The official HIGH FIVE mock draft for 2010.

Yes folks I know what you are thinking, I found the perfect draft for our steelers! You are correct. I will now proceed to make what I feel to be THE greatest draft the steelers could ever make but do so within the confines of our FO making a legit reach for a player in that round.

This draft in no way reflects the views or feelings of any particular poster in real life found on this site........



1st round: Rolando McClain

Why should we draft this man? because he has big muscles!


Why should we not draft this man? Inside Linebacker is not a position of immediate need. In two years yes. today we have immediate need at cornerback.

We need a back up for broken wing polamalu and need a backup for ryan clark who although GOOD at his position and is a heavy hitter really has no flash or star power to get the job done on his own.

We need at least one legit O Line probowler. In an o line of nobodies nobody on our o line shines. We need at least one single anchor on that o line somewhere. anywere. 

Our Linebacking core is chock full of studs, stars, and experienced ballers. our linebackers have possibly the best DL in the entire NFL to help out and this is something that cant be ignored. Players like hampton, aaron smith, the diesel, hood, etc etc bring up the strengh of the entire  7 man defensive front.

2nd round : Alex Carrington DT/DE, Arkansas State

Why should we draft this man? Because we drafted ziggy hood last year and the other fat over the hill slobs on DL wont play wii with him.... in comes carrington to fill that void.


Seriously....  how many high draft picks are we going to use on the defensive front 7 in the last few years? Im starting to fear all of bens troubles are getting worse due to concussions. A couple more and I wouldnt be surprised to find Ben in a san francisco bath house after one too many "light beers" .......


3rd round: Legarrette Blount

Lets just get this one out of the way right now. If I see one more mock with Blount in it I think ill just shave my head with a lawnmower!

Is this a reach? maybe but if you think the bungles will wait till round four for 1st round RB talent with off field issues you need to get off the chronic now. If blount is going to be a beast like everyone thinks you might as well make sure you get this beast on your team than face the 4th round blount lottery.


4th round:  Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon

Ive seen him mocked to steelers in the 4th and 5th rds. Why take him? WHY NOT? Seriously though I have inside knowledge that Arians needs just one more baller TE to start an offseason all TE hockey team and this man is his dream center. That and Arians is going to try out a new offensive set going five wide with just TEs.


5th round: Myron Rolle S

Another player that if I see mocked to the steelers ill trim my sideburns with garden shears.

Now im not belittling the guy, I mean im sure after he quits the nfl midway through his rookie season after his first NFL concusion he wlll make an excellent proctologist, or veterinarian, or political lobbyist so I say take your signing bonus and BE somebody Myron! Because we all know football sure aint for the intelligensia.

5th round comp pick: ed WANG O.T.

If you thought id leave this name off the list you are high as a kite, think he slipped a bit to fifth? Did you see his last name? .... WANG. Reference any player with the name GAY.... Every one of those slipped in the draft. Im not going to connect the dots or infer anything here but I will just throw this thought out there to gnaw on.... would YOU want a wang protecting your most valuable commodity?....... and how about those jersey sales.....through the roof .....


second 5th rd comp pick: Tony Pike QB, Cincinnati

After Ben gets caught in that gay bath house we will need SOMEONE to steer this ship, and this IS that man. Why? Well because everyone knows dixon is a pencil legged career backup that we will only get a 7th rder for when we trade him and charlie glass wrist Batch is not even in the same league as the studly jason campbell.  That only leaves this man right here. Or we could give up our first rounder and snatch up that superman jason campbell. Im kinda torn on that but it would ruin this mock so we shall just start this man on opening day after Goodell permanently bans big ben from entering any mens locker room for the next three years until bathgate settles.

Added bonus Tony Pike sounds identical to peyton manning. seriously. and that alone would give us the jump on opposing defenses when he starts his snap count.


6th round pick: Joe Pawelek ILB, Baylor

why  when we drafted rolando in the 1st? because im really believin the hype, we need more depth in the ILB position! just in case foote, farrior, frazier, timmons, and bailey all end up in a V.I.P. lounge with santonio we need to be ready for it.


7th round pick:  Ekom Udofia NT, Stanford

Because every NFL team worth its salt carries three nose tackles.


7th round comp pick: Chris DeGeare - G

Because as all the experts know a 7th round O Lineman is just as good as a 1st and much cheaper to boot!


There you have it folks, please be easy on me. I spent uncounted days on this mock and it is TRULY my pride and joy.

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