BTSC 2010 NFL Mock Drafts : Updated 04/19 (7 round edition)

So here it is my fellow Steeler faithful, my 7-round mock draft. Barring anymore pre-draft trades, I'm done with the 2010 draft. Let me spoil the surprise, or lack thereof, I don't have the Steelers taking a Cornerback until the 6th round. Yes I can hear the boos now. Anyhow, I look forward to your questions, comments, and conversations.


1. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma
Team needs: QB/WR/CB/DE/OLB
What the Rams need most is a QB especially after cutting Marc Bulger. The word around the rumor mill is that they are enamored with Sam Bradford after his pro day, so unless they hit a snag during contract negotiations or make some blockbuster trade for a QB this selection is not going to change to Ndamukong Suh, who would be the favorite if they do not select a QB. They have a lot of holes to fill in the later rounds and will need targets for whoever they get to play QB for them next season as well as OLB’s and DB’s for a defense that was absolutely awful last season.

2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska
Team needs: OT/CB/SS/RB/WR
Trading a fifth round pick for Rob Sims seems to have changed the face of this draft. Personally even with the addition of Sims, which means that Backus will not move to LG, I think they should still draft Russell Okung because Jeff Backus is an awful LT. They paid Matt Stafford 40 million guaranteed and it would be nice if he were more than just a floor mat for opposing defenses to wipe their feet on. Here’s an interesting article that explains exactly how I feel about it, if only I could put my thoughts into coherent expression like that. The faith the team seems to have in Backus may indeed be a smoke screen but at this point I doubt it. The Lions seem to have interest in trading back to acquire more picks so someone looking to pay a ransom for Suh may entice the team to move off of this pick.  

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma
Team needs: DT/WR/DE/CB/SS
After weeks of hope that Suh would be available to them the Bucs are now stuck with the consolation prize of Gerald McCoy thanks to the Seahawks trading Rob Sims to the Lions. While they may be a little disappointed many feel that McCoy is a more complete player. What the team has lacked is a pass-rush and McCoy’s skills in that regard are superior to Suh’s. Trading back with a pick this high isn’t really much of an option as other teams will not want to pay the amount of guaranteed money expected to a top 3 pick.

4. Washington Redskins: Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma State
Team needs: OT/QB/OG/OLB/OC
Wow I never would have guessed that the Eagles would trade Donovan McNabb to a division rival. Regardless, now the Redskins can focus on filling their number one need which is for offensive linemen, particularly a franchise LT. Mike Shanahan is a big fan of athletic tackles for his zone blocking scheme so he will be ecstatic that Okung is available.  As long as he’s on the board when the Redskins pick I can see any other player being given much consideration.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
Team needs: OT/NT/OLB/WR/Safety
Matt Cassell needs a LT that will give him enough time to throw the ball down field. KC spent a lot of money on Cassell and it would be nice if they got a return on their investment. It would also allow them to move 2008 1st round pick Brandon Albert to LG, his natural position, or RT since it doesn't seem like he can make it playing on the left side. Moving Albert to LG means they could slide Brian Waters to center and really solidify that line. GM Scott Pioli is big on positional value, which is why he reached for Tyson Jackson over Aaron Curry last year, so even though Berry is an elite talent I don’t think he is a real option here as some may think he might be. As Peter King of SI has reported, Pioli does not like the idea of drafting a Safety with a top 5 pick. And in the last 20 years only one Safety has been picked in the top 5 of the draft (Sean Taylor).

6. Seattle Seahawks: Eric Berry S, Tennessee
Team needs: OT/DE/QB/DT/WR
Seattle needs a pass-rushing talent and a franchise LT so Derrick Morgan and Trent Williams may be options here but I can’t see them passing on an elite talent like Berry. Berry is an Ed Reed clone and ran a 4.4 40 and posted a 43in vertical at the combine which can only solidify himself as a top player if there were any doubts. You have to love the kid’s swagger when he makes a statement like “you better pick me or I’ll pick you” with regards to any team that might pass on him in the draft. If Okung or even Bulaga were available they would probably go for either of them, but given Bruce Campbell’s injury history, Anthony Davis’ reputation as being inconsistent, and Trent Williams’ struggles on the left side they will go for Berry instead. I gave serious consideration to giving them Jimmy Clausen but I believe that they actually believe Charlie Whitehurst is a future franchise QB.

7. Cleveland Browns: Jimmy Clausen QB, Notre Dame
Team needs: QB/FS/OLB/ILB/WR
Cleveland needs help everywhere except for LT where they have Joe Thomas. Holmgren has stated that he isn’t overly impressed with Clausen but I suspect that may just be posturing so that the Bills won’t jump a head of them to take him. Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme are not quality starting QB’s and even though the Browns are paying Delhomme 7mil a year it’s only a short-term contract. With Berry off of the board and the recent trade for Sheldon Brown, taking any of the available DB’s is looking like less of an option. They need a pass-rusher like Jason Pierre-Paul to replace the traded Kamerion Wimbley, and at some point they may need a number one receiver because Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie are both only number two receivers at best so Dez Bryant can be thrown into the mix as well.

8. Oakland Raiders: Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma
Team needs: OT/DT/CB/DE/OLB
After giving this pick some thought I’ve switched it from Bruce Campbell to Trent Williams because Williams had every bit as impressive a combine as Campbell. Everyone, especially myself, jokes about Al Davis’ love for measureables but there’s a long history to support that. Even though they have similar athleticism Williams is the far superior talent that Davis simply cannot ignore (although I have been proven wrong before). In the event that a team, probably the Seahawks, takes Williams before the Crypt Keeper can get his hands on him this would change right back to Campbell. At this point the only other options I can see are Taylor Mays after his unofficial 40 time of 4.27 or fellow workout warriors  JPP and Carlos Dunlap.

9. Buffalo Bills: Dan Williams NT, Tennessee
Team needs: OT/QB/NT/OLB/ILB
The Bills have 3 huge needs, a QB, a NT, and OT’s. Unless the Browns pass on Jimmy Clausen the Bills will have to trade up or wait for a QB. So this pick will basically come down to the best available OT or Dan Williams. The Bills will try their hand at the 3-4 defense this year and the most important cog is a quality NT to anchor the front. With the proliferation of the 3-4 over the last few years it’s not hard to see a NT overvalued somewhat, which is why B.J. Raji went so high last year. There’s also an outside chance they may pick Jason Pierre-Paul but it’s unlikely since they selected pass rusher Aaron Maybin in the first round of last years draft.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Earl Thomas S, Texas
Team needs: FS/OC/OG/WR/DE
I think this pick will come down to 3 candidates in Derrick Morgan, Joe Haden, and Earl Thomas. The team signed Aaron Kampman, and are still holding out hope that Derrick Harvey and Quinton Groves will pan out, but a premier talent like Morgan would be an immediate boost to their anemic pass-rush. They have two quality starting CB’s in Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox but if the intend of challenging the Colts for division supremacy they could certainly use Haden to stop the aerial assault of Peyton Manning. Thomas would be a replacement and upgrade over the extremely disappointing Reggie Nelson. There’s talk that the Jags are trying to save money so they may look to trade back with a team looking to get Jason Pierre-Paul, Rolando McClain, Joe Haden, or one of the available OT’s. They could trade back with a team like the Steelers who would be targeting Joe Haden and still be able to get Everson Griffen.

11. Denver Broncos(via Chicago Bears): Joe Haden CB, Florida
Team needs: WR/NT/OC/OG/CB
I haven’t seen Haden go to the Broncos in any other mock drafts but it makes a lot of sense. What they really need is a NT because Jamaal Williams is nothing more than a 34 year old stop-gap but Dan Williams is already off of the board. Even with the trade of Brandon Marshall I don’t think they’ll take Dez Bryant. Why would Josh McDaniels let one talented diva WR walk just to draft another one? It’s more likely that they will target a replacement in round 2. Rolando McClain is an option to replace the departed Andra Davis but they already have D.J. Williams and Wesley Woodyard is serviceable. Current starting CB’s Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman are 31 and 32, with Champ becoming a free agent next offseason. Ty Law is way too old to be counted on, and last year’s rookie Alphonso Smith is only a nickel CB and maybe a #2 at best. So why not take the best CB in the draft and have him learn from the best CB in the NFL over the last decade? Haden reclaimed himself as a top pick after a horrible 40 at the combine with a phenomenal pro day, running 40’s of 4.39 and 4.43. If they trade back with this pick they will almost certainly be targeting Maurkice Pouncey to fill their gaping hole at Center.

