Rapid Report Dixon gets shafted Edition

Any week another edition of rapid reports.  I don't like the way Tomlin has handled the QB situation.  They could have easily let Leftwich go the first week and Dixon the second.  Then rotated until Ben got back.  The only reasoning for Dixon not getting a fair shake is that the coaches have already came to the conclusion that Dixon is still not ready to play.  I think this speaks poorly on the coaching staff in developing Dixon.  What have they been doing this whole time?  Of course we'll see the final product on the field in September.  If we win no one will complain, if we lose everyone will be chewing off tomlin's head.  But it seems to me that a mobile, strong armed, accurate, yet questionable decision maker QB that has been in the league going on his 3rd year should be ready to start a couple of games by now over an immobile, strong armed, kinda accurate, and still some questionable decision making QB.  But things aren't always that black and white.  I'm just looking forward to this running game, he has to be revamped if we plan on beating the ravens.  The problem is you don't beat the ravens on the ground, you beat them in the air.  I still think we can beat the other 3 teams on our schedule for the first four games.  

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said top draft pick Maurkice Pouncey will be given a chance to win the starting job at center during training camp, but he has a better chance to start at guard.

Here we go, we'll see what Pouncey is made out of.  Although it won't be much of a competition if Hartwig doesn't get healthy enough to play soon.  I doubt Pouncey will win the position with the way this coaching staff seems to favor vets heavily in position battles.  Its like fighting the heavy weight champ, you gotta knock him out to win.  At least he has shown enough to get a chance at center.  That tells me that he is soaking up the play book pretty well and can recognize some defenses which doesn't shock me.  Tebow doesn't rub off of me as the pocket QB that kills you with his smarts (not that I think he's dumb it just hasn't been prevalent in his playing style).  

It's looking more and more like Isaac Redman and rookie Jonathan Dwyer will battle to be the short-yardage running back.

Yes.  I think Dwyer wins this battle and it leaves Redman in a tough spot, he might have to look for another team.    

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin singled out LB Jason Worilds as a rookie who has stood out so far. "There is very little hesitation in his movement," he said. "He's decisive and that shows a level of understanding. I'm excited about what he has done."

I know there are some who probably commited internet suicide when we started taking all of those LBs in the draft.  But hopefully one or two pans out, Worilds is one that you hope can be Harrison's successor.  Lets hope he's not another bruce davis (Yes, I know Davis was a 3rd round pick and Worlids was a 2nd rounder).  We need him to be a beast in this league, maybe we'll get a safety in the 2011 draft?  Nah, a tall WR has to be the #1 need at this point.  :)  Good thing there are plenty of them in next year's draft, wouldn't mind trading up to get one, none of them will fall to 1.32.

Barring injury, QB Charlie Batch will have trouble making the team this season. He got very little reps at OTAs, and when Ben Roethlisberger  returns, Batch could be gone.

Thank Batch, you came in a played very well for the Steelers over the years.  I still remember that Miami Dolphins game that you won when Ben had his bike accident.  I remember seeing heath running the down the side line, run heath run!  I always felt like they brung Ben back too early and should have let you play 2 more games.  But I guess Big Ben wouldn't have that.  Hopefully you'll get a coaching or front office position.  

Steelers S Troy Polamalu said the team must get back to following their winning formula. "We have a pretty good formula. It involves a smothering defense that needs the offense to burn the clock so we can rest."

This is what I think was so key last year.  The reason why our fourth quarter defense was so bad, guys were gassed.  Joey Porter said something of the sort a couple of years ago when Cowher was here.  Our defense isn't made to have an offense that scores in 3 mins in the fourth quarter or have a bunch of 3 and outs in the fourth.  They need their rest.  That is why Bruce Arians cannot get all pass happy in the second half, there needs to be an establish running game at least enough to where we can milk the clock and give the defense 5-7 minutes (game time) rest at a time.  Our offense had every little bit to do with our fourth quarter collapses as our defense did.  Having Troy will help of course, but also having fresh players helps just as much.  I hope we get to see the first half of the titans game last year out of troy all season this year.  If we do he'll have about 32 ints and 200 tackles.  :)

Steelers K Jeff Reed hopes to sign a long-term deal with Pittsburgh before July 15th, but it may not happen. "The chances are about 50-50. I want it to happen, but I'm not just going to sign anything," he said.

Just an update on the kicker.  Its gonna be hard for him to get paid like he wants to if they are going to give kick off duties to someone else.

Joe Linta, agent for Steelers OT Willie Colon, does not believe Colon will ever secure a longterm contract with the Steelers. "Willie obviously loves Pittsburgh. But as of right now, they have not made any decisions they want him there longterm."

I have never seen one man change the perception of him so quickly.  Willie Colon went from being known as the worst offensive lineman on a pretty bad offensive line to be perceived as the best lineman on an average offensive line.  His play has rose and we need to keep him.  Lets pay the guy and watch him grow into one of the best linemen in the league, some already gives him that distinction.

Steelers CB Keenan Lewis is looking much more comfortable with the defense as he begins his second season. He's practicing with more speed and quickness and he's made some really good plays throughout OTAs.

All I want out of Lewis is to make sure that Gay doesn't get on the field unless its a dime situation.  Not that I think Gay is that bad, I just think that Lewis can be that much better than gay.  He is bigger, faster, and more physical than gay.  I think our defense will be fine this year, looks like another top 1 or 2 defensive year.  My main concern is the offense and the WRs.

Steelers WR Antonio Brown continues to impress and has a solid chance to make the team. Hines WardMike WallaceAntwaan Randle ElArnaz Battle and Emmanuel Sanders are locks. That leaves Brown and Tyler Grisham for the sixth WR spot.

Speaking of Wrs, I'd like to see Antonio Brown make the team as the 6th receiver.  Although I'm not entirely sure we'll carry 6 Wrs.  It won't hurt to put him on the practice squad.  

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