Low-Key Possible FA Pickups

Reading the recent Daily Sixpack and going through the link of all possible free agents for this year, a couple of guys caught my eye. Obviously none of these are very likely because the Steelers have never been big in Free Agency; and obviously none of these guys are what you would call "marquee" players, but here's a list of a few possible guys the Steelers might have their eye on.


1. Daunte Culpepper QB, Lions

If Charlie Batch retires or isn't resigned, we'll need another QB behind Ben. A lot of you might not like this because Dennis Dixon played admirably against Baltimore last year, but I feel like this would be a lot like the Byron Leftwich pickup of '08. Culpepper played well against us this past year with Detroit and in my opinion should've started ahead of rookie Matt Stafford. I personally would prefer signing a veteran QB that could not only give Ben a fresh perspective but help also tutor Dennis Dixon during the week. The Lions will probably like to keep Culpepper to do just that with Stafford, but Culpepper might be looking to sign with a competitor for his final few years.


2. Leon Washington RB, Jets

This is my only pickup that you might call "marquee". Washington had a great couple years in New York, and would've cashed in big if he hadn't gotten injured. But, since he did break his leg this past year, the big payday likely wont come. In a very thin RB crop, Washington is one of the few proven players so this is probably least likely to happen, but I like the move because he has proven to be a great change-of-pace back and a great return man. He could fill the shoes of Willie Parker and Stefan Logan with just one roster spot.


3. Alge Crumpler TE, Titans

Crumpler could be the odd man out in Tennessee. The Titans have a decent #1 guy in Bo Scaife and love their 2nd year man Jared Cook. He might not be looking for much of a payday which leads me to believe the Titans might try to keep all 3, but if Crumpler wants playing time he might opt to go to a different team. Many of us have questioned Matt Speath as a real receiving threat behind Heath Miller, and Crumpler might be able to better fill the shoes of a receiving TE than Speath. I remember him and Mike Vick torching us back in '06 when we played the Falcons, and he's always been a decent run blocker as well.


4. Chad Clifton LT, Packers

Clifton has battled injuries and is definitely past his prime, but if he can stay healthy he'd be a great pickup for depth at OT. He's protected Brett Favre and Aaron Rodger's blind sides for his entire career and done it well, but injuries have held him back recently. If the Packers let him walk and look to fill his shoes elsewhere, Clifton might just retire. But if he doesn't, I wouldn't mind bringing him in as a vet backup to provide depth and possibly help Max Starks with some mechanics.


5. Larry Foote ILB, Lions

This is one a lot of people have been talking about, and I've grown to like the idea. At first I was sure Foote would like to get a chance to start somewhere else if the Lions let him walk, but the more I think about it the more I think Foote might be ok with returning to the Steelers in a backup role. God knows we could use the depth at linebacker and special teams, and Foote might just want to grab a 3rd (and 4th?) ring before he retires.


6. Derrick Burgess DE, Patriots

The Patriots will be continuing their youth movement on defense I think, so Burgess might be available. If he is he'd be a good veteran presence with experience in the 3-4. Our Dline is pretty old already, and we would probably rather keep Kirschke than bring in someone new. But on the off-chance we need some extra depth Burgess might help.



Like I said clearly the Steelers aren't big Free Agency players but these are just a few guys that caught my eye who might be able to help. If nothing else it should be good conversation...  (how far away is the draft again?)

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