My look at the Steelers roster and how it shows the draft needs.


QB:  Ben, Dixon, Batch

RB:  Mendenhall, Moore, Summers/Redman, ?

TE:  Heath, Spaeth, Johnson/McHugh

WR:  Hines, Holmes, Wallace, Randel El, Battle/Sweed/Grisham

LT:  Starks, Hills, Scott

LG:  Kemo, Foster

OC:  Hartwig, Legursky

RG:  Essex, Urbik

RT:  Colon




NT:  Hampton, Hoke

DT:  Smith, Keisel, Hood, Harris

OLB:  Harrison, Woodley, Frazier, Bailey

ILB:  Farrior, Timmons, Fox, Foote

CB:  Ike, Gay, Burnett, Lewis, Madison

FS:  Clark, Allen, Mundy

SS:  Troy, ?/Carter




PR:  Logan, (Holmes, Moore, Randel El, Battle, Burnett)

KR:  Logan, (Battle, Burnett)

K:  Reed

P:  Sepulveda

LS:  Retkofshy




Total 53


Position comments.

QB:  Ben may be missing some games, (less likely than when I started this) so a QB could be and option if the cards fall just right, now that Batch signed, (my guess not till round 5), camp arm/PS.

RB:  I don't think both Summers and Redman will make the team so one is on PS.

TE:  Good to go.  I'd love to see Mark Bruener #2 and get rid of the TE/FB/HB that Ariens loves so much.

WR:  Good to go.  Grisham is the PS guy.

LT:  Always looking for an upgrade, I like Starks, but would move him back to RT.

LG:  Ilupita and move Kemo to RG, don't see it.

OC:  Pouncey at RG for a year or two and then to C like Dawson, Webster, and Harting before him.

RG:  Ilupita or Colon?  Essex plays four positions. Pouncey in 2010, Urbik in 2011.

RT:  Any top five T could serve a year or two at RT like Smith did.


NT:  Hoke could be upgraded.

DT:  Youth required.

OLB:  Upgrading the backups and the future of this position is needed.

ILB:  Nine LB's need to be on the roster OLB or ILB though Foote makes ILB depth not as bad as it was.

CB:  I can see a need, Ike is fine but has one year left, Gay is a nickle, Burnett is Gay right now but can be a return guy/DB, Lewis is a complete unknown.

FS:  Good.

SS:  Anyone want to see Carter back there any time soon?


PR:  Lot's of options.  See KR.

KR:  I don't think Logan will be with us this year.

K:  Skippy for one more.

P:  Robo Punter will be fine.

LS:  Warren will not be ready for the beginging of the season.


1st round options.

LT Not the biggest need but if the right guy can be had you have to pull the trigger.

CB An easy upgrade no matter how good or bad Burnett/Lewis end up being. 

G  Have lots of guards but could improve the position.

C  Especially if he can play G for a year to learn. 

NT  If Dan Williams is there.

ILB  Needs a year to learn anyway.

OLB  If a college DL that needs a year.

DT  Needs a year.

RB  Willie is now a Redskin, a younger faster version of  Moore is necessary soon.  Spiller?



SS  This is the #1 need without a 1st round prospect.  He would be a backup to Troy no matter where he’s drafted so round 1 would be unlikely anyway.

FS  Unless a guy can play some dime for a couple of years and CB.  Earl Thomas?


Not;  QB, WR, TE


I’m leaning toward CB, Ike has one year left and the rest are unknowns.

Next would be OL, the guy they think could play right away.

Then the dreaded BPA since they would not start in 2010.

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