7 Round Mock Draft

I'm pretty sure most of you remember a few months ago I participated in a similar thing over at MTD and we did another post combine 7 rounder.

For the uninitiated we get a fan from each team to represent and act as a GM for the team and we run a draft with a 5 minute time limit for picks.

Anyway I thought I would post my picks and see what you all thought.

(I was away for the first 2 rounds so I got Steel in FL to draft for me, good job man)


1. Sean Witherspoon Missouri ILB

Spoon can play both OLB and ILB for us, he could well be the starter at MLB who replaces Potsie, he brings a much needed swagger and leadership to a defense that was severely lacking in that category in 2009. All the coaches and scouts have raved about his ability to read the game of football and he is as good of a physical specimen at the ILB position as I have seen in a long time, clearly loves the weight room and the film room. A great all round prospect who could soon be the pick for best LB in the draft. Good Pick by Steel in FL

2. Morgan Burnett Georgia Tech FS

The eventual replacement for aging Ryan Clark, not the ballhawk I would like out of a FS but good enough hands and instincts to be a very good FS in this league, the best thing about him is his ability to fight the bigger WR's for the ball aswell as his impressive game speed, the bigger receivers we played last year caused us more problems than smaller faster guys. Should be a starter by year 3.

3. John Jerry Ole Miss G

Potential Starter for 2010, he is a massive guard built like a Chris Kemoeautu type player  who I think could be the anchor we have been lacking at RG since the decline of Kendall Simmons. A solid player, probably won't become a Faneca but as I stated should be an anchor to the O-Line along with Kemo and Max Starks.

4. Trevard Lindley Kentucky CB

The pick here for me was between Lindley and Alterraun Verner, I decided that as we already have our starting CB's lined up aswell as certain other backups (Willie Gay hopefully as a nickel back) and then we take a guy with massive upside who can maybe develop into a starter, was often listed as a first rounder before a poor senior season, could well develop into a starter in the league.

5. Vince Oghobasse Duke DE

I know we have our 2 young guys in Sunny Harris and Ziggy Hood, but we need both depth and there is a strong likelihood that Harris fails as he was just a 6th rounder, I see this pick as just us doubling our chances with another DE. Oghobasse was a force on the Dline at duke, he provided an very strong interior push without many other playmakers on the Defense, Stout against the run too.

6. Joe Pawelek Baylor ILB

This guy is part of my master plan and overhaul of the linebackers in Steeltown. We currently have our 2 OLBs of the future in Timmons and Woodley, those 2 can play for a good ten years on the edge and wreak havoc, that leaves us at a crossroads at the ILB position, we need youth, Farrior is going to retire in 2011 (hopefully, i hate to see him decline) and Foote and Fox aren't long term solutions. Witherspoon can hopefully take over the Mack position of our defense and be a vocal leader and playcaller as he was at Mizzou and then Pawelek can literally become a carbon copy of Larry Foote, a great run stuffer who is also a very good zone cover guy (6 ints in 2009).

7. John Conner Kentucky FB

BRUCE ARIANS FIRED AS STEELERS OC AND JOSH ROBERTS IS PLUGGED IN AND FINALLY GETS A FB! Seriously though, we need to have a good FB on the team not some converted TE, we get a real FB who can block, run if needed and catch the odd dump pass out of the backfield to stop BB getting destroyed so often.


DeMarcus Granger Oklohoma NT 

Granger, the guy who was once recruited above such players as Ndamukong Suh and BJ Raji. The talent is clearly there, however the personality and the body just aren't. Misses too much time because of injuries and was convicted or shoplifting his freshman year. A total flier on him.

John Estes Hawaii C 

A guy who can challenge for a PS place during camps and possibly win a roster spot one day, may develop into a good starter down the road but will most likely be just a PS player at best.

DaMon Cromartie Smith UTEP SS

Purely a projection on his bloodline and his stats, only ever seen one game of his but he runs like a CB and hits like a LB, 200+ tackles in the last 2 years, could be a very very good SS backup.

Ryan Perriloux Jacksonville State QB

The highly touted LSU recruit who was meat to be a more athletic version of Jamarcus Russell who has an attitude problem and was kicked out of LSU and went to Jacksonville State where he became a monster, however it could just be because he is so talented and didn't need to try to beat FCS schmucks.

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