Kyle Wilson, is he really worth a 1st rd pick? found this interesting

Found some information on the cornerback class for this draft. I personally am leaning towards taking Kyle Wilson in the 1st if we have no premier O Line picks and Earl Thomas is not available.

below you will find an article and the link back to the site for it. I believe this shows a possibility of Wilson being a STUD CB for the steelers for years to come.




The CB's: Kyle Wilson or Joe Haden Posted 03-29-2010 at 02:49 PM by CKSteeler
Updated 03-29-2010 at 05:56 PM by CKSteeler

Tags <!-- ads could go here --> There has been some talk about how deep this class of DB's is, and some people have extended that to the corner position. I have been in the minority in seeing this as a rather mediocre class overall, but after looking through these numbers they actually came out more athletic than I had thought they would.

What has been collected here is pretty simple. You have the basic measurables from the players (height/weight) as well as their 40 time. KEI is another indicator I've decided to use. For those who are unaware, this is the Kirwan Explosion Index. This is a formula developed by Pat Kirwan to find the guys with explosive athletic ability that will translate to the football field. This is a number that you find by Bench Press Reps + Vertical Jump + Broad Jump. A score above 70 is a very good number. Anything above 60 would be what you expect from a starting CB prospect.

Obviously, there's more to judging a prospect than his physical ability, so we had to take a look at production, as well. There wasn't a great way to compare these guys. Some only have 2 seasons to another guys 4. I decided the fairest method was to give cumulative stats so a player is given credit for his full body of work. A guy who has performed reliably for a longer period of time is a safer pick in the end than a one year wonder.

Joe Haden vs. Kyle Wilson
The first player who jumps out to me is Kyle Wilson. Most people continue to rank Joe Haden as the top CB prospect in this draft, by some (including myself) prefer Wilson. Coming from Boise, he isn't going to receive the same media love as Haden coming from Florida. Haden is a pretty impressive prospect himself, but there are questions about his overall athleticism. When he ran his 4.5 at the Combine, there were a number of people who weren't surprised. When you watch Haden, he's not a guy who blows you away with his physical ability. At the next level, I view him as a guy who will most likely need help over or have to play off his man. Most CB's do, so that's not a huge knock on him.

Kyle Wilson, on the other hand, has a higher ceiling. At the Senior Bowl he was impressive in all types of coverage, and that matches what he did his entire college career. Wilson is a more impressive athlete (the only CB with a KEI over 70) and if either of these guys develops into a lockdown CB at the next level, my money is on him.

Wilson also has a playmaking ability that Haden may lack. He has had 8 INT's in the last two seasons, and 3 more than Haden for his college career despite Haden getting his hands on more passes overall (passes broken up). Both players are physical and have the same sort of frame.

Kyle Wilson most likely goes second come April, but for the Steelers, it may end up a blessing. Kyle Wilson remains an underrated CB prospect, and would be elite in any crop.

The Overlooked: Walter Thurmmond and Myron Lewis
If there is a true sleeper in this draft class at CB, it's this guy. A quick look at the numbers above tells you how incredibly productive he was during his 3 seasons at Oregon. He put up bigger numbers than both Haden and Wilson without the benefit of his Senior season. Prior to the year, Thurmmond was being talked about as a first round draft pick. He has the size and pedigree, so what the hell happened?

Injury. Specifically, he tore ligaments in his knee. Thurmmond has been unable to work-out for scouts so far, but should be ready to run prior to the draft during private visits.

Thurmmond was potentially a better prospect than Jairus Byrd was. This is a guy who, prior to his injury, was a highly athletic playmaking cover man who also played physically. The injury makes him a risk, but you aren't going to find too many guys with a higher ceiling in R4. The team is already looking at Nolan Carroll, another athletic player who lost his Senior season and fell in the draft.

The next sleeper I have is Myron Lewis out of Vanderbilt. The only knock on him is a lack of top end speed, and so some people have made him a safety prospect. However, a strong 40 time (4.42) and his size makes him an intriguing player in the middle rounds.

The Steelers have already shown interest in the physical Lewis. They interviewed him at the Combine. Lewis is a guy who could eventually win a starting CB or S job. He was very productive in a tough conference, and is being overlooked because he played on a SEC doormat.

Finally, Crezdon Butler was a productive 4 year starter who had a quiet Senior year. He has experience in man and zone schemes at Clemson. Not being targeted much early last year, and being a bit banged up by the end of it, Crezdon is a guy who is more than just one of the top athletes at the CB position. He doesn't have the best ball skills, but he managed to make enough plays at the collegiate level. If he goes where projected on day 2, you could do far worse.

Later on this week we'll take a look at the safety class. The team may have kept Clark and signed Allen, but there are still spots open at the position...and this is one of the deepest classes of safeties you will ever see.

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