12. Miami Dolphins: Jason Pierre-Paul DE/OLB, USF
Team needs: OLB/FS/NT/TE/RB
Now that they have traded for Brandon Marshall there’s no chance of Dez Bryant being picked here. Personally I think JPP has a high bust rate and have compared him to Vernon Gholston on many occasions, as he too is a one year wonder and a workout warrior, but with a great combine he has clearly shown that he has the tangibles to be an excellent rusher at the next level. Whether or not he can parlay those skills into actual results remains to be seen. With Dan Williams off of the board they will have to wait to replace the 34 year old Jason Ferguson. The signing of Karlos Dansby makes it unlikely they will take Rolando McClain, although with the constant injuries to Channing Crowder it’s not out of the question. With the release of Gibril Wilson they could draft Joe Haden with the intention of moving Sean Smith back to FS, or they could take Earl Thomas to replace Wilson. That would give Miami one of the best young secondary’s in the NFL. Apparently the Dolphins brass would really like to re-coup a 2nd round pick so if Earl Thomas is still available here pencil this selection going to the Eagles who have plenty of pick to move up with and would love to get Thomas. That would allow the Dolphins to take Sergio Kindle at pick 24 and possibly a FS prospect like Nate Allen or a NT like Linval Joseph in the second round.  

13. San Francisco 49ers: C.J. Spiller RB, Clemson
Team needs: RT/SS/CB/OG/RB
The 49ers find themselves in a bad spot after watching Trent Williams, Joe Haden, and Earl Thomas all come off of the board before their first pick. C.J. Spiller wouldn’t fill an immediate position of need but would provide a pass-catching option on third downs that the team currently lacks and provide a great insurance policy for the often injured Frank Gore. The 49ers have needs at SS where Michael Lewis has become concussion prone and at CB to replace Nate Clements who is 30 years old and not nearly worth the contract they are paying him.

14. Seattle Seahawks (via Denver Broncos): Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland
Neither Walter Jones nor Sean Locklear can seem to stay healthy, with Jones announcing his retirement. Charles Brown would be an option as he would fit the zone blocking style of Seattle and he has familiarity with Coach Carroll’s system but Campbell’s potential is too great to pass up. Anthony Davis has done nothing but hurt his draft stock throughout the whole offseason evaluation process and as such I think it would be a mistake to take him this high. Taking Derrick Morgan, who would be the best player available at this point, given that he’s still on the board might be an option but the Seahawks simply cannot wait until pick 60 to fill their need for a quality LT. In the later round that will need to come away with a RB because Justin Forsett and Julius Jones are not quality starters.

15. New York Giants: Derrick Morgan DE, Georgia Tech
Team needs: MLB/DT/RT/DE/CB
After waffling between Brian Price, Rolando McClain, and Derrick Morgan I’ve settled with Morgan. He is a top 10 talent who’s managed to slip due to so many teams making the switch to the 3-4 defense. With the release of Antonio Pierce MLB has become a glaring need for the G-men but Rolando McClain is not an ideal fit for the Tampa-2 defense that DC Perry Fewell plans to install.  As Scout’s Inc. writer Matt Williamson points out here, he’s not a fit for any 4-3 defense after posting a 4.71 40. Sean Weatherspoon would be a much better fit for their defense but I can’t see them passing on a talent like Morgan. They also have needs at the DT position, especially with losing Fred Robbins to free agency and Rocky Bernard having a very underwhelming season, so Brian Price will definitely come into play. In the next couple of rounds I expect them to find a replacement for Kareem McKenzie.

16. Tennessee Titans: Carlos Dunlap DE, Florida
Team needs: DE/CB/OLB/ DT/OC
Who would have thought that after a 0-6 start that Vince Young would salvage their season? They have multiple needs but Young’s play means they won’t be looking for a QB. Their biggest need is for pass-rushers as they were unable to get any pressure last season. Due to the lack of pressure the CB’s were exposed so they will need to make upgrades in the secondary as well. I know Titans fans are going to hate this pick because Dunlap has bust written all over him, but the Titans love workout warriors and no one epitomizes that more than Dunlap.

17. San Francisco 49ers(via Carolina Panthers): Taylor Mays S, USC
Taylor Mays has a certain reputation around the mock draft community as a huge gamble for good reason. He has all the intangibles you would want in a Safety, or someone who plays any position. He’s a solid 6’3” 230lbs. and ran an unofficial 4.27 40 at the combine. Unfortunately he has extremely poor cover skills. He takes bad angles and more often than not he’s only looking to deliver the big hit rather than go for the ball in the air. If anyone can teach him the fundamentals of the game it’s going to be coach Singletary who apparently is very high on Mays’ stock.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rolando McClain ILB, Alabama
Team needs: ILB/OG/NT/CB/DE
The Steelers have 11 draft picks (which includes 3 compensatory picks) but clearly they do not have 11 roster spots to fill with rookies. With the addition of the Jets 5th rounder for the trade of Santonio Holmes it now seems more likely that the Steelers will trade up to target someone they especially like. I would guess that the most likely targets will be Joe Haden and Rolando McClain, with the very dark horse being Eric Berry. Here I have McClain falling to the Steelers mostly due to his large size and his speed limitations, as he’ll almost certainly have to play in a 3-4 defense in the pros and so many teams a head of the Steelers employ a 4-3. And ILB’s typically tend to fall on draft day. The Steelers may move up to get him because the Giants also have a need for a MLB. Given his prior experience in the 3-4 he’ll be an ideal fit for the Steelers, and be the successor to 35 year old James Farrior. McClain is very instinctive with great leadership qualities. The signing of Larry Foote will not impact the decision to draft McClain as the Steelers prefer to have their rookies, especially on defense, sit a year and learn the scheme. As previously stated the Jaguars are the most likely trading partner as they are looking to save money and trading up with them would put us in a position to take McClain, Haden, or even Earl Thomas. As a long shot option the Steelers could trade up to the 6th pick with the Seahawks, who have many more needs than the Steelers do and could certainly use the extra picks, to get Berry. However that may prove too costly as the Steelers would have to surrender their 2nd rounder and change to get the 6th pick and this is a very deep draft. Other options should the Steelers stay at 18 would be Mike Iupati who would shore up the one weak point along the Steelers offensive line at RG, Kyle Wilson given that Ike Taylor is 30 years old an in the final year of his contract, or Jared Odrick who is a local product and would help continue the youth movement along the defensive line. The Steelers typically take the best player available whether it is at a slight position of need or a dire position of need. Personally I think it would be a slight reach if they were to take Kyle Wilson and a huge reach for someone like Maurkice Pouncey and the Steelers rarely trade back in the first round.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Graham DE, Michigan
Team needs: DE/OLB/DT/WR/Safety
The Falcons will take the best defensive player available, particularly an OLB or DE. The signing of Dunta Robinson means that CB is no loner a need for them. I’ve decided to give them Graham because GM Thomas Dimitroff is a Scott Pioli disciple and puts a big emphasis on positional value. He would take the place of first round bust Jamaal Anderson. Sean Weatherspoon is an option as current starting WLB Mike Peterson is 34 years old. They also have needs for a solid #2 WR because Michael Jenkins just isn’t cutting it.

20. Houston Texans: Kyle Wilson CB, Boise State
Team needs: CB/FS/OG/NT/RB
The Texans need help in multiple areas, specifically on defense after they let the unhappy Dunta Robinson leave via free agency, and in the interior defensive line after sending former 1st round pick Travis Johnson to the Chargers earlier in the year. Kyle Wilson is a slight reach here in my opinion but he will fill a dire position of need. They also need help on the offensive side of the trenches, specifically along the interior so Mike Iupati is an option. They could also reach for Terrence Cody, or Ryan Matthews who would be a good fit for their zone blocking scheme.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State
Team needs: WR/FS/TE/ILB/OG
The Bengals only real needs are for WR’s and safeties and here they manage to take the top WR in the draft. There have been many questions raised about his maturity level but as recent draft history has shown us the Bengals are more than willing to draft players with character issues. Outside of Chad OchoCinco, none of their WR’s had much of an impact last year. They signed Antonio Bryant but he’s not the answer to the WR issues. If none of the WR options at this point are preferable to the Bengals they would certainly consider Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham.

