A Little News Round Up On A Boring Day

I was just surfing with some free time on my hands and I thought I would pull what I saw together for my fellow BTSCers.

Pouncey got stepped on by 330 pounds of Trai Essex yesterday and was out for only a short while before showing his toughness and resuming the center position with the first team O. Hmmm...Maybe Essex is not ready to relinquish the starting right guard position. Look for him to "Accidentally" cripple Ramone Foster in the near future. In the same article: , Rashard Mendenhall has some interesting comments about the running game. I find them a little troubling. It seems, B.A. is still B.A.

I have often talked about Steelergurl's blog: . I found two nice pieces at the top today (Alright, I haven't been there in a while) you should check them out. She always has a well written and thoughtful prospective. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find where to comment since she changed the format. Anyone? has a quick piece (Do they ever have a long one?) about Mike Wallace, the subject of a lot of talk and speculation this off season. Everything I read gives me the sense that he is really taking advantage of Hines Ward's advice. So many young people today have a hard time with learning from the older guys. I think it is just another indicator of how mature this young man is. That is until I see his haircut! It just cracks me up. Originally, I thought it was helmet head, but now I'm beginning to realize he doesn't own a mirror.

Big Ben finally get some good press from an ex-girlfriend: . I had never heard of their relationship, and I have to ask: What was he thinking? She is the perfect girl for our franchise quarterback. She is attractive, and an athlete in a sport he likes to play. What more could he ask for? I mean, with her he wouldn't have to sneak out to the golf course. And, She has respectable written all over her. I say it's time for Ben to explore a reconciliation.

Non Steelers football related news:

It appears that Jared Allen has, gasp, cut his mullet for his wedding: . Included in the article are a couple of priceless quotes about that most impressive of hair styles. Now, don't get me wrong, I had a mullet for a while in college (It did me right too. One of the prettiest girls I ever dated introduced herself by walking up behind me and running her hand through it), but I never considered keeping it and never considered it a life style.

Jeremy Shockey was taken to the hospital with "cesure-like symptoms": . I hope he is all right. That guy just can't stay healthy.

Philip Merling, a defensive end for the Dolphins has been charged with battery of a pregnant woman (Boo-hiss): . There isn't much information there so we will have to wait and see. The reason this caught my eye was the pregnancy aspect, as I'm sure it influenced the media to report it, because, you may be able to get away with a lot of things in this world, but harming a pregnant woman seems to still hold some serious negative consequences. If he is convicted or pleads, does the NFL go harder on him?

This little article caught my eye: . Not because of it's connection with Albert, but because of the use of the word "Exotic". What happened to calling a stripper a stripper? I worked, once upon a time, as a bartender in a strip club in Miami, and I can tell you there is nothing "Exotic" about them. More like crazy. How did we get so PC sensitive as to worry whether not a stripper would get upset by using her rightful title? By the way, you know how black people can make fun of blacks, or Jewish people can tell Jewish jokes? You guessed it, I can make fun of strippers because one of my sisters was one. And, yes, she is bats**t crazy.

Was that too much? More than you wanted to know. Is it time for me to go? Okay.

Stay sane BTSC nation.

Go Steelers.

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