Non Football Related; Best Music Movies

With apologies to our NW brother SteelFever for stealing his theme I am posting my favorite music movie thread. Feel free to chime in as I am always looking for a good "Rock" movie. This post is inspired by SteelFever's movie posts, all the music video's posted by Cold Old the last few days and the movie "The Runaway's" that I saw a couple weeks back. So without further delay and in no particular order;

1) Purple Rain...Prince, Apollonia, Morris Day etc recreate the MN music scene in the 80s. Prince shows that he is not only an extraordinary musician but also a writer and producer. If you went to University of Pittsburgh in the 80s and hung around "The Sanctuary" this movie was almost life.

2) 8 Mile; Eminem's "Purple Rain" which introduced Marshall Mathers to many who did not follow hip hop and rap. RIP Brittney Murphy.

3) Eddie & The Cruisers I; Any music fan who ever hung around the Rock N Roll bars on the Jersey shore would have to appreciate this movie. Springsteen sound a like John Cafferty supplied the soundtrack and Michael Pare' supplied the forearms. The movie was so cool many people thought Eddie Wilson was a real Rocker who died.

4) La Bamba; True story of San Fernando Valley rock legend Richie Valenzuela aka Richie Valens. What a great job by Lou Diamond Phillips. I always yell at Richie not to get on the plane with Buddy Holly. Bad idea Richie!

5) The Buddy Holly Story; Probably insane Gary Busey's best role ever. The music was fantastic in this one.

6) Great Balls Of Fire; Dennis Quade did great Jerry Lee Lewis. Just google any Jerry Lee performance from 1957 and tell me Quade wasn't dead on in his performance. Also got to love Winona Ryder as his 13 year old cousin/bride.

7) Cadillac Records; Recent flick in which Jeffrey Wright, Mos Def and Beyonce add great performances as 50s blues/rock legends Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Etta James. Highly recommend this flick if you want to learn about the Chicago blues scene in the 40s and 50s.

8) Streets Of Fire; Another Michael Pare' flick where he isn't the rock star. He saves kidnapped rocker Diane Lane (sexy!) who is tied to a bed by awesome actor Willem DaFoe. The title was taken from a Springsteen song and Diane Lane's (Ellen Aim) voice was actually that of Face To Face (10, 9, 8) singer Laurie Sargent.

9) Light Of Day; Another Springsteen song title named this movie. Joan Jett starred with Michael J Fox as a brother/sister rock band. Jett's rendition of the Springsteen penned Light Of Day is awesome.

10) The Runaway's; Speaking of Jett, she was a 16 year old San Fernando Valley rocker chick that teamed up with Lita Ford and Cherie Currie and formed one of the first all girl rock bands. Their music spurred the likes of Lita, Jett and The Bangles. Good flick and loved seeing the Valley in the 70s. It's a long day livin' in Reseda.

11) The Five Heartbeats; What great music. What a great story. featuring the R&B sounds of The Dells this Robert Townsend penned flick is a must see for any R&B fans.

12) The Song Remains The Same; Led Zeppelin's concert movie starts out with the band landing at Greater Pittsburgh Airport. They are met by Pittsburgh's finest (those who weren't at Winchell's) and routed down the Parkway towards Pittsburgh. Once the music starts you are inside Madison Square Garden. Rock N Roll, Stairway, No Quarter...WOW. Never got to see Zep as their 78 show in Pittsburgh was canceled because Plant's child died crib death and then the 80 show was canceled because of Bonzo's death. This was as close as I ever got to seeing these 4 legends play together. Pass the bong.

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