Steeler Spite or... ?

In an effort to be positive and non-conspiracy thinking, I was keeping this to myself for a few weeks.  After something I saw last night on the close of Monday Night Football, I have to offer this up.

Has the NFL singled out the Steelers even more than we realize?

My first indicator of undercover NFL actions was the week after Hines Ward made his "anti-eighteen week season" statement to the national press.  The following Sunday Night Game (or perhaps the 2nd Sunday after) during the SNF Opening (I've been waitin' all day for Sunday Night ...) the picture of Hines Ward was removed from the video montage.  The only regular Steeler picture in the montage was of Hines - there are several of the Manning bros and of course Brady Boy among others which are standard each and every week.  I thought this elimination was a bit strange, given the timing of Hines' coming out and when this change was made... and knowing that except for the sections of the montage ear-marked for the 'teams playing tonight' to be inserted, the editors don't have time to re-edit, adjust color timing, re-render all the digital effects and output the master video each week just for kicks.

The second indicator was the Monday Night Football closing montage of 12/27 (yesterday if you're not close to a calendar).  It was the last video played on-the-air before the tribute to Don Meredith. The montage piece was teasing the upcoming playoffs and included clips of all the AFC & NFC teams who had clinched playoff berths... except the Steelers.  This piece was obviously assembled this past weekend and probably tweeked up until the beginning of the actual MNF game.  Since the Steelers' game was on Thursday last week, there was no issue of 'not clinching a playoff berth' to cause elimination of the Steelers from this video-clip teaser.  Now I'll admit, I did blink once or twice during the teaser montage... I might have missed our Steelers' 1/30th of second of fame.

I know from being involved in the business and having actual knowledge & experience working on Monday Night Football (before it moved to ESPN), that all and any programming including or referencing the NFL, must be cleared and approved by the NFL - in other words, if NFL appears in the program, they screen and control the content... except for the portions allocated for local station insert content (local commercial & ID breaks).  That said, If the NFL wants a different picture, video clip, music, announcer, narrative text, color, etc..... they get it.  Even though NBC, CBS, FOX or ESPN produces the product and airs it, the program is the exclusive content of the NFL and any reproduction blah, blah, blah... we've all heard this on every broadcast but rarely ever listen to what it says.

Now that the NFL has their own television production facilities for several years (based here in Los Angeles), many of the these video pieces are pre-packaged by the NFL studios and supplied to the above mentioned networks. 

Therefore, If GODell wants to spite the Steelers, and have any reference to the Steelers removed, he can get it. 

Just wondering if I'm the only Black & Gold fan who has noticed this and is feeling the alleged bias to this extent.

Guess there is only one way to overcome it...  ... take it to the matresses!

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