NFL Films – Top 10 Steelers

I have been hanging around for a while and taking a few shots from the peanut gallery, but finally thought I would write my first FanPost.

I recorded the show Friday night, and finally got around to watching it last night, although I have to admit, I was in a post holiday, Makers Mark induced semi-stupor.

As a preamble, I was confused on how they would define "Top 10" both before and after watching the show. They seemed to imply that Super Bowl victories and exemplifying "Steeler toughness" were the main criteria. I have to say that overall I was disappointed in the show. I can't argue with the final list too much, with one or two exceptions, but I really hated all the blather from Mark Madden, George Atkinson, and some of the other media haters from Cleveland, Baltimore, etc. Why not get some more quotes from some Steelers players and coaches who were there, and might actually have something meaningful to say? I loved seeing Dick Hoak on there. I would have liked to hear opinions from coaches Noll and Cowher.

To the list after the jump.

  1. Joe Greene - no argument here - clearly the best of all time.
  2. Terry Bradshaw - no argument - how can you slight the QB with 4 rings?
  3. Franco Harris - he belongs on the list, but perhaps slightly lower
  4. Rod Woodson - WTF? No SB rings except with the Ratbirds. Ahead of Mel Blount?
  5. Jack Lambert - I would put him ahead of Franco.
  6. Mel Blount - should be number 4 or 5. He changed the game.
  7. Troy Polamalu - probably belongs more than Rod.
  8. Hines Ward - no argument, except maybe position.
  9. Lynn Swann - not sure about this. What about Stallworth?
  10. Jerome Bettis - he belongs, perhaps even ahead of Hines.

Glaring omissions from the list (to me) are Mike Webster and Jack Ham. Others might say that there are good players from the pre-1970 teams that should be considered (Ernie Stauntner perhaps? John Henry Johnson?) So if you agree that Webster and Ham belong, who do you remove? I guess I would say Woodson and reluctantly, Swann.

Of course, the problem with these things is trying to compare modern era players versus their predecessors, especially when the modern era player is still active - hence an incomplete body of work. I would love to see Troy or even Ben move up to number one or two for their stellar play in Super Bowl victories 7 through 10.

So what do you think? I would do a poll, but I would probably screw it up.

Who doesn't belong on the list?

Who would you add in their place?

Is the whole idea of a Top 10 list stupid?

Is Mark Madden that big of an idiot?

Should George Atkinson be gagged with a dead Raven?

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