El Mock Magnifico

Okay I realize everyone's probably seen enough mocks already to make them puke. But please, try to swallow one more with the Messican's El Mock Mangifico. One thing about my mock is that it's pretty conservative on who's available when its time for the Steelers to select. I've seen some mocks that are just loaded with guys that just wont be there. It would be nice if we could get Sean Lee in the 4th, but hey it just aint happenin. For El Mock Magnifico I've used the prospect rankings of and as reference points to “guestimate” when someone is available.


Another thing about my mock is that I tried to select solid character guys: guys that are smart, have strong work ethics, or have shown good leadership qualities. Contributions to special teams is also a theme in this mock.


1st Round - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State


Note: Potential Steeler prospects off the board are DWilliams, McClain, Haden, the 3 OT's, and Earl Thomas.


Picking the 1st round was probably the most difficult. Anyone's who's read any of my comments before will know I've argued pretty hard on getting a lineman. I was onboard early with Iupati back in January. I thought getting the most dominant interior lineman in the draft at #18 was the way to go. But even though Iupati is clearly a dominant run blocker, he needs some work on his pass protection, (he got abused by Geno Atkins in the Senior Bowl). And even though he has the potential to develop into an OT, there's a bit too many question marks to consider him at #18.


Pouncey is the only other interior lineman to consider in the 1st. . He is well rounded, could start off at guard, and would eventually replace Hartwig. But in the end, I didn't think he had as much value to the Steelers as Kyle.


I really like Jared Odrick and the thought of him teaming with Hood for years to come is enticing, but at #18 he is a slight reach, and in THIS draft there is absolutely no reason to be reaching. I really do like this guy, but I'll talk more about this situation in my 2nd round selection.


Kyle Wilson eventually trumps all for me because at #18 IMO he presents the most value and helps fill a need position. You can never have too many good CB's in this pass happy league, and we barely have ONE in Ike Taylor. Yes we drafted Burnett and Lewis last year, but they were mid-round guys, who (like William Gay) will be #2 corners at best. Adding Wilson significantly upgrades the CB position and lets Gay, Lewis, and Burnett battle it out for the nickel and dime slots. And remember, Ike is in his final year.


What I really like about Kyle is that he is a PLAYMAKER, something we desperately needed from the secondary last year. He is strong in all facets of the position: fast, smooth in the hips, with a great closing burst. He is not the best run support corner available in the draft, but I don't think he's terribly deficient in this area though (Chad Steuber of even writes “He's willing to the do the dirty work and will step up in run defense.”) Kyle comes to play in the biggest games and had an excellent Senior Bowl. Yes, he is a bit cocky, but I think we could use a little bit of swagger in the secondary and I trust the veterans to keep that part of his personality in check a bit. The fact that he's one helluva punt returner is just icing on the cake. I just noticed Hi5's post on Kyle before posting. Check it out for further info.


The guys is just solid in all areas and some even consider him as good a pick as Haden. At #18, I dont consider him a reach. NFLDraftScout has him ranked at #20 and has him at #21, and we all know CB's typically get picked higher. As far as his character, I see him as a guy with a strong work ethic. After an early incident in college, he “re-dedicated” himself and has continually improved all aspects of his game. Warning: if tatoos turn you off, well this might not be your guy.


2nd Round – Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas St.


With this draft being so rich in DL talent, I just couldn't see the Steelers passing up a DL in the 1st 3 rounds, not with the age of their starters. Carrington is a perfect fit in the 2nd round. He's a big, strong run-stuffing DE and can hold the line of scrimmage to free up plays to be made by the LB's. He doesn't have the explosion or pass rushing skills I think that Odrick has, but for what the Steelers need him to do, I dont think thats much of an issue. In the end, I just didnt see the Steelers gaining a whole lot by taking Odrick in the 1st, when this guy would be available in the 2nd. I think Wilson-Carrington trumphs Odrick-Burnett selections in the 1st 2 rounds.


He's also a smart guy that graduated with a 3.52 GPA. He is a father to a young son, so he's probably pretty mature for his age, and should not be out setting up VIP areas in night clubs. He also played on special teams in college.


Thanks to Big Jay for first tipping me off to Carrington..


3rd Round – Donald Butler, LB, Washington


I'm sure we've seen plenty other mocks that have my first 2 selections in them, but Butler is the one that seperates El Mocko Magnifico from the others. I've been pimpin this guy for months now, and he has slowly been climbing up the charts, especially with a solid Senior Bowl and a killer combine. Kiper now has him as the #3 rated ILB, behind McClain and Daryl Washington. Butler has excellent strength (eye popping 35 reps at the combine), good 4.6 speed, and is great in pass coverage. He has the size, skills, and athleticism IMO to play either the Buck or Mack position, and in college he played all 3 LB positions. Tomlin will LOVE his versatility.


With his athleticism, he has special teams STUD written all over him, and he played in 3 special teams units at Washington. He makes big plays in big games. He was voted team captain last year and is considered extremely bright by his coaches. Would love to see this guy in the Black and Gold.


4th Round – Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia


If there's any choice where there is a question of availability, it is this one. This former TE was considered a 2nd round talent a few months ago, but after displaying extremely bad footwork at the combine, he is now considered to be a 4th round prospect. He improved somewhat on his Pro Day, so his stock may rise slightly. With this pick, the Steelers can get a project that Krugler can hopefully turn into our next starting LT.


5th Round – Ted Larsen, C, NC State


This guy is another El Mock Magnifico special. I've been touting him pretty good for some time now. He's been slowing moving up the charts and I'm starting to worry a bit about him still being there in the 5th. Kiper has moved him from the #5 center to #3 and for good reason. He's a converted DT and has only been playing C for 2 years. He's got good size (6-3”, 305 lbs), great upper body strength, and will not be bull rushed. He's a high motor guy. I'm convinced he will be a mid-round steal. Getting him here is one reason I'm passing on Pouncey in the 1st.


5th Round Compensatory Pick – Myron Rolle, SS, Florida St.


This one's for all the Myron lovers out there. I'm really not a big fan of him, but I'm willing to thrown a late 5th round pick on him. I think he'll still be on the board. Could be good on special teams too.


El Mock Magnifico goes only 5 rounds deep. Anything past that is really just BPA. Other guys I really liked in the mid rounds, but had to back off of were Montario Hardesty (shy and has a spin move reminds me too much of Mendy), John Jerry (game sounds too much like Urbik), and Torrel Troupe (Hampton signing killed this).


Feel free to give some feedback. If you just want to acknowledge agreement you can just shout “ORALE HOMES!”. Or if you think I'm way off you can say “Damn Messican, what you smokin?” Above all, I just hope it makes for entertaining reading.

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