A Letter to the NFL

So this may not be worthy of a fanpost, but I thought I'd put this idea out there to see what you all think.  

I have decided to write a polite letter to the NFL expressing my displeasure over recent officiating around the league, not just in tonight's game.  I encourage all of you to write letters to NFL Headquarters knowing full well that they might not be read,  but I have to tell you, writing this letter made me feel a lot better.

And I can always hope that it gets past the mail room.

A Letter to the NFL:


To whom it may concern,

I am an avid football fan and never thought that I would say this, but I am no longer a fan of the league.  I cannot stand sitting down to watch a game with my family and friends only to see the game turn into an officiating debacle.  The officiating of late is atrocious and often one-sided.  Many times, the officiating is either non-existent or over-zealous; these calls, or non-calls as the case may be, change the course of the game and that is simply unacceptable.  I firmly believe that the players should be allowed to play without worrying about whether every little move will be penalized because a referee tries to decipher intent.  The referee's job is not to determine intent, but rather to decide if a rule has been broken and enforce those rules to ensure the game is played the way it was meant to be played and protect the players.  The league claims that player safety is important, but if that was the case then officiating should be fair for every player.  Protecting certain players while ignoring blatant penalties is an affront to the fans and disrespectful to every player.  With every poor call, the referees take away players' ability to do their jobs.  Players can't hit for fear of penalization and I for one am disgusted when I see my favorite players shy away from making the plays because they don't want to make matters worse with costly penalties.  When I see blatant holds and pass interferences without being penalized, I am immediately turned off of the game.  When a team plays, I expect fair officiating for both sides, not referees who call penalties on one team then turn around and ignore obvious calls that they should make in order to remain fair.  The league cannot allow this confusion to continue.  When your players and fans are saying the same thing, that they do not understand these new rules, then the league must take action to correct these issues.

I hope that someone reads this letter and understands that I am just one of many disgruntled fans who want to see change in the league.


Marissa from Virginia

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