Non-Football: Hip Hop Music as an artform


A while back, whomever was doing the series on "songs that get you pumped" a person or two insinuated that rap or hip hop was below other genre's when it came to music as an artform.  I don't even remember who said this, so I won't call names out even if I was interested in that, but it did rub me the wrong way.  I consider myself an avid hip hop enthusiast and the goal of this post is to show you that if you dig above the surface of cookie cutter radio garbage, you can find a great many talented artists that chose to make this genre the home of their creativity and wordplay.  Even if you aren't a fan of hip hop, I recommend listening to my selections as I think you will be quite surprised.

Pre-warning: some of these songs will be considered "vulgar", but they will not be offensive, unless simple cursing offends you.  This post will also include exactly 0% Lil' Wayne, so no fear.  Now that that's out of the way, turn-on, tune in, and drop out.



Sage Francis - Escape Artist Video (via strangefamousrecords)

 This is one of my favorite white rappers.  One of the things I respect most about this artist is despite being the minority in this genre, you can feel his confidence on the microphone.  I also dig that this guy has got a huge beard and looks like he should be strumming on a guitar like Dallas Green.  Sage Francis also has remarkable flow, making all of his words fit perfectly together.  He is highly intelligent and isn't shy to show it in his vocabulary



2pac Feat Nas - Thugz Mansion(Acoustic Nas Extended Version) (via soulnmusic)

 .This is definitely in my top 5 of best hip hop songs ever.  This song is supposed to be Tupac's vision of heaven, and the song talks for itself.





Eminem: Sing For The Moment (lyrics) (via SparkyPhantom)

 I personally consider Eminem to be the greatest rapper to live, despite the fact most of the public chastises him for being too vulgar or too immature.  Sometimes, that's just the way you are.  But it's the songs like this that make him the greatest rapper ever.  In this song he discusses the radical change it goes to being one of those broke miserable kids to being one of the people that those kids listen to and what that actually means.  The motif of fame not being all its cracked up to be shows up in a lot of his songs, and the irony that he has exactly what he's wanted but it still sucks obviously troubles him because he continues to rap about it.  Eminem has one of the best flows in the history of hip hop and his emphasis/wording always changes to adapt to the mood or the beat of the song.


Only a few more songs, so that I don't bore you with too many, an eager up and comer:


FUCK THE MONEY- B.O.B ft Asher roth (Produced by Kanye west) (via Aimzl.

b.o.b. is one of the best new rappers out there, and he is always speaking his mind.  He hates the way hip hop is now, always bashes the radio, and just makes music the only way he knows how.  Another video showing you his mindset thats not really a song

13-B.o.B-2010(May 25th) (via StreetzBeatzEnt)


Asher Roth - A Millie Remix (via Shade4515)

 Anyone remember that annoying "I love college song"?  Who woulda thunkit:  that toolbag can actually rap.  And he's damned good.  Anyone remember that annoying Wayne song, a milli?  Well listen to a 10x better version, making fun of wayne in some parts.  Who can't enjoy that?



 I hope I've been a gracious host and that I've opened your mind to what I consider one of the most intensely creative fields of expression.

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