Driveby Report: We Made Another Kittie Go Splat Edition

I waited 24 hours to do this Driveby.  I didn't do it on purpose.  I just couldn't get motivated with all of this prssure to get some late Christmas shopping done.  Speaking of Christmas, I asked my wife for a new gun to do Drivebys with and she told me, "No, you'll shoot your eye out." 

I did however get my gift from my dad.  I opened it early and it's good news people.  He gave me a $50 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods.  Why is that good news?  Because the last time he did that was Christmas 2008.  Back then I said the same thing I said this year when I opened it. I said, "I am going to buy a Steelers Super Bowl shirt and hat after we win it."

As for right now, Let's get it poppin.  Locked and loaded.

1. Ben:  Ben is stating to peak.  This is a great time for it.  Still I'd like for Baltimore to lose and rest Ben against the Browns.

2. Heath:  Welcome back!  No question we would have won had he been in the Jets game.

3. Wallace:  Money.  Speed kills, before and after the catch.

4. Sanders: Emerging star.  Ben is getting more confident with him.  He almost had two TDs. Does not look like a rookie.

5. Ward:  Still has it.  He has a knack for getting open.  He will have at least one big game in the playoffs.  The ref HAD to call that interference.  Just so they could say, "see we do call interference."  One week late guys.

6. Brown: Rounds out an explosive receiver corps.  After he looks at his returns he is going to adjust and break one soon.

7. Redman:  Can we see Redman more often inside the 5?  Meemo is good, but I like Redman in short yardage.  He may not be a true power back but his style suits short yardage better.

8. Farrior:  I say again, Farrior is back to his old self.  Makes us older guys feel good.  Farrior still has the quickness and strength to fill the hole.His reemergence and Timmons' maturity is making for what we see, the best run defense int he league.

9. Ike:  I see ya Ike.  You still don't try to locate the ball on long passes, but you throw a blanket on the short stuff.

10.  B-Mac:  That was a nice INT.  He's doing better as they let him press a little more on coverage.

11. Mundy:  We may not have the big play potential of Troy out there, but Mundy is solid.  Definite upgrade over Carter!  This kid has some instincts too.  He's got two pretty good games in a row.

12. Keisel: He had to get in on the splash play train.  Great timing on the blocked pass.  Looks like he's getting those wheels rollin.  When Aaron Smith gets back in there look out!

13. Deebo:  I guess 1 out of 7 times holding was called is better than nothing.

14.  Pouncey:  Pittsburgh Steelers Center.  Need I say more?  That is no rookie out there.

15. Kapinos: He's doing ok, but I miss the boomers from Robopunter. 

16: Suisham:  Shake it off, we can't afford a Jeff Reed meltdown.

17. Panthers:  This was kinda difficult.  I am having a hard time getting excited about beating Carolina.  You all are going to have to help a brutha out.

18: HDM:  Since the Browns don't have cheerleaders, I am letting you choose the team's cheerleader I feature in the HDM next week.  Poast it in your comment.  I may even let you all choose the country I get my hostess from.  Add that in too.

19. Here is your bullet:  You know the deal.

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