22. New England Patriots: Jermaine Gresham TE, Oklahoma
Team needs: OLB/DE/WR/TE/RB
Coach Belichick has a history of taking TE’s in the 1st round and after losing Ben Watson and Chris Baker to free agency he will take another one. With Randy Moss on the decline and Wes Welker possibly not being ready by the start of the season this team is lacking playmakers. After the Richard Seymour trade to Oakland, the Patriots defense suffered greatly so Jared Odrick, who is a great 3-technique DT that has the size and strength to convert to 3-4 DE much like Seymour did when he came out of college, will be given some serious consideration. The Patriots also need more youth and depth in their linebacking corps but Belichick doesn’t gamble with pass-rushers in the 1st round because of their high bust rate. Given how much the Patriots like to trade back, it would actually surprise me if they keep this pick, especially considering how deep the talent pool is in this draft.

23. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown OT, USC
Team needs: OT/CB/Safety/OG/DE
The Packers have had to compensate for the lack of talent at OT by adjusting their scheme to keep TE’s in to block. Adding some OT depth would really help open up that potent offense. After losing Aaron Kampman to free agency they may consider Jerry Hughes and Sergio Kindle who are both still on the board to add as a pass-rushing threat to go across from Clay Matthews. Green Bay also needs to start looking at replacements for their aging secondary but will find better value for that in the next 2 rounds, especially with Kyle Wilson already off of the board.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Mike Iupati OG, Idaho
Team needs: OLB/CB/DE/OT/FS
The Eagles are a solid team with few needs but have a hole at SLB after trading Chris Gocong, who never fit into Philly’s defensive scheme, and at CB after trading away Sheldon Brown to Cleveland but with Kyle Wilson already off of the board I believe Andy Reid will value a big lineman like Iupati over Devin McCourty. Trading for WLB Ernie Sims takes Sean Weatherspoon off of the table. With the signing of Marlin Jackson they have found a replacement for the dreadful Sean Jones at FS, although they could still target the position and keep Jackson at CB. With 11 draft picks and so few needs I would expect them to package a few together to move up and target someone they really like such as Kyle Wilson, Earl Thomas, or even Derrick Morgan.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Jared Odrick DT/DE, PSU
Team needs: CB/TE/DE/OC/WR
With the newly acquired Anquan Boldin WR is no longer a dire need for the Ravens, although they may still look for one in the later rounds. This pick comes down to a CB given that the team lacks a #1 corner, a DE to replace an aging Trevor Price, and a TE because despite a solid season last year Todd Heap has had a long injury history and is on the downswing of his career. Jermaine Gresham is by far the best TE in the draft and would be the likely pick if he were available. This draft is deep with corners and plenty will be available in round 2 with CB Kyle Wilson already off of the board. Jared Odrick is a great 3-technique DT that has the size and strength to convert to 3-4 DE to replace a 35 year old Trevor Price. With the trade for Boldin and Gresham already off of the board I really can’t see this pick being anything other than Odrick except for maybe an OLB if they don’t feel Paul Kruger can develop into a 3-4 pass-rusher.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers
Team needs: OT/OLB/ILB/CB/NT
Arizona’s biggest need for a long time has been for a LT. They drafted Levi Brown a couple years ago but he has struggled on the left side. Anthony Davis has caused his stock to plummet all offseason due to a poor combine workout and bad interviews. Apparently during his pro day he refused to participate in some of the drills and really rubbed some team reps the wrong way.  Due to his potential though there is no way that he falls out of the first round and Arizona will almost be forced to take him on his potential. With OC Russ Grimm’s illustrious background he should be able to whip Davis into shape. OLB’s Haggans, Okeafor, and Berry are all 33 years old or older so they will definitely be interested in Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes. They signed Joey Porter but he seems intent on spending the season in jail rather than on the Cardinals defense. With the extra picks they acquired from Baltimore in the trade for Anquan Boldin I would expect them to package them with this pick to move up for one of the elite Tackle prospects such as Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams if they fall a little from the top of the draft.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Maurkice Pouncey OG/OC, Florida
Team needs: OT/FS/OG/NT/ILB
The Cowboys find themselves in a bad position with all of the top OT’s, FS’s, and Mike Iupati all off of the board. Drafting Pouncey would allow them to move current OC Andre Gurode to LG. There’s a slight chance they may consider speedster Golden Tate to play slot receiver because of his ability to stretch the field. If the draft plays out like this I could see the Cowboys trading out of the 1st round and taking FS Nate Allen or Vladimir Ducasse in the 2nd round.

28. San Diego Chargers: Ryan Matthews RB, Fresno State
Team needs: NT/RB/DE/ FS/CB
The Chargers have two pressing needs, one for a NT to replace Jamal Williams who was signed by the Broncos, and for a RB after the release of LaDainian Tomlinson. Unfortunately the only NT with a 1st round grade is already taken, and I don’t think that General Manager A.J. Smith will gamble on “Mount” Cody with a 1st round pick given that it’s become highly probably that he’ll eat himself out of the league in a couple years. Even with the fast 40 times of Spiller and Jahvid Best it was Mathews who had the best combine performance in my opinion. He ran a 4.4 40 and looked very solid in catching the ball which is something San Diego covets in its RB’s.  

29. New York Jets: Sergio Kindle DE/OLB, Texas
Team needs: DE/OLB/WR/FS/NT
With the Jets trade for Antonio Cromartie to play opposite Darrell Revis, their greatest needs become a DE considering Shaun Ellis is coming off of an injury and Marques Douglas is a free agent and both are 33 years old, and a rush linebacker. They go with Kindle to replace 1st round bust Vernon Gholston since Jared Odrick is already off the board. Now that they have traded for Santonio Holmes there is absolutely no reason for them to target a WR early.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Sean Weatherspoon OLB, Missouri
Team needs: CB/FS/MLB/OG/DT
The Vikings biggest weaknesses are in the secondary and along the interior of the offensive line. Current CB’s Griffin (torn ACL) and Winfield (Foot) are both nursing injuries, with Griffen unlikely to be ready for the start of the season. Along the interior line they could use an upgrade for John Sullivan and Anthony Herrera. Unfortunately with Maurkice Pouncey already off of the board they will have to try and fill that hole in another round. Current WLB Ben Leber is 30 years old and will be a FA in 2011. This doesn’t fill an immediate need but is a much greater value than taking Devin McCourty. Weatherspoon has undeniable talent but apparently some teams have been turned off by his diva attitude. A veteran laden defense like the Vikings should be able to help cure that. They could still consider Devin McCourty as well as DT Brian Price, and in the later rounds I expect them to draft a RB to replace Chester Taylor.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Brian Price DT, UCLA
Team needs: OT/DT/OG/DE/Safety
Without any cornerstone LT’s left, which is their biggest need, the Colts will focus on defense. I know the Colts do not typically invest early round picks on defense but it’s about time that they start. They are really lacking depth at DT and Price is a great 3 technique player. Like Derrick Morgan, Price is the victim of the proliferation of the 3-4 defense. They may continue the trend of drafting offense in the 1st in which case they would go for Maurkice Pouncey if he’s available to shore up a weak point at OG where Mike Pollack was lacking all year. I’ve also seen a couple of mock drafts where the Colts reach for an OT prospect like Rodger Saffold. Now that they have resigned Gary Brackett, MLB is no longer an issue for them.

32. New Orleans Saints: Everson Griffen DE, USC
Team needs: DE/DT/OLB/Safety/OC
With an already formidable offense the Saints will look to upgrade a defense that was hot and very cold all season long. Their biggest need is a DE to replace Charles Grant. The Saints are lucky to have Griffen fall into their lap at the end of the 1st round. I don’t believe that the signing of Alex Brown will impact this pick unless Brian Price is available.  In the event that Price and Griffen are both gone they will go with LaMarr Houston to pair with Sedrick Ellis or a FS like Nate Allen to replace Darren Sharper who may sign elsewhere.

 Round 2:

33. St. Louis Rams: Golden Tate WR, Notre Dame
Now that the Rams have their QB of the future they need weapons for him to throw the ball to. Recently GM Billy Devaney was quoted as saying “We need playmakers.”

34. Detroit Lions: Devin McCourty CB, Rutgers
They traded for Chris Houston but he’s only a #2 CB at best. Before the combine McCourty graded out as a late 2nd round prospect, but after running the fastest 40 time (4.34) of any DB and looking very fluid in the drills he’s managed to catapult himself into the number 3 CB slot.

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Arrelious Benn WR, Illinois
The Bucs need WR’s to help the progression of young QB Josh Freeman. Michael Clayton has been underwhelming so far in his career and Antonio Bryant was lost to free agency. Benn has had an issue with consistency and drops but he has all the tools necessary to be a solid #1 WR in the NFL.

