Pre-Marital Rapid Reports

Another week another edition of rapid reports.  After reading the title you can deduce that this is my last monday as a single man, I will be married this saturday and probably won't post much this week.  The title also sounds a little dirty, like something LT would do, but I'm OK with that <insert joke here>.  And I will be on the honeymoon next week but I'll still post this, don't worry Mrs. Tannofsteel84 is a steeler fan too, she'll understand.    Not much this week of course but some interesting stuff so here we go.

Look for the Steelers to give every opportunity for rookie WR Emmanuel Sanders to win the No. 3 job in camp. He has the speed that Arnaz Battleand Antwaan Randle-El can't match.

Wouldn't be great for Emmanuel Sanders to be the second coming of Mike Wallace?  I find this interesting, we all thought ARE had the #3 spot sewn up.  But its good to hear that one of the rookies will be pushing the vets.  We need it especially in our WR core.  

It's impossible for Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley to get a new contract under the current CBA. The 30-percent rule, which goes into effect this season, states any new contract can't have salaries more than 30 percent above a player's 2009 salary each year.

First of all whoever thought of this rule needs to be publicly executed in front of all NFL Fans and Front Office personnel.  We don't need bumbling idiots like this in the world. (Figurative of course)  On a serious note, why has no one addressed the franchise option in the media?  Is this a case where they like to drum-up suspense and then when it happens act like they knew all along?  Its still a dumb rule regardless.  But there are several ways around it, this CBA officially ends next year when FA is suppose to begin, sign him at Midnight if you have to.

The two main reasons the Steelers signed free agent WR Isaiah Williams to replace the injured Limas Sweed on the roster is size and speed. Williams is 6-2, 205, and runs a 4.38 in the 40.

Well to temper expectations, there is a reason why he was cut last year from the ravens I believe, even with there terrible WR situation last year.  But lets hope he can put some things together in the second year and show some promise, at least get the 5th WR position.  If he is going to be our 'tall' receiver I'd still like him 2 or 3 inches taller.  I'm still hoping one of the tall guys next year falls to us in the draft.  Thats our best bet right now.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on if he will pick his starting QB before training camp: "In all likelihood, I won't say it, but the decision will be made."

Right because if someone does something to blow you away you can still change your mind and no one will know the difference, then you won't look stupid for naming Leftwich the starter then have Dixon throwing darts out there and sees the defense clearly shortly afterward.  Smart at the same time, if anyone really distinguished themselves then you'd have no problem saying it.  If its too close to call, go with dixon, he gives you the running ability to make teams think twice about blitzing.

Steelers rookie LB Jason Worilds had this to say to about the advice he's been getting from past Steeler alumni: "It's special. It let's you know the tradition of this organization. I really wanted to hear their experience."

 Yes, soak it all in.

The word coming out of the Steelers organization is that QB Ben Roethlisberger probably won't be given permission by the NFL to return in time for next week's mini-camp.

They should have never gave him a female therapist.  I mean what did they find in Ben's noggin to post-pone his return?  Will he have to go through another session?

Steelers LB James Harrison was named to the 2009 AP All-Pro second team after Texans LB Brian Cushing was taken off in a re-vote yesterday. This is the second time Harrison has earned All-Pro status.

Just in case you didn't know.  If he didn't get held all season he'd have 30 sacks.

Thats all for this week.  See ya next.

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