Hypothetical Trade Situation (Not Anyway Related to Big Ben)


So we all know about the Santonio Holmes trade. We all know the Steelers' FO got what they could in the short period of time they tried to trade him. BUT what if Holmes never had that last positive drug test, what would the Steelers been able to get for him?

Here's the hypothetical situation: Let's say the result from Holmes' positive drug test isn't going to come back for another month or two & nobody knows about this information. The whole glass throwing incident? Pretend it blew over last week with the police concluding the girl was just lying about who threw the glass. The twitter comments still happened & all of holmes' past adventures with the police still occurred. But the Steelers in their wisdom decide it's time to part ways with the Super Bowl MVP before this draft.

In this situation, The Steelers HAVE to trade Holmes even if you don't think they'll get what he's really worth. They could posture that they won't trade Holmes unless they get a "fair" offer, but regardless they'll take the best offer out there. Holmes still only has 1 year left on his contract, but obviously a team could offer an extension but there is no guarantee Holmes will take it if he doesn't like the team. The Steelers also refuse to let Holmes and his agent talk to a team to pre-negotiate an extension with that new team before being traded (something Boldin & Marshall both were able to do).

So you know what the market for wide receivers are, here are the list of the top WR trades the past 3 years. I also included the player stats, age, and number of games played.

2010: Brandon Marshall traded for a 2010 2nd rd pick & 2011 2nd rd pick.
09: 15 Games (suspension) 101 Rec 1,120 yards 10 TD
08: 15 games (team punishment) 104 Rec 1,265 yards 6 TD
07: 16 games 102 Rec 1,325 yards 7 TD
Age: 26
Extra Info: 08& 09 Probowl appearances. Questions about work ethic, being a team player, and on/off-the-field problems including numerous arrests & 4 games worth of suspensions (counting preseason).

Anquan Boldin traded for 2010 3rd & 4th rd picks.
09: 15 games (injury. he also missed 2 playoff games due to injuries) 84 Rec 1,024 yards 4 TD
08: 12 games (injuries. missed a playoff game due to injury) 89 Rec 1,038 yards 11 TD
07: 12 games (injuries) 71 Rec 853 yards 9 TD
He turns 30 in October.
Extra Info: '03, '06, & '08 Probowl appearances. Complained about his contract for consecutive years 2 years after signing it. Showed great team dedication by coming back quickly from an injury, but showed an inability to tell when he couldn't play due to injuries & was seen arguing with his OC when taken out of a game due to his injuries.

2009: Midseason Braylon Edwards traded for Chancey Stuckey (WR), Jason Trusnik (LB), 2010 5th & 3rd rd picks.
09 before trade: 4 games 10 Rec 139 Yards 0 TD
08: 16 games 55 Rec 873 Yards 3 TD
07: 16 games 80 Rec 1,289 yards 16 TD
06: 16 games 61 Rec 884 yards 6 TD
He was 26.
Extra Info: 07 Probowl appearance. He was rumored to be involved with an altercation with Lebron James' friend a few days before the trade.

2008: Midseason Roy Williams traded for 2009 1st, 3rd, & 6th rd picks.
08 before trade: 5 games 17 Rec 232 yards 1 TD
07: 12 games (injuries) 64 Rec 838 yards 5 TD
06: 16 games 82 Rec 1,310 yards 5 TD
05: 13 games (injuries) 45 Rec 687 yards 7 TD
He would turn 27 in December.
Extra Info: 06 Probowl appearance.

2007: Randy Moss traded for a 2007 4th rd pick.
06: 13 games (injuries) 42 Rec 553 yards 3 TD
05: 16 games 60 Rec 1,005 yards 8 TD
04: 13 games (injuries) 49 Rec 767 yards 13 TD
Was 30 years old.
Extra Info: '98, '99, '00, '02, '03 Probowl appearances. Questions about his level of effort, being a team player and other on/off field issues including a run-in with the law, issue with marijuana possession, and an incident where he left a game before it was over because he thought the team would lose.

Darrell Jackson traded for a 2007 4th rd pick.
06: 13 games (injuries) 46 Rec 497 yards 3 TD
05: 6 games (injuries) 38 Rec 482 yards 10 TD
04: 16 games 87 Rec 1,199 yards 3 TD
Was 28 at the time
Extra Info: Was skipping off-season workouts because he was unhappy about his contract and didn't feel he was one of the "GM's guys."

Mid season Chris Chambers was traded for a 2007 2nd rd pick.
07: 6 games 31 Rec 415 yards 0 TD
06: 16 games 59 Rec 677 yards 4 TD
05: 16 games 82 Rec 1,118 yards 11 TD
04: 15 games (injury) 69 Rec 898 yards 7 TD
He was 29 at the time.
Extra Info: '05 Probowl appearance.

Santonio Holmes
09: 16 games 79 Rec 1,248 yards 5 TD
08: 15 games (suspension) 55 Rec 821 yards 5 TD
07: 13 games (injuries) 52 Rec 942 yards 8 TD
He is 26
Extra Info: 08 Super Bowl MVP. Off the field issues including marijuana possession but seemed to keep it off the field.

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