Rolando is a waste in 1st. dont need ILBs or even DEs.


I just thought instead of the naysayers finding multiple threads to discuss this on they can bring the discussion here. It has been well documented over the last week on every thread that I HEARTILY disagree with picking Rolando McClain in the 1st as we DO NOT need any ILBs.

I have also stated we do NOT need any defensive line players. I have also stated our real needs are Offensive line and Secondary.

I am willing to discuss this further here. You will see below that others feel the same as myself. It just plain makes sense to go after CB S and OL. Even now with WR becoming an issue we need to still address those needs first and formost.

Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Antwaan Randle El, Arnaz Battle, and possibly limas sweed improving are enough to get us to the superbowl.

If we improve the O Line and draft an RB to complement Mendenhall or if we get leon washington to do that.....then we will have a balanced attack to move forward. It will be nice to draft a cool WR prospect in the 3rd rd but the top  of draft should STILL address secondary and o line.


You will find below the quote that has actually summed up my position on this all along.....great minds think alike.



Other than that though, this roster's just about set. Another RB would be nice, but that can be found late in the draft or in the vast pool of undrafted free agent rookies. Between the quartet of Joe Burnett, Keenan Lewis, Will Allen and William Gay, there's plenty of #3-6 type DBs. Like I said, another #1 or #2 CB would be nice, but it's not depth that's lacking. Same along the offensive line. A top tier talent is needed, but there's plenty of capable, if not outstanding, bodies already on the depth chart. It's quality - supreme, Steelers type quality - that we need, not quantity. We got quantity last year when we retained every last one of our draft picks.

What about at the linebacker and defensive line positions? Well, we're stacked at ILB. In fact, one of the many subplots I'm already fascinated by for the 2010 season is how Dick LeBeau will rotate Farrior, Timmons, Fox and Foote. That's a rowdy foursome of hard hitting athletes clogging gaps and patrolling the middle of the field. At OLB, yes, an extra body might be nice. The Steelers have been fortunate that both James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley have remained injury free for almost all of the past two seasons. An injury to either one of them would hurt, for sure, though perhaps LeBeau plans to at least prepare Timmons for such a situation by rotating him in sparingly on the outside. That said, it's ridiculous to think that the Steelers will use a 1st or 2nd round draft pick on an OLB in the next two or three years while Woodley and Harrison are balling all over the place in tandem.

The defensive line? Do we need depth? I'm not sure we do really. Let's start with what we know. The triumvirate of Casey Hampton, Brett Keisel and Aaron Smith are all returning in 2010. All are over the age of 30, but Keisel in particular showed that age is no thing with him. He was lively all season long, and in my opinion, had his best season as a pro on defense (his 2006 season was arguably better if you consider his contributions on special teams that year; he didn't appear on many ST units in '09). We know what to expect out of Hampton and Chris Hoke. Between the two of them, it's a slam dunk that it will once again be next to impossible to run up the middle against the Steelers defense. Aaron Smith is a bit of a question mark. On the one hand, it's impossible to ignore his track record of durability. Only twice has he not played in all 16 games since 2000, his second year in the league. In 2007 and 2009 though, Smith was lost for the season with arm related injuries. In 2007 he tore his bicep against the New England Patriots. A somewhat fluky injury for sure. Last season he tore his rotator cuff and was shelved for the year after just five games. Rotator cuffs can be tricky to recover from, but I suppose it's good he sustained the injury as early as he did last season, giving him ample time to recover and rehabilitate before putting ridiculous levels of pain and discomfort on it again come opening day next fall.

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