Driveby Report: You Didn't Look for the Hair Edition


This had a chance to be a very bad weekend.  Wayne High School got homered by the Cleveland refs in the State finals.  I guess they forget these games are televised and they have evals that reflect on their standing.  If the Steelers would have lost with the Zebras showing their colors again last night, I would have been ready to do a Driveby at Foot Locker.  Anyhow, let's get this party started.  Put it in drive and lets get it poppin.

1. REDMAN:  Call it hype.  Call it silliness, but Redman is the Hero.  He is the only man to find the endzone on a drive starting inside Baltimore territory this year.  Add that to his legend. 

2. Ben:  The choices were Manning, Rivers and Ben.  Is there any doubt if we got the right one?  Has there ever been any doubt?  If you did doubt, last night should let you know Ben is Steelers steel through and through.  He was sporting a Club foot and broken nose.  It was like a scene out of Rocky.  Ben with the fatal blow after being beat up all night.

3. Troy:  You can make plays to try to victimize him all you want (as stated by the Ravens this week), but in the end he'll still find a way to make a splash.  Flacco, you were supposed to look for the hair, remember?

4. Deebo:  I read his lips after the Heath Miller HELMET TO HELMET contact injury.  He said, "That's effed up.  If it was me..." Then the camera went away from him.  You're right Deebo.  If it was you, there would have been a flag and they would be tallying up how much they are going to fine you.  Oh yeah, this just out:  He's good.  It's a tough race for defensive MVP on our team.  He rushes and gets sacks, tackles for losses and forced fumbles. He covers backs, tightends and wideouts.  Great job on a few 3rd downs!

5. Timmons: I think it was Rice that helped Flacco remain in the game.  Just a nudge or Flacco would have been peeling himself from the turf.

6. B-MAC: Know your role.  I mean, when he plays within the system he does well.  When he starts peaking and cheating, then he gets burnt.  The game in Pittsburgh he looked in the backfield and lost Houshmouth.  This game he went to cover a receiver that was triple covered (one of them was Troy) and left Boldin wide open.  His debacle could have been the difference.

7. Farrior:  The veteran is not only playing solid he is making huge plays. Man you have me scared last year and I admit I was a little down on you.  But I gave you a break because you put some weight on to be bigger. That must have been the problem.  Oh, don't do that again, ok?

8. Suisham: You gotta love this guy.  He's been clutch and he saved us from being punterless.  Man it felt good to see him hit that kick from 45 yards.  My son and I said, "If he would have been our kicker all year we'd probably be 2-0 against Baltimore this year."  It is what it is....

9. Wallace:  They find more and more ways they can get the ball to him.  I think someone was saying something about YAC.  It's hard to get YAC when you catch the ball in the endzone, but check out the YAC from last night.  If they keep playing 7-10 yards off of him you'll see more.  By the way, Wallace was overthrown but did you see him just glide past the DB?

10. Sanders and Brown:  The rookies had some good minutes and made from really nice catches.

11. Ward: Another huge drop.  We need Ward to be on.  While I like the rookies on the field, we need Ward's game as a whole.  He is a plus in the passing and running game.

12. Johnson:  I remember reports from camp that he dropped passes.  Last night he made some really nice plays in the receiving department.  I didn't pay much attention to his blocking.  That's unusual because I usually watch line play.

13. Meemo: I see ya.  The little bit I saw of Meemo was good stuff.  Showed a little toughness on the big 3rd down and made some key blocks.  I just had to throw that out there.

14. Flacco:  I remember all that yang about how Flacco has arrived to elite status and all that.  Yeah, about that.  You mean you can't complete a stinking 5 yard out pattern?   You turned the ball over again to lose the game.  Shut up Ravens fans.

15. Refs:  All you officials out there just be quiet for a sec.  I have officiated football and the more difficult basketball.  You can't tell me there is no bias when Baltimore can grab Ben's helmet to tackle him, hit him in the nose and spear Heath Miller with no flags thrown.  You tell me that if Harrison did any of that he wouldn't be flagged.

16. Blind side:  He got his hind side whooped.  Some of those false starts got called this time.  They did give him some help but Deebo got some jack for his drink from them too.

17. Zero:  The number of kick returns we had.  It kind of surprised me they didn't let Cundiff try to tie the game instead of going for it on 4th since he had plenty of leg to hit a 48 yarder.

18. This one is yours fire away.

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