Hump Day Mix regular season week 14 "Jinxy cat...Jinxy cat were are you?" Edition.

Well...well Princes and Princesses thanks for tuning in for another weekly hump edition from your favorite squires with the fire...Arnie, "The Wizard", and your favorite webslinger...this week's blast off is still ringing though the halls of greatness, as the trifecta break down our blood bath from last week with the Ravens as well as taking on another foe from the AFC North in the Cincy kitty cats...I hope as always fellow BTCS'ers, you enjoy our epic climb towards the peak of the season...we (i can honestly speak for the 3 of us here lol.) are grateful for your let's get to the mix and the savory eye candy!

PixburghArn:  Dude this was a trying weekend.  If the Steelers would have lost I would have called off because I was already stressed beyond belief.  Let me just say, "The Steelers saved me from a bad morning."  The Ravens and their fans can say all they want about the game being given away and all, but the best team won.   Something I realized, I don’t remember seeing Ed Reed in the game.  Well it’s Bengal week.  While most Bengals fans annoy me, I have a couple that talk smack even after they lose.  Guess what.  They are already starting up for this week.

count’em_six:  What a game.  I don’t think I appreciate Big Ben as much as I should.  Did anyone worry for one second that he’d come out of the game because of the broken nose?  I sure as hell didn’t.  I would have understood, but I wasn’t surprised one bit.  I also never felt that we were going to lose.  The score was close enough and in the back of my mind I’m assuming that Ben will lead us down the field one more time.  The dude may not put up the flashy numbers, but my God he can win some games.  I don’t hear any haters running Ben out of town anymore…interesting.  Haven’t heard them in a while actually.


Webslasher81: I actually thought I was going to have a coronary…went through my mind when the score was 10-6 and the Steelers were driving. Then I thought…"Here we go again…groan." Just Like Arnie and "The Wizard" have stated if the Steelers would of lost this game it would have been a bad week for me in the Springs…I was watching the game at the confines of a well know "Patriots" bar here in the springs called "The Fox and Hound" how fitting for a name…With my buddy Johnny "The Dude" Brewer (always a pleasure my friend, I hope that "Steeler Nation" lucha libre mask I gave you comes to good use haha!) makes, it was an epic game on all scales and how Ben made that last drive count as well as Taz force sacking/fumbling Fluke-o…the football gods all came to enjoy the show. I am very grateful that we are now the kings of the hill once again.

How about the predictions from the Ravens game?

PixburghArn:  I said the key to the game would be pressure.  I said Ben would have enough available to score if he had a little time.  For the most part that was true.  He found away to move the ball and get those two field goals.  This kept the game within a TD for the win.  I also said if Flacco is pressured he will turn the ball over.  Pressure at the end of the game and the turnover happens.  I also said the Steelers would be the first to score a TD on the Ravens this year on a drive starting in their territory.  Not that it makes a difference but I forgot to add after a turnover.  The way I wrote it made it sound like after a return, but the Steelers are the first to score a TD on the Ravens this year on a drive starting in their territory after a turnover.  I got the spread right, but the score was a little high and there were no big returns for us in the game.

count’em_six:  How ironic I predicted a penalty laden game, when in reality it was just the opposite.  Our QB gets his nose broken by a blow to the face and our TE (while truly defenseless) was lit up, yet no penalty on either.  Can some explain that to me?  It was effing infuriating.  I predicted 5 sacks, and there were 4.  I also predicted a pick to Troy , but the FF was just as nice.  My man is back!!  Maybe LeBeau has been using him differently until now because his Achilles was still bothering him.  Who knows?  Loved seeing him at the LOS.  Keep it coming.  I don’t remember Harbaugh crying a lot, but I’m sure he was still wetting his pants…the cameras just didn’t pick it up.  Anyway, got the Ravens score right with 10, but thought we’d put up a bit more than 13…predicted 24.

Webslasher81: "Team effort" that’s what I predicted…and the pieces of the puzzle all came together at the right times…once again we played 2 teams for the third straight week in a row and this is becoming an annoying trend…I am going to make a side poast on this subject into petitioning Roger Goof-dell to resign right after the season/playoffs/Super Bowl comes to a close. Who’s with me?

What are your predictions for the Bengals game?

PixburghArn:  Wallace will have 100+ yards, but Rush-hard will have 2 big TDs.  The passing game will get some chunks on early downs, but the running game will set the tempo.  In the second half you’ll see the emergence of the young bucks (Brown and Sanders) again.   One of them will add a TD.  Turnovers will kills the Bengals and time will run out on a late come back for them.  Steelers 31-24.

count’em_six:  The Bengals offense is ranked 22nd in the league in total yards/game.  Couple that with playing at Heinz and we’re looking at a shutout.  Palmer will most definitely throw 1 or 2 picks and the defense will get on the board in this one.  This game will not even be close.  We are not looking at last year’s team ladies and gentlemen.  We’re winning games we should be this go ‘round.  Oh and the Bengals defense is ranked 20th in yards allowed.  We’re putting up 28 and Suisham will have yet to kick a FG at Heinz.  No late comeback this week, Arn.  28-0.

Webslasher81: As bruised and battered as we are, coming away with a "W" from the Ratbirds game…I feel very confident that BB will come out pissed with his "two-facedesque" persona, (20-25 attempts, 217 yards 3 tds.) Troy P. WILL pick off Palmer 2 times this game…we steamroll the hapless Bungels 31-10. Side note: Marvin Lewis will be fired after we tromp them again for the 2nd time this year.

How about those standout predictions?

