Driveby Report: Hearts of Glass, Hands of Stone Edition

Well, I wasn't going to write a Driveby because I was so mad yesterday that I didn't want to relive it today, but I don't see many posts out there about the game....  Anyhow, this game ruined my evening.  I'm close to a mall right now.  I'm thinking of dressing up in Steeler gear from head to toe and do a drive-by on Foot Locker.  Just kidding.  Don't be calling 9-11 on me.  There was plenty not to like in this game so I may use a bigger gun.  

It could have been worse.  I could have been at that game. Sorry Slash.  Lock and load.

1. Rush-hard:  He did his work.  His employer didn't let him eat enough.  This is starting to tick me off.

2. Ben:  Played well enough to win this game.  Held the ball too long on a couple of plays when he just should have thrown it away though.  You can't complain too much about that, but you can complain though.

3. Spaeth:  Hey nice blocks out there and nice TD catch, or should I say nice cover up because the ball caught you.  Now, I have to tell you.  You are the Dwight Stone of tightends and your drops (especially the TD pass at the end of the game) directly contributed to this loss.  Thank you so much.  You can take Fabio's spot in the "I can't believe it's not butter" commercials. Ok? Thanks.

4. refs: I would like to thank you (sarcastically) for once again thinking you are soccer officials.  That "F" in the NFL logo on your paycheck stands for Football.  It also stands for what you do to us weekly. Oh, and if a DB pulls a receiver's jersey, that's called holding idiot. Ok?  Thanks.

5. Heath:  Please get better.  We have a huge hole where you were playing.  Ok?  thanks.

6.  Troy:  I'm missing you too.  I saw a few plays that probably would not have went had you been there.  I would however like for you to be well for the playoffs.

7.  Holmes:  I ain't missin you. Since you've been gone....away.  (see below)

8. Wallace: Commanded respect and still got his. He owned Cromartie, even with the refs giving Cromartie an advantage.

9. Brown:  Was a tackle away from taking one to the house. Showed good hands on one play.

10. Sanders:  Gave Revis all he could handle.

11. Offense:  I know everyone is down on Arians, but the plays were there to win the game.  Scott gave up 2 points and Spaeth gave up 6.

12.  Farrior: Still holding it down

13. Mundy:  Gotta hand it to him.  He played alright.  Much better than what we got from Carter. Just saying...

14. Deebo:  That man is vicious.  I'm not letting the refs off the hook, but I kinda see why they want to throw flags, but they shouldn't.  Just because a dude hits like a truck doesn't mean you should treat his victims like princesses.

15. Ok? Thanks: I just want to explain why I used that.  Because I have a female relative that says that when she's PMSing.  And judging by the treatment I get from my female relatives when they are experiencing PMS, I figured that must be some really irritating syndrome.  Since I'm really not happy I'm relating my feelings to PMS.  Yeah, I'm saying I'm ragging. doh!

16.  Holmes part II: Holmes going away not only gave the Steelers a 5th round pick, it made then look at the WR position.  Thank you Holmes.  We got some studs for your buds.  By the way what kind of reception did he get at the game?

17.  Hey Jabba the Ryan:  The most physical team didn't win this game.  Your team had less mistakes though. I'll give you that. 

18. On the injury front:  They should hold Troy out.  Achilles is nothing to play with.  Also they need to make sure Heath is 100% over that concussion.  I would rather have a 6 seed with Troy and Heath, than a 2 seed without.

19. Ok enough of that.  I actually feel a little better.  Now take this number 18 and let the bodies hit the floor.  Why am I so violent this morning?

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