36. Kansas City Chiefs: Terrence Cody DT, Alabama
Even though he may eat himself out of the league in a couple years, which is why he’s slipped out of the 1st round to begin with, the Chiefs are not going to pass up the chance to solidify their defensive front with someone who is could be a dominant 2-down NT. At this point it could be a toss-up between Cody and a pass-rusher like Jerry Hughes to play opposite of Tamba Hali. The nod goes to Cody because it’s a lot harder to find NT’s than pass-rushers.

37. Philadelphia Eagles (via Washington Redskins): Kareem Jackson CB, Alabama
They find a replacement for the traded Sheldon Brown. Depending on whether or not they intend to play Marlin Jackson at FS or keep him at CB this pick could turn to Nate Allen.

38. Cleveland Browns: Jerry Hughes OLB, TCU
After trading Kamerion Wimbley to the Raiders they are now in desperate need of a pass-rusher.

39. Oakland Raiders: Linval Joseph DT, East Carolina
As usual the Crypt Keeper will reach for a player based solely on his measureables. Joseph is a good prospect but coming in at 6’4”, 320lbs. and putting up 39 reps on the bench press to go along with a ridiculously fast 40 (5.09) is all that matters to the ghost of Raiders past.

40. San Diego Chargers (via Seattle Seahawks): Cam Thomas, NT, UNC
They are in dire need of a replacement for Jamaal Williams.   

41. Buffalo Bills: Rodger Saffold OT, Indiana
The Bills dire need for an OT gets filled here.

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Chicago Bears): Patrick Robinson CB, FSU
He would be an upgrade and successor to Rhonde Barber, as well as make a formidable tandem with Aqib Talib.

43. Denver Broncos (via Miami Dolphins): Demaryius Thomas WR, Georgia Tech
No shocker here, they need a #1 WR after trading Brandon Marshall. At this point Thomas is a pure potential player. He has all the size and speed you could want, which is why the hype machine has been running full steam in his favor, but playing in GT’s triple-option offense he never really learned how to run routes.

44. New England Patriots (via Jacksonville Jaguars): Koa Misi DE/OLB, Utah
Misi has been nothing short of spectacular this offseason, first at the Senior Bowl, then at the combine, and finally at his pro day.

45. Denver Broncos: J.D. Walton OC, Baylor
They need a replacement for Casey Wiegmann.

46. New York Giants: Jamar Chaney ILB, Miss. State
Chaney ran a 4.51 40 at the combine and would be a great addition as the Giants convert to the Tampa-2.

47. New England Patriots (via Tennessee Titans): Tyson Alualu DT/DE, Cal
The Patriots find a replacement for Richard Seymour. Alualu already has experience playing in a 3-4 at Cal.

48. Carolina Panthers: Vladimir Ducasse OG/OT, UMass
Team needs: WR/DT/OG/DE/OT
Previously I’ve had them taking Brandon LaFell due to their greatest need being a #2 WR to compliment Steve Smith, but there’s an abundance of these types of WR’s that can be found in the later rounds. The Panthers have a hole to fill at RG where Keydrick Vincent has been anything but spectacular. They have also had injury issues all along the offensive line which is where Ducasse’s versatility as an OG and OT become truly valuable. They have also had issues generating a pass-rush from the interior defensive line so a good 3-technique DT like LaMarr Houston could be taken here as well.

49. San Francisco 49ers: Chris Cook CB/FS, Virginia
Unfortunately the 49ers miss out again on a run-blocking RT prospect. I’m sure they would love to get Ducasse but unfortunately he’s no longer available. The 49ers like to go BPA so I can’t see them reaching for John Jerry or Kyle Calloway here, and none of the other prospects available fit the mold of the type of linemen they prefer. They signed Karl Paymah to replace Dre Bly but he’s a Nickel CB at best. Cook has the size and skills to eventually supplant an aging Nate Clements who isn’t nearly worth the large paychecks he receives.

50. Kansas City Chiefs (via Atlanta Falcons): Rickey Sapp DE/OLB, Clemson
They need a pass-rusher to play opposite of Tamba Hali.

51. Houston Texans: Ben Tate RB, Auburn
They need a power RB that can fit their zone blocking scheme. If the Texans decide to wait another round and target someone like Montario Hardesty or Toby Gerhart this pick could easily turn into another CB or a FS like Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett.

52. Pittsburgh Steelers: Nate Allen FS, USF
The Steelers need a successor to Ryan Clark, and it’s not going to be Will Allen. With Nate Allen and Morgan Burnett both still on the board it’s really a toss-up. Allen has the superior cover skills, some say he’s close to Earl Thomas in that regard, but Burnett is versatile enough to play both the Free and Strong Safety positions which would come in handy when Troy Polamalu gets injured again. Of course with Ryan Clark and Will Allen on the roster they could just as easily go with a CB instead in which case Chris Cook and Dominique Franks would both be options as they both play a physical style of defense that they Steelers covet.

53. New England Patriots: Damian Williams WR, USC
Williams is the perfect #2 WR to compliment Randy Moss.

54. Cincinnati Bengals: Jimmy Graham TE, Miami
Carson Palmer has not had a serious pass-catching threat at TE his whole time in Cincinnati. The hype machine is starting to build on Graham who has a lot of potential but very little game experience. Many view him as the next Antonio Gates.

55. Philadelphia Eagles: Daryl Washington OLB, TCU
Washington would replace Will Witherspoon. Putting him with Stewart Bradley and first round pick Sean Weatherspoon would give Philly a great young linebacking core.   

56. Green Bay Packers: Brandon Ghee CB, Wake Forest
They fill their second biggest need for youth in the secondary.  

57. Baltimore Ravens: Rob Gronkowski TE, Arizona
Todd Heap had a good year but he has a long injury history and it’s time for the Ravens to draft his successor.   

58. Arizona Cardinals: Jason Worilds OLB, Va. Tech
The Cards fill their need for youth at the OLB position.

59. Dallas Cowboys: Morgan Burnett FS, Georgia Tech
The Cowboys need a starting FS after cutting Ken Hamlin.

60. Seattle Seahawks (via San Diego Chargers): LaMarr Houston DT, Texas
The Seahawks need to upgrade their pass-rush from the defensive front. Houston is a good 3-technique DT whose skill set is very similar to last years Steelers 1st round pick Ziggy Hood.

61. New York Jets: Alex Carrington DT/DE, Arkansas State
Ellis and Douglas are both 33 years old, with Ellis coming off of an injury and Douglas a pending free agent.

62. Minnesota Vikings: Dominique Franks CB, Oklahoma
Cedric Griffin will not be ready by the start of the season.

63. Indianapolis Colts: Tony Washington OT, Abilene Christian
Washington is the type of athletic tackle that the Colts covet. If not for a sexual assault case when he was 16 he would be considered a 1st round talent. As it stands now, he represents great value at the end of the 2nd round.

64. New Orleans Saints: Navarro Bowman OLB, PSU
Scott Shanle is a liability against the run. If the Saints do not resign Darren Sharper this pick will change to Reshad Jones.

Round 3:

65. St. Louis Rams: Dekota Watson OLB, FSU
This starts the defensive overhaul. The Rams have nothing at WLB after letting Paris Lenon walk in free agency.

66. Detroit Lions: Chad Jones S, LSU
Jones would pair nicely with Louis Delmas.

67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jermaine Cunningham DE, Florida
They finally get the pass-rushing RDE that they’ve been seeking since giving up on the recently deceased Gaines Adams.   

68. Kansas City Chiefs: Reshad Jones S, Georgia
Since they cut Bernard Pollard I can’t name a single Safety on their roster without having to look it up. Reshad Jones is versatile enough to play both Safety positions.

69. Oakland Raiders: Mitch Petrus OG, Arkansas
Oakland needs an OG and Petrus put up 44 reps on the bench press, which makes him a steal in the 3rd as far as Al Davis is concerned.

70. Philadelphia Eagles (via Seattle Seahawks): Matt Tennant OC, Boston College
Jamaal Jackson tore his ACL and may not be ready for the start of the season.    

71. Cleveland Browns: Major Wright FS, Florida
They need a replacement for Brodney Pool.

72. Buffalo Bills: Thaddeus Gibson DE/OLB, Ohio State
The Bills need a pass-rusher to play opposite of Aaron Maybin, especially with Aaron Schobel hinting about retirement.

73. Miami Dolphins: Torrell Troup DT, Central Florida
Jason Ferguson is 34 years old and the Dolphins need to find his replacement. They also need a FS to replace Gibril Wilson but will find better value in the next round.

74. Jacksonville Jaguars: John Jerry OG, Ole’ Miss.
They could use an upgrade over Uche Nwaneri to create running lanes for MJD.

