Hump Day Mix Regular Season week 17: (Brownies and milk Thursday) Edition


Welcome back dudes and dudettes, for the final regular season chapter of the HDM mixery. My fellow BTSC’ers I am late on this HDM but for good reason…driving back through a blizzard last night from Nebraska and into Colorado wore me out (TWSS lol.). In this Epic Thursday edition Arn and I mix master Slash, tackle last week’s trampling of the southern cats, and give you insight on what is going to happen to the Brownies from Le Dawg Pound. I hope all of our followers here at BTSC had awesome festivities, and are gearing up for the New Years…now let’s get to the hump!


PixburghArn:  This game was just what I needed.  I needed a game that I can watch without being overly stressed.  I eat a little too much pork around Christmas and New Year.  I just don't like that combination; stress and pork.  Anyhow, I was a little concerned that it could have been a trap game, with a division rival coming up next.

Webslasher81: I can agree with Arnie on this one…this game was a stress reliever; it was like playing a high school JV team and loved every minute of it. I got drunk during this game, nothing new other than talking to PCI, "The Dude", 6, and Arn through texts…always a pleasure fellas!

How about the prediction from the Panther's game?

PixburghArn: I predicted that the Panthers would try to run the ball (no brainer) and try to hit big plays deep.  Well the INT by McFadden may have made then cool down on the big plays, but they did try.  I said they would be 100% in the Redzone and win by double digits.  I guess one out of two isn't bad in this case.

Webslasher81: I said Mike Wallace would have a big game 3 (td’s), although 1/3 of this is true, I didn’t hit the nail on the head other than the score I was off by one point. The Steelers won 27-3, I predicted 28-3 very close…please my fellow BTSC’ers if your reading this, don’t call my psychic hotline for advice…lol!

What are your predictions in the Browns game?

PixburghArn:  I predict that Ben will hit on midrange passes and open up the run game.  Then he will hit a couple of big plays.  In the end the Steelers will be running the ball to kill the clock.  Special Teams will keep the browns in it early but too much Ben will be the end of story.

Webslasher81: The Browns know they want to be the sore thumb; they want to ruin the party. It is going to be a closer game than you think. I believe Rush-hard has a spectacular day (23 carries 142 yds 2 tds.). The 2nd seed will be ours by the end of the day…Steelers 24 – Brownies 10.

How about those predicted standouts from the Panthers game?

PixburghArn: I said it would be Rush-hard on offense.  Can't say he stood out more than Wallace or Ben.  On defense I said it would be Deebo.  I would be willing to give that to Farrior.  Maybe even (gulp) Mundy.

Webslasher81: I said it would be Wallace, he didn’t do too bad of a job did he guys? Heh heh. And I believe I said Woodley on "D". Although he didn’t play a bad game I can also agree with Arn’s above statement.

What are your standouts for the Browns game?

PixburghArn:  It will be Big Ben on offense.  (256 yds. 3 TDs)  On defense it will be Deebo.  Deebo will have 2 FF and 2 sacks.  He will also have 2 tackles for loss.

Slash didn't poast our concerns for the last week so I can't speak on those.

Webslasher81: Rush-hard all day…(23-142-2). On "D" ah hell…I say B-MAC, (1 pick 2 sacks). Sorry Arn about the concerns notion…I was er…pressed for time lol.

What about the concerns for the browns week?

PixburghArn:  I am concerned that Cribbs will do the thing he does to us especially in games in Cleveland.  I am also concerned that Colt McCoy could scramble and make plays.  Just enough plays.  All of this combined adds up to my biggest concern.  The Browns could capitalize on our mistakes and stay close enough to pull one out.  

Webslasher81: I can agree with Arn, Cribbs is a beast on special teams. Colt McCoy has come into his own and since his last outing against us has fared quite well for a typical Browns QB. He has put up decent numbers in his rookie campaign. He gives me small goose bumps but none that would wake me into the night.

Cheerleader/International Hotties of the week:

PixburghArn: Since the Browns don't have cheerleaders I am just going to just choose a team and pick a hostess from there.  Wow, I say someone I liked and she just so happens to not be a pro yet.  She's got all the tools and she's number one on my draft board. I don't know her name but I know where to find her.  Please welcome my lovely hostess from UCLA.  And give her friends a hand as well.  


 Webslasher81: I can agree with you on this Arn  she is quite the looker…haha once again you put it to the test and for good reason my friend…I am going outside the bounds and am traveling down to Seminole Country meet…my trifecta! (Side note...who wants to roadtrip it with me to FLA.? lol.)




PixburghArn: I realized while I was cruising Africa that I missed the link from the Caribbean to Africa.  It's Cuba.  Cuba is an island of mostly mulattos.  They have strong African roots.  If you look at what’s in the trunk you can see there is still the African signature.  Meet my two Cuban beauties.  By the way fellas, they are mail-order brides.  HA!  I crack myself up.





 and Arn's 2nd pic (installed)...




Webslasher81: (Groan)…Arn I love ya my man…you sir are a master of your craft…Simply amazing as usual…This week’s travel guide brings me to Argentina…Muy Caliente!!! Say hello if your ever in the area too…Samay and her friend…Leesa.








Well Boys and girls…this wraps up the HDM regular season…I hope you have enjoyed Arn, 6’s, and I’s antics, and lovely eye candy! (Arn for some reason your pics wouldn't come up so I helped you out this week bro...) Tune in next week for the HDM Playoff Bye Week edition, as well as who we might be facing in 2 weeks. Have a happy NEW YEARS my friends…




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