Hump Day Mix regular season week 16: "Crimbus Special" Edition


Welcome once again to the HDM ladies and Gents, 6 is side tracked this week and that’s alright b/c Arnie and you buddy Sleazy Slash is all over the case. We are going to break down the Jets game and what type of time bomb we dealt with there as well as tackling the lowly Black Cats from the NFC South…The Panthers. I am very disappointed, I’m sure as you all are here. Let's try and be as festive as we can, we did clinch a spot in the playoff's right??? Our faithful followers at BTSC let’s get to the jump shall we?


PixburghArn: The game wrecked my evening, but I later felt better when I heard we are in the playoffs.  My thoughts went immediately to Troy.


let him get 100% if possible.  As a matter of fact Let Heath get better too.

Sorry I didn't make it to the game Slash.  Ticket problems.


Webslasher81: I was at the game, I didn’t get up with 6 or Arn, b/c I was already hammered and couldn’t work my damn phone, (I did text him and talk to Arn both before I got plastered so that’s a plus I guess…lol sorry guys there will always be next year!) and felt it during the 3rd quarter while I took off my coat, hoodie, and my thermal, I now have a cold b/c of it…as well as a sore throat. This game made me sick…with the play calls to the missed fouls, the whole game stunk up the air! Arn don’t worry about it bro, it happens…lol.


How about the predictions from the Jets game?


PixburghArn: I predicted an ugly game.  There were no turnovers though.


said a few extra kicks would be the difference, but it was a kick return that was the difference.  That's all I have to say about that.


Webslasher81: I said that we would stomp ‘em (31-10), well that didn’t quite happen in any aspect, I was disgusted with our special teams (giving up that open td) and our "O" making some suspect calls, (run in the endzone), Get rid of Matt Speath…this guy couldn’t catch a cold. And the f’in ref’s with blatant holding calls to multiple pass interference plays, this game should have been a walkthrough, I DEMAND the resignation of Roger Goodell and the ref’s period. The whole game was like we were in slow motion…and the ref’s were the damn quicksand. That Rex Ryan team is garbage…they should of never of been spotted 9 points from us. I was so pissed by the end of the game…I didn’t talk the whole night afterwards and drank half a bottle of Nyquil to go to sleep and get rid of my nightmares.


How about predictions for the Panthers game?


PixburghArn:  I predict that the Panthers will try to run the ball.


will mix the run with attempts at big pass plays.  The Steelers will be 100% for TDs in the Redzone and win by double digits.  30-17.


Webslasher81: Were coming out pissed, Were ripping the Panthers a new one…28-3.


How about those standouts for last week?


PixburghArn: Slash forgot to post them.  hahaha  Hmmm maybe I didn't provide any.


Webslasher81: My bad brudda I dropped the ball haha sorry. I forget mine, but I will tell you what from what I seen we did stop Holmes and Sanchez enough but not execute. Oh and this message goes out to you Smoke-a-tonio: Your such a big man, taunting the fans right after the game like you caught the game winner in the endzone…Ike shut you down, you’re sorry as hell and we don’t want you back you piece of garbage, if I was with 6, we would of rushed the field and made you eat turf…we would have been locked up then, but it would have been worth it. You have a bone to pick with the Rooney’s like 6 said take it up with them, not with the fans, b/c we had your back…but now if and when you do come back to Heinz Field expect a warm welcome compliments of eggs and raw hamburger meat…


Predicted Standouts for the Panthers game?


PixburghArn: I predict that Rush-hard will be the standout on offense.


yards and 2 TDs.  On defense the standout will be Deebo.  Deebo comes back with a vengeance.  5 tackles, 1 sack, FF and INT.


Webslasher81: Mike Wallace will steal the show…3 bombs to him for 3 tds, ends up the day with 10 touches 137 yds. and 3 tds. On "D" Woodley comes out and gets 3 tfl 2 sacks, and 1 fumble.


What about those concerns you had for the Jets game?


PixburghArn:  None of my concerns hurt us.  Sanchez didn't have a great game, Santonio didn't smell the endzone and our ground game wasn't stopped....wellll it was stopped from within, if you know what I mean.


Webslasher81: Our "O" line, (but they did pretty well holding up on their own, kudos!). Sanchez, Holmes, and Revis (these 3 didn’t impress me at all, the Jets are like the Yankees of the NFL, going out and buying all the "top" prospects. They were shut down this game…we beat ourselves with help from the refs thoise bastards!). I also believe that I can speak for Arn, that we have no concerns for the Panther’s game b/c this should feel like a scrimmage for us…we win out we get the no. 2 seed boys and girls, it’s that simple…lol.


Cheerleader hostess of the week:


PixburghArn: Since we pretty much exhausted the Panther Cheerleader pictures during the preseason game, I decided to let this young later accompany me on the Hump Day.  I don't think she is a cheerleader but she looks the part and she's flexible.  Email me and I'll tell you how much.  I'm just kidding folks.





Just in case you all forgot here's a trip to the preseason pics.  Before you take a trip you must load the trunk.





You must also be flexible.






Webslasher81: Damnit Arn! 3...haha! Wow! I gotta step my game up…here we go. Here is Chrissy from New England:





and here is…the Redskins Arlene…





and finally…Lilly Robbins from the Miami Dolphins







International hostess of the week:


PixburghArn: I stepped over to Asia for a moment and found this beauty.


said she was from Japan.  I told her she inspires me to show her my Samurai sword skills.  She was so impressed I talked her into hosting this week.

Japan brings you some of the best built electronic gadgets, but none of them comes close to the well built Riyo.  Ochiwa my little dumpling.





Webslasher81: Haha Arnie, you kill me…lol. She is quite the spicy tuna roll…I must say, but I ventured off to Russia this week while thinking of the holidays…hopefully this hot potato can keep me warm at night here is…Maria Verchenova.






Random thoughts:


PixburghArn: I like the fact that we are in the playoffs yet we still have some work to do to get a bye.  That means guys that MUST rest can, and we are still playing meaningful games to get some kinks worked out.


Webslasher81: I like to say that even though we lost this game…we can still get the no. 2 seed if we win out and I like our chances…I am happy that were in the playoffs but to lose the way we did is unacceptable, hopefully we can get well rested and that bye that we deserve.


Well this wraps up another HDM, don’t fret though my faithful followers at BTSC we will be back next week (in addition to 6), to have us wrap up our regular season mix off, when we go up against the "Dawg Pound". In Cleveland…have a happy holiday my friends, and have fun!



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