75. Chicago Bears: Jon Asamoah OG, Illinois
Team needs: OG/FS/ DE/DT/OC
They have a major need at LG.

76. New York Giants: Geno Atkins DT, UGA
The G-men need an upgrade along the interior of the defensive line. Atkins had a great combine and was the one who embarrassed Mike Iupati at the Senior Bowl.

77. Tennessee Titans: Amari Spivey CB, Iowa
Nick Harper needs to be replaced.

78. Carolina Panthers: Carlton Mitchell WR, USF
They need someone besides Steve Smith to throw the ball to. Mitchell is extremely raw but had a great combine and has all the tools to be an eventual #1 WR when it’s time to move on from Smith.

79. San Francisco 49ers: Kyle Calloway OT, Iowa
Calloway is just the sort of big, run-blocking RT the 49ers need. He would be a great value here in the 3rd round.

80. Denver Broncos: Brandon Spikes ILB, Florida
He would provide competition and a possible upgrade over Wesley Woodyard.

81. Houston Texans: Darrell Stuckey S, Kansas
Eugene Wilson cannot stay healthy.

82. Pittsburgh Steelers: Brandon LaFell WR, LSU
Previously I’ve had them taking Akwasi Owusu-Ansah as CB is a much bigger need for the Steelers but LaFell is too good to pass on. A lot of teams are passing on LaFell because of his abysmal 40 times. At the combine he ran a 4.59 and barely managed to improve at his pro day with a 4.54. Personally I really like him and he compares favorably to Hines Ward, only 4 inches taller. He has great body control, catches the football at its highest point, and is a very underrated downfield blocker. Given his height he would also be a great red zone target.

83. Atlanta Falcons: A.J. Edds OLB, Iowa
The Falcons fill their second biggest need which is an upgrade at WLB. Edds is a SLB but would allow them to move Stephen Nicolas to WLB.

84. Cincinnati Bengals: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB, IUP
This is a BPA situation. They have a greater need at FS but any of the available prospects would be considered a reach. AOA would be an upgrade over Morgan Trent as the nickel CB. He also averaged close to 30 yards per kickoff return and scored 5 special teams TD’s and could supplant Bernard Scott as he factors into the running game more.

85. Cleveland Browns (From Oakland Raiders via New England Patriots): Mardy Gilyard WR, Cincinnati
Even though they both had somewhat disappointing rookie years I believe the Browns are set with Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie as their starting WR’s. Gilyard is great at catching the underneath routes and taking them for long gains and would be the perfect Slot receiver.

86. Green Bay Packers: Dexter McCluster RB/WR, Ole’ Miss.
They need RB depth behind Ryan Grant and an upgrade over Jordy Nelson in the return game.

87. Philadelphia Eagles: Jahvid Best RB, Cal
While it’s true they signed Mike Bell, Best is too good to pass up at this point. He’s a 1st round talent that has slipped due to a long and serious injury history but is a bargain halfway through the 3rd round as Philly doesn’t really have any holes left to fill and can afford to take a chance on him. Best is the perfect player for Coach Reid’s West Coast offense.    

88. Arizona Cardinals (via Baltimore Ravens): Sean Lee ILB, PSU
They really need ILB depth after losing Karlos Dansby to FA. Lee is another player who’s a 1st round talent but has slipped due to an injury history.

89. Arizona Cardinals: Perrish Cox CB, Oklahoma State
What the Cards really need is a NT to replace the sluggish and disappointing Alan Branch. Unfortunately all of the quality NT prospects are gone at this point. Their second biggest need at this point is a CB to replace Bryant McFadden who’s clearly not a good fit for their defense.

90. Dallas Cowboys: Jared Veldheer OT, Hillsdale
He’s the kind of massive lineman the Cowboys prefer. After cutting Flozell Adams they’ll need someone to challenge Doug Free.

91. San Diego Chargers: Corey Wootton DE, Northwestern
Louis Castillo has missed 16 games in the last four years.

92. Cleveland Browns (via New York Jets): Pat Angerer ILB, Iowa
Scott Fujita is a 30 year old short-term solution at ILB and D’Qwell Jackson is in the final year of his contract and will most likely not be retained next year.

93. Minnesota Vikings: Marshall Newhouse OG, TCU
They take Newhouse to replace Herrera at RG and shore up a weak point on the offensive line.

94. Indianapolis Colts: Austen Lane DE, Murray State
Lane definitely has the skills to be a good pass-rusher, which would come in handy given how much the Colts lacked after Freeney was injured, but he has the size to play LDE and replace Raheem Brock.

95. New Orleans Saints: Perry Riley OLB, LSU
The Saints have three needs to fill at this point. One need is for a DT to pair with Sedrick Ellis, they also need a FS if Sharper doesn’t resign, and a SLB to replace Scott Fujita. If Sharper isn’t resigned this will alter their draft plans obviously but until then I’m going with the local product to fill a much needed hole.

96 Comp. pick: Cincinnati Bengals: D’Anthony Smith DT, Louisiana Tech
The Bengals have greater needs at FS to upgrade over Chris Crocker and at RG to replace the 34 year old Bobbie Williams but find better value taking Smith to add to their DT depth instead of reaching for Robert Johnson or Sergio Render.

97 Comp pick: Tennessee Titans: Roddrick Muckelroy OLB, Texas
The Titans have a lot of injury issues at OLB. Muckelroy has played every Linebacker spot at Texas and would provide good value because of it.

98 Comp. pick: Atlanta Falcons: Andre Roberts WR, Citadel
Michael Jenkins is far too inconsistent to be depended on as the teams #2 WR. Roberts put himself on the map with a great showing during Senior Bowl week.

Round 4:

99. St. Louis Rams: Daniel Te’o-Nesheim DE, Washington
As previously linked the Rams need playmakers, both on offense and defense. Leonard Little will be 36 years old this upcoming season.

100. Detroit Lions: Montario Hardesty RB, Tennessee
Kevin Smith had a serious ACL tear and may not be ready for the start of the season.

101. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jason Fox OT, Miami
The Bucs need depth behind Donald Penn and Jeremy Trueblood, and possibly to replace one of them in the near future. Both starting Tackles had issues last year and both are signed to one year deals.

102. Kansas City Chiefs: Jacoby Ford WR, Clemson
Personally I think they should take someone to replace Chris chambers as the #2 WR, but it sounds like they are looking for someone to handle the Slot duties. Ford ran a blistering 4.28 40 at the combine and is the perfect candidate for the Slot.

103. Washington Redskins: Mike Johnson OG, Alabama
Another great, athletic lineman that is prefect for Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme.   

104. Seattle Seahawks: Joe McKnight RB, USC
What better RB to fit into Coach Carroll’s offensive scheme than former Trojan troublemaker Joe McKnight?

105. Philadelphia Eagles (via Cleveland Browns): Ed Wang OT, Va. Tech
At this point Philly really doesn’t have any holes to fill so they’ll focus on depth and BPA. Wang is the bigger type of lineman that Reid prefers and it’s only a matter of time before he realizes that the Jason Peters trade was a huge mistake.

106. Oakland Raiders: A.J. Jefferson CB, Fresno State
Jefferson is a 6’0” CB with 4.43 speed and a 44in vertical, that’s enough to make him another steal in this draft for the Raiders and they need someone to cover opposite of Nnamdi Asomugha.

107. Buffalo Bills: Mike Neal DT/DE, Purdue
Neal is versatile enough to play DE in a 3-4 and DT in a 4-3.

108. Jacksonville Jaguars: Eric Olsen OC, Notre Dame
Brad Meester is 33 years old and really needs to be replaced.

109. Chicago Bears: Robert Johnson FS, Utah
Without question the Bears need an upgrade at the FS position.

110. Miami Dolphins: Aaron Hernandez TE, Florida
Anthony Fasano is a good pass-blocking TE but they need someone who can be a threat as a pass-catcher. The dolphins have a greater need at FS but Hernandez represents a greater value.

111. Tennessee Titans: Arthur Jones DT, Syracuse
The Titans have plenty of depth at DT, but only Tony Brown is a true quality starter. If not for a knee injury Jones would probably have been a 2nd round pick.

112. Carolina Panthers: Jeff Owens DT, UGA
They need a pass-rush presence from the DT position. Owens has some injury issues but he’s a good gap penetrator who did 44 reps on the bench press at the combine.

113. San Francisco 49ers: Sergio Render OG, Va. Tech
LG David Baas has struggled with injuries and inconsistency throughout his career and Render is another solid run-blocking lineman type that Coach Singletary covets.

