Driveby Report: Keep Your Cat Off My Porch Edition

On the way back home from church, my wife decides to change the menu for the day.  That means I have to go to Kroger on the way home.  That also means I missed watching the first 5 minutes or so of the first quarter.  I did however hear the first 5 minutes or so much to the chagrin of my wife.  I wouldn't have anted to watch a penalty laden TD drive for the Bengals (their only score) anyways.  I sat in the car listening to it on the radio while not hearing her call to pull around to the door.  She was not happy that she had to push a cart through the snow.  Anyhow, regulatoooooooors mount up.

1.  Ben: I actually had a Bengal fan tell me that he may just become a Steelers fan because he would be a fool to hate a team a warriors like Ben and the boys.  He pointed out that Ben didn't turn into a wuss like Palmer did after his broken nose.  He also pointed out that the refs know he's not a wuss and unfairly have a different standard of protection for him.

2. Rush-hard Spin-den-Haul: Call him Spin Doctor if you want but my nickname fits better.  He did both.  He rushed hard. he spun then hauled @$$. That's also something the stats don't show.

3. Ben part II:  He out-rushed Benson and Scott.  Second best run total in the game.

4. Hines:  Yall need to quit hatin on these veterans. 

5. Randle El: [See above] Did you see that one handed catch?  Of course you did. 

6. Brown: You always get the feeling that he's going to break one, even when he's got nowhere to go.  He's what you call slippery.  When you think you have him he's past you.

7. Clark:  He was ballin.  Very active day for him.  I really like how he made Owens retract his arms on a pass over the middle.  Owens doesn't do that often.

8. Wood:  He was layin it.  If he wasn't harassing Palmer or laying him on his hind parts, he was picking off passes or stopping backs for little to no gain.  Wait weren't people saying we don't need him? Ok, I'm going to give you one thing, the Bengals made it a issue to take care of Deebo.

9. Timmons:  His stat line is thin, but he made some nasty plays.  Like how he blew that screen pass up and how Palmer got rid of the ball just before he was about to get hit by a truck.

10. Willie Gay:  How can a dude make you so mad in one game and then make so many good plays in another? 

11. Ziggy Hood:  I see ya cuz. The stat line doesn't but I do. Keep it up. 

12. Spaeth:  Made some really nice blocks and nullified them with a huge drop. 

13. Ben III: I think that face shield was affecting his his throws in the first half.

14. Troy:  Huge INTs.  The pick 6 was the turning point.  The lateral was not Polamalu- like. The limping makes me nervous.  Achilles' are nothing to play with.

15. Bengals defense:  They have not packed up.  They are playing with much heart. You have to give it to them. Even with all the injuries.

16. The option:  That was a sweet play.  I'm not saying we need to load up the playbook with that but do you realize what can be done in that set if you add a few options to it?  That could be a great wrinkle later on.

17. Suisham: I was a little nervous when they made the switch, but that could turn out to be the biggest move of the year.  And let me get this straight the Redskins cut him?  Have you seen the Redskins' kicker?  In other news...Jeff Reed went out to Cali because Dr. Dre said "Californiaaaaaaaaaaa knows how to party."

18. Kapinos:  Not Robopunter, but I like what I saw.  He has 3 inside the 20 and a 53 yarder.  That low average had to do with short punts due to offensive breakdowns in Bengals territory.

19.  Farrior: He has his mojo back baby...yeaaahh baby.

20. Great day:  I haven't seen too many people today because of snow, but the Bengals fans I've seen are not talking for some reason.  This guy did say "Who Dey" on facebook last night on my cousin's page.  I just had to reply with "We Dey, you must not be paying attention."

21.  It's all yours.  It's in the chamber so "fire awaaaaaaaaayyyyy."

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