Pittsburgh Steelers Continue To Fly Under The Radar

Just a quick post here in the dogdays of the offseason about how the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to be an afterthought for the most part as legitimate contenders in 2010. I say that based on what odds they're currently getting to win the 2010 Super Bowl. I was initially surprised when Frank posted in one of his six packs that the Steelers were ranked 19th in ESPN's mid-may Power Rankings.  That's of course largely a product of Ben Roethlisberger being suspended for the first four to six games of the year. But I think that the departure of Santonio Holmes is being perceived as too big of a loss than it really is by many. And I think that most fans and media members think back to Pittsburgh's struggles defensively last season and immediately come to the conclusion that they'll likely struggle again in 2010. Losing Holmes does hurt, but I strongly believe that the Steelers still have more than enough talent of offense to make up for the loss of his productivity. The pass defense is still a concern, but if Troy Polamalu can somehow stay healthy and if Bryant McFadden can play better than William Gay did a year ago, the pass defense should improve, even if not to its 2008 level.

Power Rankings are just one man's opinion though, so I decided to check the NFL betting lines and look at if there'd been any movement in the Super Bowl odds since I last checked after the draft.  As you'll see, the Steelers, once 11:1 favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy next February, have continued to slide down the board as likely champions.

Let's take a look.

Team Odds (Feb.) Odds (post Draft) Odds (mid-June
Arizona Cardinals 35/1 40/1 40/1
Atlanta Falcons 30/1 25/1 30/1
Baltimore Ravens 20/1 18/1 14/1
Buffalo Bills 100/1 100/1 100/1
Carolina Panthers 40/1 30/1 35/1
Chicago Bears 35/1 35/1 35/1
Cincinnati Bengals 30/1 30/1 30/1
Cleveland Browns 100/1 80/1 80/1
Dallas Cowboys 12/1 11/1 12/1
Denver Broncos 50/1 50/1 50/1
Detroit Lions 100/1 80/1 90/1
Green Bay Packers 12/1 14/1 14/1
Houston Texans 35/1 28/1 28/1
Indianapolis Colts 13/2 8/1 9/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 50/1 70/1 70/1
Kansas City Chiefs 100/1 100/1 90/1
Miami Dolphins 45/1 30/1 30/1
Minnesota Vikings 12/1 14/1 12/1
New England Patriots 10/1 9/1 12/1
New Orleans Saints 10/1 9/1 9/1
New York Giants 20/1 25/1 25/1
New York Jets 25/1 12/1 10/1
Oakland Raiders 100/1 80/1 80/1
Philadelphia Eagles 16/1 18/1 18/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 11/1 18/1 20/1
San Diego Chargers 8/1 10/1 11/1
San Francisco 49ers 45/1 30/1 30/1
Seattle Seahawks 45/1 40/1 40/1
St. Louis Rams 100/1 100/1 100/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100/1 100/1 100/1
Tennessee Titans 25/1 28/1 28/1
Washington Redskins 50/1 28/1 25/1


Again, all just for fun and nothing here, just interesting in my mind watching the lines move as the public's perception shifts throughout the calendar year.

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