114. Denver Broncos: Jonathan Dwyer RB, Georgia Tech
With the exception of 30 year old Correll Buckhalter the Broncos have no one behind Knowshon Moreno.  

115. New York Giants: Sam Young OT, Notre Dame
Sam Young’s stock has fallen because of a bad senior year but he actually performed pretty well during the Senior Bowl. He’s also bulked up to about 315lbs. and would become the successor to Kareem McKenzie at RT.    

116. Pittsburgh Steelers: Toby Gerhart RB, Stanford
This was a tough decision between Gerhart and Anthony Dixon. I gave the nod to Gerhart because he ran a slightly better 40 (4.53) than Dixon (4.65) did at the combine. Gerhart is epitome of what the Steelers love in a player. He’s a tough, blue-collar type with high character which is something the Steelers could use right about now. I also considered mocking them a CB but none of the prospects available match the value and potential that Gerhart has.

117. Atlanta Falcons: Zane Beatles OT, Utah
This pick comes down to offensive or defensive Tackle depth. Beatles is a better prospect than Earl Mitchell or Corey Peters. Currently they have no quality depth behind Sam Baker and Tyson Clabo.

118. Houston Texans: Donovan Warren CB, Michigan
If they ever want to topple the Colts from the top of the AFC South they are going to need to be able to stop Manning’s passing attack on a consistent basis. Warren has slipped due to a horrible combine (4.59) and pro day (4.62) 40’s but could end up being the steal of the draft.

119. New England Patriots: James Starks RB, Buffalo
At this point the Patriots will target either a RB to replace Lawrence Maroney or a RG to be the successor to Stephen Neal who has talked about retirement. Currently the bigger need is to replace Maroney who fumbles way too much and can’t break any tackles. Starks is a sleeper most people don’t know about but plays with power and speed and is also a good pass-catching threat. He would be a great fit for Belichick’s offense.

120. Cincinnati Bengals: Larry Asante S, Nebraska
Chris Crocker is serviceable at best and Asante has the skill to immediately challenge him for the starting FS spot.

121. Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Lang DE, Troy
I know they traded for Darrell Tapp but he did exactly wow anyone in Seattle. At any point they could use some depth is Tapp doesn’t work out or if Trent Cole gets injured.

122. Green Bay Packers: Myron Rolle SS, FSU
Atari Bigby is a good SS but he’s always hurt. Rolle was considered a late 2nd-3rd round pick before he went to Oxford so getting him at the end of the 4th round should be a bargain. He’s managed to keep himself in football shape and once he gets a chance to go through mini-camp and the preseason I’m sure he’ll prove to be a great pick-up.

123. Arizona Cardinals (via Baltimore Ravens): Anthony Dixon RB, Miss. State
This is a BPA situation. They have a much greater need for a NT to replace the inconsistent Alan Branch but there aren’t anymore real prospects available that would be considered anything other than projects. The Whiz stated that he wants to recommit to the running game this coming season and Dixon would certainly give him some power and exceptional value here at the end of the 4th round.

124. New York Jets (via Arizona Cardinals): Kurt Coleman S, Ohio State
They signed Brodney Pool to replace Kerry Rhodes but Pool is very concussion prone and will need some quality depth behind him.

125. Dallas Cowboys: Phillip Dillard ILB, Nebraska
 Keith Brooking is 35 years old and the Cowboys need to find his successor.

126. San Diego Chargers: John Skelton QB, Fordham
After trading Charlie Whitehurst to the Seahawks they need a young back-up to develop.  Skelton has NFL size (6.5”, 245lbs.) and arm strength and could develop into a starting caliber player in couple of years.

127. Seattle Seahawks (From Philadelphia Eagles via New York Jets): Riley Cooper WR, Florida
Outside of T.J. and an elderly Deion Branch Seattle doesn’t really have much at the WR position to speak of.

128. Minnesota Vikings: Donald Butler ILB, UConn
E.J. Henderson probably won’t be ready for the start of the season and they need competition for Jasper Brinkley.

129. Indianapolis Colts: Jerome Murphy CB, USF
Indy needs some CB depth after losing Tim Jennings and Marlin Jackson to FA.

130. New Orleans Saints: Harry Coleman S, LSU
If they don’t resign Darren Sharper this becomes a much bigger need. Even if they do resign him he’s still 33 years old.  

131 Comp. pick: Cincinnati Bengals: Shawn Lauvao OG, ASU
Bobbie Williams is 33 years old and the Bengals could use some depth at the position.

Round 5:

132. St. Louis Rams: Anthony McCoy TE, USC
They need a safety-valve for their young QB and Randy McMichael needs to be replaced.

133. Seattle Seahawks (via Detroit Lions): Willie Young DE, N.C. State
The Seahawks traded for Chris Clemons but he’s not even as good as Darrell Tapp was. Young would be an instant upgrade.   

134. Cleveland Browns (via Tampa Bay Buccaneers): T.J. Ward S, Oregon
Abram Elam is marginal at best but Cleveland could use an upgrade that the position.

135. Washington Redskins: Selvish Capers OT, WV
The Redskins needs starters for every offensive line position except for LG. Capers is a very raw prospect but would excel as a run-blocking RT in a zone blocking scheme.

136. Kansas City Chiefs: Javier Arenas CB, Alabama
They need CB depth and someone to take over the return duties from Jamaal Charles as he factors into the running game more.

137. Denver Broncos (from Philadelphia Eagles via Cleveland Browns): Dorin Dickerson TE/H-back, Pittsburgh
Dickerson is only 6’1” but is a great athlete. He runs a 4.4 40 and has a 43in vertical and is just the sort of pass-catcher McDaniels wants out of a TE.

138. Oakland Raiders: Andrew Tyshovnytsky OT, Fordham
The Raiders had a need for a RT and he ran a 4.91 40 and did 33 reps on the bench press at his pro day.

139. Seattle Seahawks: Derrick Hardman OT, Eastern Kentucky
Even after taking an OT in the 1st, they’ll still need to add another one for depth. Sean Locklear is always battling some kind of injury.

140. Buffalo Bills: Taylor Price WR, Ohio
The Bills need someone to step in and take the pressure off of Lee Evans and previous picks (i.e. Josh Reed, James Hardy) have not panned out.

141. Chicago Bears: Earl Mitchell DT, Arizona
With the constant injuries to Tommy Harris they need some DT depth. Mitchell is the same sub-300lbs. quick penetrator type of DT that is similar to Harris.

142. Kansas City Chiefs (via Miami Dolphins): Myron Lewis CB/FS, Vanderbilt
They drafted a SS in the last round to upgrade over Mike Brown, now they fill their need for a FS.

143. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Tebow QB, Florida
Before all of the Jags fan start in on this one, they need a young talent to push David Garrard. Tebow would fill that need as well as be an attendance draw to boost ticket sales.

144. Kansas City Chiefs (via Carolina Panthers): Darryl Sharpton ILB, Miami
They need ILB depth and Derrick Johnson is not exactly Coach Haley’s favorite player.

145. Miami Dolphins (via San Francisco 49ers): Eric Norwood OLB, South Carolina
It looks like Jason Taylor is going to sign with the Jets eventually, and in any event he’s 36 years old. Even if the Dolphins take a pass-rusher in the 1st round they will need someone to play on the other side. They have Cameron Wake on the roster but he hasn’t shown anything yet to warrant complete faith in him. Even if he does show something this year they will still need some depth at the position. Norwood started his career as a DE, then made the switch to OLB and terrorized SEC offenses for four years. He’s a liability in pass-coverage which is the only reason why he’s managed to slip this far.

146. Cleveland Browns (from Detroit Lions via Denver Broncos): Mike Tepper OT, Cal
They signed Tony Pashos as an upgrade over John St. Clair but he’s just as inept at holding pass-rushers at bay.

147. New York Giants: LeGarrette Blount RB, Oregon
This is mostly a BPA situation. Brandon Jacobs didn’t seem to be the player he was a year ago. It looks like his hard-hitting style is starting to wear him down.

148. Tennessee Titans: Jeff Byers OC, USC
Kevin Mawae is 35 years old and they need someone to challenge Leroy Harris.

149. Atlanta Falcons: Corey Peters DT, Kentucky
They could use some DT depth, especially incase Peria Jerry doesn’t pan out after his injury.

