Week 13 power rankings

Wow, what a week of football. This week the system will go:

Team (this week pct)(last week pct)(lw rank)

I will also include every teams quality wins and quality losses along with bad losses

Quality wins = wins vs teams over .500

Quality losses = losses vs teams over .500 by 14 points or less

Bad losses = losses vs teams under .400

Some explanations: The Falcons are rated ahead of the Steelers because in order for a 9-3 team to be ranked ahead of a 10-2 team they need the following (This also applies to 9-3 Jets ahead of 8-4 Ravens)

head to head win by 14 or more

SOS at least 15 ranks ahead of better team

Margin of Victory at leas 25% higher than better team

and more

1. New England Patriots (.998)(.997)(1)

quality wins = Dolphins, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers, Colts, Jets

quality losses = Jets              Bad losses= browns

2. Atlanta Falcons( .996)(.996)(2)

quality wins = saints, bucs, ravens, rams, packers, bucs

quality losses = eagles, steelers

3. Pittsburgh Steelers(.992)(.981)(4)

quality wins = falcons, bucs, dolphins, raiders, ravens

quality losses = ravens, saints, patriots

4. New Orleans Saints (.987)(.973)(6)

quality wins = steelers, bucs

quality losses = falcons             bad losses = cardinals, browns

5. Chicago Bears(.983)(.972)(7)

quality wins = packers, dolphins, eagles

quality losses = giants (by 14), seahawks           bad loss = redskins

6. New York Jets(.961)(.984)(3)

quality wins = patriots, dolphins

quality losses = ravens, packers            bad loss = patriots (by 42)

7. Baltimore Ravens(.960)(.979)(5)

quality wins = jets, steelers, dolphins, bucs

quality losses= patriots, falcons, steelers             bad loss = Bengals

8. Philadelphia Eagles (.957)(.925)(9)

quality wins = jaguars, falcons, colts, giants

quality losses = packers, bears           bad losses = redskins, titans

9. Green Bay Packers(.945)(.931)(8)

quality wins = eagles, jets

quality losses = ravens, dolphins, bears      bad loss = redskins

10. New York Giants(.940)(.916)(10)

quality wins = bears, jaguars

quality losses = eagles(by10)        bad losses = colts (by24), titans (by 19), cowboys (by 13)

The four losses the Gmen had were by a total of 66 points, Feast or Famine with them

11. Kansas City Chiefs(.909)(.908)(11)

quality wins = chargers, jaguars, seahawks

quality losses = colts, raiders         bad losses = denver (by20), houston

12. Jacksonville Jaguars(.895)(.803)(14)

quality wins = colts

quality losses = giants           bad losses = chargers (by25), Eagles (by25), Titans (by27), Chiefs(by22)

Not an impressive resume and in March Madness would be the worst bubble team ever.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.883)(.897)(12)

quality wins = rams

quality losses = falcons, ravens, falcons         bad losses = steelers(by25), Saints (by25)

14. San Diego Chargers(.801)(.815)(13)

quality wins = jaguars, colts

quality losses = chiefs, seahawks, raiders, rams, patriots     bad losses = raiders (by15)

15. Oakland Raiders(.800)(NR)(NR)

quality wins = rams, seahawks, chiefs, chargers, chargers

quality losses = none         bad losses = Titans, Cardinals, Texans, Niners, Steelers (by32), Dolphins (by16)

5 out of 6 wins were quality but all 6 losses were bad losses.

16. Miami Dolphins(.779)(.767)(16)

quality wins = packers, raiders

quality losses = jets, steelers          bad losses = patriots(by27), ravens(by16), bears(by16), Browns


Last Out: St. Louis Rams

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