the week type game.  2 FF's, 2 sacks and a FR...and laying Flacco out a
few times in the process.

Webslasher81: I predict that this game will be won by a "whole team" effort. Year in and year out the Ravens games are always tough and physical, with a lot of bangs and bruises along the way. This game decides our "Destiny", whichever road we decide to cross hopefully it leads to that stairway to 7.

How did those concerns from Bills week figure into the game?

PixburghArn: Scrambling wasn't the problem, but Fitzpatrick making plays
was.  I guess I was right in a way.  My concern was Fitzpatrick.  I
wonder if the Bengals wish they had him instead of Palmer?

count'em_six:  Though I didn't contribute to this last week, I was
worried about Buffalo sneaking up on it a trap game if you
will.  They've been playing very well as of late, and quite honestly a
lot of people were looking passed this game.  Glad we didn't.

Webslasher81: Arn is right Fitz was a nightmare…I have to agree on that. As well as our "O-line", with all of the injuries we have sustained, I hope to God we can get healthy as our season is spiraling towards the playoffs.

Cheerleaders and International hostesses of the week:

PixburghArn:  I met up with this lovely lady before a game last year and
she said set up a date.  I said "tonight."  So she said, "Oh, I'd better
start warming up."  That was right before they shot this picture. The
link says she's a Colts cheerleader, but she's a Raven.  Trust me on



count'em_six:  Here's an ex-girlfriend of mine.  She was too clingy so I
broke up with her.  Plus, she wanted nothing from me but sex.  A guy has
feelings too you know:



My international beauty, as promised, is from the
Caribbean.  I am going to be leaving Latin America starting next week.
I have my eyes set on Africa.  There are a few countries in Africa that
I have a fondness for.  When I show you my hostesses you'll see why.
Now, meet Yendi from Jamaica.  She very modest as you can see by her
photo.  If I would give you a frontal shot of her then you'd have to go
see a doctor after about 3 hours.



count'em_six:  This one won't stop calling me.  I've changed my number
twice and she still finds me.  I'm constantly deleting racy pictures she
sends me and postings on my facebook page.  Can someone please get her
off me?




Webslasher81: Gulp?! Awesomeness at its best eh…boys? Well The Ravens have quite a firecracker in…Jamie Edmonson!



Webslasher81: For my international babe of the week…I am traveling to Thailand…meet Miss Maxim Thailand Pam…




Well ladies and germs this wraps up another week of fun for the HDM's I hope you all that have been following our poasts at BTSC faithfully have enjoyed the show. Tune in next week when Arnie, "The Wizard", and you favorite webslinger next to Spiderman tackle yet another hated rival in our division at home, the Bungels!


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