150. Houston Texans: Vince Oghobaase DT, Duke
They need someone to pair with Amobe Akoye.

151. Pittsburgh Steelers: Garrett Lindholm K, Tarleton State
In light of the Steelers lack of patience for troublemakers they may be looking to cut ties with Jeff Reed who recently signed his one year tender. Lindholm kicked a 64 yarder during a game last season and hit 3 of 4 from 60 yards during his pro day.

152. Cincinnati Bengals:  Leigh Tiffin K, Alabama
Shayne Graham is a choke artist and needs to be replaced. Tiffin is the perfect replacement as he made a career of clutch kicks.

153. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via New England Patriots): C.J. Wilson DE, East Carolina
They fill their need for a LDE to replace Jimmy Wilkerson who may not be back from injury to start the season.

154. Green Bay Packers: Antonio Coleman DE/OLB, Auburn
They could use an upgrade at the rush-linebacker spot opposite of Clay Matthews.

155. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets (via Philadelphia Eagles): Clifton Geathers DE, South Carolina
Ziggy Hood is the only defensive lineman on the roster who is younger than 30 years old. This was a need last year before Hood was drafted and it’s still a need now.
156. Baltimore Ravens: Walter Thurmond CB, Oregon
Lardarius Webb was a pleasant surprise this past year but they still lack quality depth.  

157. Baltimore Ravens (via Arizona Cardinals): Rennie Curran OLB, Georgia
Ray Lewis can’t play forever and Tavares Gooden hasn’t really become a premier player yet. Curran is listed as an OLB but has inside as well at UGA. He’s undersized and will need some time to add bulk but he’s incredibly instinctual and is just the sort of late round gem that GM Ozzie Newsome is known for finding.  If Paul Kruger doesn’t pan out he could also be the long-term solution at OLB across from Terrell Suggs.

158. Oakland Raiders (from New England Patriots via Denver Broncos via Dallas Cowboys: Trindon Holliday RS, LSU
With as many speedsters as they have you’d think they would be better at returning kicks and punts. Holliday ran a 4.34 40 at the combine.  
159. San Diego Chargers: Marcus Easley WR, UConn
They lost Kassim Osgood to FA and Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd are both signed to one-year tenders. It’s unlikely the Chargers will be able to re-sign them both in 2011. Easley is very raw but has a lot of upside and is the type of big receiver that the Chargers prefer.

160. Cleveland Browns (via New York Jets): Patrick Stoudamire CB, Western Illinois
While it’s true they traded for Sheldon Brown, he’s 30 years old and probably only has a couple quality years left in him. In any event this is a BPA situation that fills a slight need as the Browns lack quality depth at the position.  

161. Minnesota Vikings: Van Eskridge S, East Carolina
Madieu Williams is serviceable but the Vikings could definitely use an upgrade.

162. Indianapolis Colts: Thomas Austin OG, Clemson
Austin is versatile enough to both Guard and Center which are both positions of need for the Colts.  

163. St. Louis Rams (from Philadelphia Eagles via New Orleans Saints): Alterraun Verner CB, UCLA
Bartell and Fletcher are a solid starting tandem but the need some quality depth behind them.

164. Comp. pick: Pittsburgh Steelers: Ed Dickson TE, Oregon
The Steelers need a back-up TE that can block and catch, of which Matt Spaeth can do neither.

165. Comp. pick: Atlanta Falcons: Ted Larson OC, N.C. State
Todd McClue is 32 years old and they need interior O line depth.  

166. Comp. pick: Pittsburgh Steelers: Cameron Sheffield OLB, Troy
If the Steelers intend on keeping Lawrence Timmons at ILB then they have no depth behind James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley at OLB.

167. Comp. pick: Minnesota Vikings: Eric Decker WR, Minnesota
The Vikings need someone to push Bernard Berrian and who better than local boy Decker, who if not for an injured foot that keep him out his senior year would’ve been a 2nd round pick.

168. Comp. pick: San Diego Chargers: Barry Church SS, Toledo
Both Safety spots need to be challenged.  

169. Comp. pick: Green Bay Packers: John Estes OC, Hawaii
The Packers need interior O line depth.

Round 6:

170. St. Louis Rams: Brandon Carter OG, Texas Tech
When the Rams move Jason Smith to LT they will need someone to replace him at RT. Carter has played primarily Guard but at 6’6”, 319lbs. he has the size to play OT.

171. Atlanta Falcons (via Detroit Lions): Dennis Pitta TE, BYU
Pitta would be an upgrade over back-up TE Justin Peele as he is a great blocker with a little more athleticism than Peele.

172. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Crezdon Butler CB, Clemson
With an earlier pick devoted to CB the Bucs may shed Rhonde Barber to save money, which would leave a hole at Nickel CB.

173. Miami Dolphins (via Kansas City Chiefs): Joe Pawelek ILB, Baylor
The Dolphins need insurance for the often injured Channing Crowder.

174. Miami Dolphins (via Washington Redskins): Ciron Black OT/OG, LSU
They lack O line depth. Black, who was an OT in college, doesn’t really have the athleticism to play outside in the pros. He does have the potential to be a great run-blocking RG though.

175. Carolina Panthers (via Oakland Raiders): Jevan Snead QB, Ole’ Miss.
The organization can have all the faith it wants in Matt Moore, but they need to have someone just incase he fails in his first full starting season. Snead has the size and arm strength to make all of the NFL throws but he definitely needs some work on his decision-making skills.

176. Seattle Seahawks: David Pender CB, Purdue
Seattle needs someone to push Ken Lucas.

177. Cleveland Browns: Cord Howard OG, GT
They lack interior O line depth.

178. Buffalo Bills: Drew Davis OT, Alabama
The Bills are really hurting for OT depth after the retirement of Brad Butler.

179. Miami Dolphins: Michael Greco S, Central Florida
It’s too late for them to find an immediate starter at FS this late in the draft, they’ll probably have to sign one in FA, but Greco could compete for the Back-up spot. He’s very raw but has the size (6’3”, 224lbs.) and speed (4.4) to develop into a quality starter in a couple of years.

180. Jacksonville Jaguars: Brandon Deaderick DT, Alabama
They have no depth behind John Henderson and Terrance Knighton. Deaderick probably would’ve been a 3rd round pick had he played the whole season. He was shot in the arm during an attempted robbery.

181. Chicago Bears: Kevin Matthews OC, Texas A&M
Olin Kreutz is 32 years old and starting to wear down. Kevin Matthews is the son of H.O.F. Center Bruce Matthews.

182. San Francisco 49ers: Reggie Carter ILB, UCLA
They need ILB depth.

183. Denver Broncos: O'Brien Schofield OLB, Wisconsin
Jarvis Moss has already thought about retiring once, the Broncos will eventually trade Elvis Dumervil either this offseason or next, Robert Ayers is not suited to play OLB, and Mario Haggan is serviceable at best. So next year the Broncos could be looking at Ayers as the only starting quality OLB on the roster. If Schofield hadn’t torn his ACL on the first day of Senior Bowl practices he would’ve been a 3rd round pick.

184. New York Giants: Stevenson Sylvester OLB, Utah
Even before Michael Boley was injured he wasn’t playing at a very high level. Sylvester plays with a lot of range and is a good fit for Fewell’s defense.

185. Tennessee Titans: Kavell Conner OLB, Clemson
David Thornton is 30 years old, has back issues, and will be a FA in 2011.

186. Cleveland Browns (via Carolina Panthers): Deji Karim RB, Southern Illinois
They need RB depth.

187. Houston Texans: Blair White WR, Michigan State
The Texans could use an upgrade over Jacoby Jones as the #2 WR. White is very NFL-ready and a steal this late in the draft.

188. Pittsburgh Steelers: Erik Cook OC, New Mexico
At 6’6” 310lbs. he’s got the big body to fit the Steelers blocking scheme.

189. Atlanta Falcons: Shay Hodge WR, Ole Miss
BPA and Brian Finneran is a 33 year old, injury-prone WR who’ll be a FA in 2011.

190. New England Patriots: Jeremy Williams WR, Tulane
They need depth at WR.

191. Cincinnati Bengals: Chris Maragos FS, Wisconsin
They need competition for Chris Crocker.

192. Buffalo Bills (via Philadelphia Eagles): Colt McCoy QB, Texas
The Bills need to bring in someone who can challenge Trent Edwards.

193. Green Bay Packers: Matt Dodge P, East Carolina
They could use an upgrade over Jeremy Kapinos and Dodge averaged 45.8 YPA last year.

194. Baltimore Ravens: Dennis Landolt OT, Penn State
It seeming more likely that the Ravens will trade Jared Gaither at some point if they can get an early 2nd round pick for him. Even if they don’t they could use some depth behind him and Michael Oher.