PixburghArn:  I said Sanders would have a big game and we would have if he would have gotten up and gone in to the endzone.  I said 4 catches and 1 TD, but he had 3 for 49.  They were big catches.  None were bigger than the 28 yarder to the 2 yardline.  I did however say that Ben would be the standout.  I would have to say he was.  He was a warrior Sunday and I give him the honor for that.  He fought hard and made crucial plays in the pinch.  He also threw a horrible pass into triple coverage on 2nd down, but I forgive him.  I said Timmons on defense, but it was Troy .  Can’t win them all.

 count’em_six:  I predicted Ward to step up this week (as he normally does in big games), but my man disappointed with 1 catch for 13 yards…and a key drop.  S’all good Hines, you’ll come back this week.  I ain’t mad atcha.  I also said Heath would have a serviceable game with 50+ yards, but he only had 1 catch as well.  May or may not have contributed more if that hit never happened.  Imagine that…2 catches between Ward and Miller and we still win the game.  That’s a testament to our D obviously (keeping the score low), but also to other folks getting involved on O.  Does anyone seriously miss Holmes?  If so, please state your case.  Notice how even while the Jets were getting bent over last night, he still took the time to beat his chest on first downs.  Nope, don’t miss him.  I predicted Harrison to stand out on D, but it was most definitely Troy that took the prize in that department.  Thought Silverback would record a sack, but no such luck.  Certainly not a DPOW, but he did get a hit on Dork…which was nice.

Webslasher81: Once again I predicted…the "Team" would rise to the occasion on a couple of big plays and to say that I didn’t predict this correctly would be a slap in the face. Lol. From Troy’s death defying play, BB’s unnerving will to play though pain, to sheer raw power of Redman rumbling, stumbling and bumbling into the enzone…speaks volumes of this team.

How about the standouts for the Bengals game this week?

PixburghArn:  Rush-hard will be the man on offense with 100+ yards and 2 TDs.  On defense James Harrison’s stat lien will look something like this, 2 sacks, FF, INT and 2 PD.

count’em_six:  We’re definitely going to be sustaining drives with our run game this week.  That’s not to say Ben won’t get his numbers.  Give the offensive game ball to Wallace for 125 yards and 2 TDs on 6 catches.  Defensive game ball goes to Keisel.  Having come back from hamstring injuries, that first time back out on the field is always relatively tentative.  You don’t quite trust your body yet.  Well now he knows his wheel is good to go.  We’re gonna see the bow and arrow this week folks.  Book it.

Webslasher81: BB tears up the show, (20-25 attempts, 217 yards 3 tds.). Troy P. let’s his hair fly 2 picks 2 sacks…and a whole lot of head and shoulders for the losers…haha!

What are your concerns for this week?

PixburghArn:  I am concerned that the Bengals may target B-Mac.  B-Mac can hold his own if he doesn’t try to do too much, but the thought of him peaking in the backfield when T.O. is streaking down the sideline concerns me.  I’m also concerned about what the line is going to look like, because Bengals have been able to pressure Ben the last two years.

count’em_six:  Oddly enough, I’m not worried about our secondary this week.  Our front 7 will take pressure off.  I think McFadden (hopefully) learned his lesson on looking off receivers.  He’ll be ok.  TO will put up decent numbers and Chad Johnson will be mostly silent.  My concern once again is injuries.  At what point does it stop?  Every damn game someone goes down.  I know that’s part of it, but it’s excessive this year.  Now our punter…really?  This week the water boy goes down with a torn ACL, MCL and PCL.  That’ll teach him to jump over the bench to service Casey Hampton.  Tee’d that one up for you people…

Webslasher81: The "O" line…and if H-E-A-T-H can play. God I hope he does…those damn refs should rot in hell for not throwing that flag after that hit, as well as the bat to the face from Nagata to BB.

Cheerleader hostess of the week:

PixburghArn:  I want you all to meet Jenni, a young lady that is near and dear to my heart.  I actually got to spend a little time with her.  She told me if I had any other friends that were Steeler fans I could give them her number.  It’s 867-5309.



count’em_six:  This is Tiffany.  Not the 80’s/early 90’s pop star (not hatin’).  She was my maid before I got her the job with the Bengals.  Always insisted on wearing the bikini and heels.  I pleaded with her to stop, but to no avail.  She gave me that pic as a thank you for hooking her up.  Silly girl…

Bengalstiffany_medium Webslasher81: Wow…guys I am speechless…well here we go…this is the lovely, Alysha…






International hostess of the week:

PixburghArn:  I like to play in the southern hemisphere, so I chose to go to dark continent.  I’m sure many of you don’t know about the sweet treasures of Africa .  I love the spice of South America, but they don’t come sweeter than the sculptured beauties of Africa .  I’m going to start you out slow, because I don’t want your sugar to get too high.  Micaela is pleased to show you her rated G picture.



count’em_six:  Nice belt high fastball Arn.  I like the southern hemisphere too.  Natalia here from Russia has a beautiful southern hemi.  I took this picture at the apartment I was living in while the West Wing of my estate was being reconstructed.  Those grapes were delicious.



Webslasher81: Oooof…low blow guys low blow…lol…I gotta have to go Austrailian outback on this mutha! Meet the scrumptious…Lara Bingle.



 Well...fellow humpers, this wraps up another week...of the HDM mixery, I hope all of you enjoyed the show, tune in next week when you get an insiders report from us 3 (b/c we will be at the game lol.) HDM's very own tailgater mixoff when we take on Jabba the Hutt's "Gang Green", at the Ketchup bottle.
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