Hump Day Mix regular season week 15: "Can you smell what the Holmes is SMOKIN?" Edition


Well hello there Boys and Ghouls...welcome back for another weekly dose of the HDM. This week's poast will only feature Arn and I Dj Webbzy Slash, Count'em is currently M.I.A. (probably for a good reason! We love ya buddy!!!), and I am sure that he will be back next week from our BTSC tailgater ready and roaring to pressing on, Arn and I will be discussing the battle with the Kitty Kats, as well as giving our "awesome knowledge" about the game of the week with Gang Green, as always my friends at BTSC I hope you lets get to the jump shall we?

PixburghArn:  Well the snow came and made it quite a relaxing Sunday.  Though  I missed part of the first quarter, all activities were cancelled for the night. That means I got into some shorts and relaxed in front of my LCD with the remote.  I knew that I could sit there all night and veg without being bothered.  I would not however be able to rest if we lost to the dang Bengals.  Thank you defense.

 Webslasher81: Ugh! I was hung-over from the night before but god bless NFL Sunday Ticket!!! I got to watch the game while receiving the random banter and texts from my insider PCI (thanks brudda!) I couldn’t get up with the "Dude" this weekend b/c he was also in bad shape as well lol. But I did get the game on after M. F’ing Sandy the Directv lady…sorry Sandy. If we would of lost to the Bungels I would have been sick and my co-workers would of let me feel the thunder that Monday morning ouch!

How about the predictions from the Bengals game?


PixburghArn:  I gave the offense too much credit.  I said Rush-Hard would have two big TDs.  I’m surprised no one commented on that.  Anyhow the young bucks didn’t really emerge as I said, but Brown did do some good things.  The comeback never materialized just as Count’em said, but turnovers did kill them.  I missed badly this week.

 Webslasher81: As did I…our "O" showed some sparks but nothing special other than T.O.P. Although somebody owes me a beer at the BTSC tailgater for predicting Troy picking off Palmer TWICE hahaha! I was ok with the turnout…I missed badly with BB and Rush-hard, but, the "D" saved my tail lol.

How about the predictions for the Jets game?


PixburghArn:  I predict an ugly game.  The winning TD may be thrown by a back or a WR in this game. Neither team will be able to run and though there will be some plays made in the passing game, turnovers through the air will stall drives on both side.  In the end a few extra kicks for one side will be the difference.  Steelers 16 Jets 10.

 Webslasher81: Although I commend you Arnie…I disagree, The Jets are showing the NFL that they are frauds, and they will succumb to their fate once again this week. The "D" will fluster Sanchise so bad that they will bench him for Mark Brunell…we win in a rout 20-3.

How about those predicted standouts for The Bengals game?


PixburghArn: Once again I missed.  I would say Ben was the man on offense.  I said Rush-Hard would be.  On defense it was Troy and Woodley.  I give Troy the edge because of the timely pick6.  Wood almost has the stat-line I predicted for Deebo.

 Webslasher81: I swung and missed to Arn, only on the "O". But I came up big with that prediction of the "Tasmanian Devil" picking Palmer twice before it was all said and done.

How did those concerns from last week play out this week?


PixburghArn: I was concerned with T.O. and them targeting B-MAC.  They did well on both parts.  On offense I was afraid of pressure getting to Ben.  Though they got some pressure Ben shook it off for the most part and got the job done.

 Webslasher81: The "O-line" was my biggest concern, they did what they had to do I guess with the patchwork that we have…What I was really disappointed about was those damn holding calls and that blatant face mask for no flag to BB.

Concerns for this week?


PixburghArn:  I am concerned that Sanchez will wake up and have a big game.  He gets those lucky drives when they most need them.  I don’t want to see Holmes in the endzone with the game winner.  I am also concerned that our ground game won’t get started and we’ll have to pass against the Jets DBs.

 Webslasher81: The 3 concerns I have are Holmes, Sanchez and Revis…we must contain the both of them to win the game. I would be sick if Holmes caught the game winner as well Arnie…oh one more, I almost forgot: our "O-line" again (groan) lol.

Cheerleader hostesses of the week


PixburghArn:  Sorry fellas, but I can’t go a whole year without bringing my Washington D.C. honey in.  You know how I love the Redskins’ cheerleaders.  So please welcome the lovely Leeanne. 



 Webslasher81: Whew! Arn…I’m speechless…This week’s treat from me comes from out of Arn's book, the deadskins although this girl right here is far from dead…Meet the tantalizing Tequia…



International hostesses of the week


PixburghArn:  I am staying on the continent of Africa.  All the way over to the west coast.   I’m taking it easy on you fellas.  Trust me if I would have put a shot of what’s in the trunk you would flip your lid.  Please welcome my lovely cocoa beauty of the coastal country of Ghana. 



Webslasher81: Once again Arn you pull out the showstopper…I applaud you my friend…but, I am going to England (per request for English big ups brudda!!!)…meet the lovely…Abbey Clancy. Abbey-england-4_medium
Well this wraps up another HDM mixery, I hope you all enjoyed the insight as well as the yummy eyecandy...tune in next week when we write up another Brewhaha...from the tailgater to next week's foe from the NFC south the hapless Carolina Panthers...Happy Holidays everybody!!!


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