195. Arizona Cardinals: Ekom Udofia NT, Stanford
They need a replacement for Alan Branch.

196. Dallas Cowboys: Jordan Shipley WR, Texas
Dallas needs a slot receiver. Shipley is more quick than fast, but he can catch an underneath route and take it for a long gain. Plus he would definitely be a crowd favorite.

197. Houston Texans (via San Diego Chargers): Greg Hardy DE, Ole Miss
Houston could use some DE depth. Hardy has been plagued by injuries the last couple of years but isn’t much of a gamble this late in the draft.

198. New York Jets: George Selvie OLB, South Florida
With Vernon Gholston pretty much a bust at this point, they will need someone to back-up Calvin Pace and whoever they draft early.

199. Minnesota Vikings: Joique Bell RB, Wayne State
They need depth after losing Chester Taylor to FA. Bell is a good pass-catching 3rd down option.

200. Indianapolis Colts: Lindsey Witten DE, UConn
When Dwight Freeney is injured the Colts can seem to generate a consistent pass-rush.

201. New Orleans Saints: Tony Pike QB, Cincinnati
Their back-up QB is 38 year old Mark Brunell.

202. Comp. pick: Carolina Panthers: Keaton Kristick OLB, Oregon State
They need depth after cutting Na’il Diggs.

203. Comp. pick: Jacksonville Jaguars: Walter McFadden CB, Auburn
They need someone to challenge Tyron Brackenridge as Nickel CB.

204. Comp. pick: Carolina Panthers: Dezmon Briscoe WR, Kansas
Mushin Muhammad is 36 years old and Dwayne Jarrett hasn’t really shown much.

205. Comp. pick: New England Patriots: Kevin Thomas CB, USC
They could use some depth at CB.

206. Comp. pick: San Francisco 49ers: Brandon Sharpe OLB, Texas Tech
They need someone to push Manny Lawson.

207. Comp. pick: Tennessee Titans: Chris Marinelli OT, Stanford
They could use some OT depth.

Round 7:

208. St. Louis Rams: Lonyae Miller RB, Fresno State
They have no one behind Steven Jackson.

209. Buffalo Bills (via Detroit Lions): Jacob Hickman OC, Nebraska
The Bills need interior O line depth.

210. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Nate Collins DT, Virginia
McCoy would replace Ryan Sims, and Collins would replace a 31 year old Chris Hovan.

211. Washington Redskins: Danario Alexander WR, Missouri
Santana Moss is 30 years old and James Thrash is 34 years old.

212. Miami Dolphins (via Kansas City Chiefs): Andre Dixon RB, Connecticut
Ronnie Brown and Rickey Williams will both be FA’s next year.

213. Detroit Lions (via Seattle Seahawks): Kyle Bosworth OLB, UCLA
They need OLB depth after trading Ernie Sims to Philly. Fun fact about Kyle Bosworth, he’s the nephew of former Oklahoma OLB and early-90’s action star Brian Bosworth.

214. Detroit Lions (via Cleveland Browns): Chris Scott OT, Tennessee
They need depth behind Backus and Cherilus.

215. Oakland Raiders: Ricardo Mathews DT, Cincinnati
a 4-3 under tackle only, Mathews ran a 4.8 40 at the combine.

216. Buffalo Bills: Brandon James RS, Florida
They need a replacement for Roscoe Parrish in the return game.

217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Jacksonville Jaguars): Andre Anderson RB, Tulane
Cadillac Williams has a long and serious injury history and he’ll be a FA next year.

218. Chicago Bears: Robert Malone P, Fresno State
Brad Maynard has averaged less than 42 YPA for the last 3 years.

219. Miami Dolphins: Kyle Jolly OT, North Carolina
They need OT depth.

220. Detroit Lions (via Denver Broncos): Chris Hawkins CB, LSU
BPA and CB depth.

221. New York Giants: Trevard Lindley CB, Kentucky
CB depth.

222. Tennessee Titans: Zoltan Mesko P, Michigan
Craig Hentrich retired.

223. Carolina Panthers: Brandon Banks WR/RS, Kansas State
Mike Goodson and Tyrell Sutton average about only 21 yard per return. Banks averaged 28.9 YPR and scored 4 TD’s.

224. San Francisco 49ers: Kade Weston NT, Georgia
They could use a solid back-up NT for Aubrayo Franklin.

225. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rafael Priest CB, TCU
Hopefully one of last year’s rookie CB’s will step up into the #2 role that Willie Gay clearly can’t handle. Priest was a shutdown CB for TCU before suffering a foot injury and could push Willie Gay for the Nickel CB job.

226. St. Louis Rams (via Atlanta Falcons): Al Woods DT, LSU
DT depth.

227. Houston Texans: Dan LeFevour QB, Central Michigan
If Matt Schaub gets injured they’re screwed. LeFevour could immediately challenge Rex Grossman and Dan Orlovsky as the top back-up QB.

228. Cincinnati Bengals: Rico McCoy OLB, Tennessee
McCoy is a very good player but at 222LBS. he’ll need to get into a strength and conditioning program before he can have any impact at the NFL level.

229. New England Patriots: Shelley Smith OG, Colorado State
RG Stephen Neal has talked about retirement.

230. Green Bay Packers: Bryan McCann CB, SMU
At his pro day McCann ran a 4.28 40 and had a 40in vertical.

231. New England Patriots (via Philadelphia Eagles): Kion Wilson ILB, USF
They need depth at ILB so they don’t have to keep resigning Junior Seau every year.  

232. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Baltimore Ravens): Adam Ulatoski OT, Texas
OT depth.

233. Arizona Cardinals: Arthur Moats OLB, James Madison
They need youth at OLB.

234. Dallas Cowboys: Ben Burney CB, Colorado
CB depth and someone who can take punt-return duties from Patrick Crayton.

235. San Diego Chargers: Dane Fletcher OLB, Montana State
They need future depth at OLB as they will probably not retain Shawne Merriman next year.

236. New York Jets: Syd'Quan Thompson CB, Cal
Thompson could be a good Nickel corner behind Revis and Cromartie.

237. Minnesota Vikings: Joel Nitchman OC, Michigan State
They need someone to challenge John Sullivan.

238. Indianapolis Colts: Dominique Harris S, Temple
Safety depth behind the always-injured Bob Sanders.

239. New Orleans Saints: Seyi Ajirotutu WR, Fresno State
Another late round gem to add to Drew Brees’ arsenal.

240. Comp. pick: Indianapolis Colts: Dan Doering OG, Iowa
Interior O line depth.

241. Comp. pick: Tennessee Titans: Boris Lee ILB, Troy
ILB depth.

242. Comp. pick: Pittsburgh Steelers: Joe Webb QB/WR, UAB
This is a pure project player like Antwaan Randle-El was coming out of college. He’s got good size at 6’3”, 225lbs. and 4.44 speed.

243. Comp. pick: Philadelphia Eagles: Jarrett Brown QB, WV
McNabb has been traded as will Vick, either this offseason or next. Either way they need a capable back-up and Brown is a mobile developmental QB who would be a good fit for a West Coast offense.   

244. Comp. pick: Philadelphia Eagles: Ryan Stamper OLB, Florida
OLB Depth.

245. Comp. pick: Seattle Seahawks: Malcolm Sheppard DT, Arkansas
They need DT’s that can pass-rush.

246. Comp. pick: Indianapolis Colts: Patrick Benoist OLB, Vanderbilt
OLB depth and a good fit for the Tampa-2.

247. Comp. pick: New England Patriots: Scott Sicko TE, New Hampshire
TE depth.

248. Comp. pick: New England Patriots: Lorenzo Washington DE, Alabama
DE depth.

249. Comp. pick: Carolina Panthers: James Williams OT, Harvard
LT depth so they don’t have to move Travelle Wharton the next time Jordan Gross gets injured.

250. Comp. pick: New England Patriots: Michael Smith RB, Arkansas
Every RB currently on the roster is a FA in 2011.

251. Comp. pick: Oakland Raiders: Reggie Stephens OG, Iowa State
They need interior O line depth.

252. Comp. pick: Miami Dolphins: Brian Jackson FS, Oklahoma
Competition at FS. Jackson was good at CB in college but is too slow to play CB in the NFL.

253. Comp. pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Simoni Lawrence OLB, Minnesota
OLB depth.

254. Comp. pick:  St. Louis Rams: Josh Hull ILB, Penn State
Depth behind James Laurinaitis.

255. Comp. pick: Detroit Lions: Alex Joseph ILB, Temple
ILB Depth.




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