Driveby Report: "Offseason Friday Frickin Fun" Edition

I was thinking back in the days (last year) when the offseason meant writing "Hump Day Flashbacks" on Wednesday.  I would write these to bring out stories from our past about certain events in Steeler History.  Sort of like "Where were you when....?"  Then the regular season came and I loaded the gun for a "Driveby Report" after every game.  The Hump day flash Backs are a thing of the past, unless I get a really good idea, but I felt a need for a different kind of Driveby Report.

This is an offseason report.  Instead of letting the bullets fly after a Steeler game, I will let them fly in Random fashion.  No one is safe.  It's time to do a 187 on boredom.  This Driveby is going to be the emptying of a clip of random thoughts. 

There is a little twist to this though.  This report has homework.  We are going to start a "Movie Monday" movie critic poast every Monday.  Some will be assigned a movie to watch and review/critique.  Then we will have a post on Monday to poast your critique on.  That brings us to a point of discussion.  Do you want to email them to one person to put a poast together or do you want just have a poast that critiques can be posted in comments?

It's driveby time people.  Tell the women and children to get inside. 16 in the clip and 1 in the hole Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold - What song is that from? 

1. Pedro Alvarez watch:  0-6, 4Ks 1 BB, 1 E (I still vote for Pedro) If he would have connected the way he swung at two of those pitches in the 8th last night, I think he would have bounced one of the Clemente Bridge.

2. Old Spice Coach Tomlin Football Camp starts Monday at Mars High School

3. I think I like the Ike Taylor that showed up in Miami the last game of the season.  If that guy shows up all year he may finally make the Pro Bowl.....  I'm Brian Fellow!

4. The gulf coast asks you....."Don't you wanna come?"

5. Troll of the week: MissBrnSug When people write things like that you have to say, "Surely no one is that dimwitted".  Ok............ I know and quit calling me Shirley.

6. I had plenty of bullets but a lot were too political so they kept jamming the gun.  I threw those out.  Random mentioning of Ben is appropriate at this moment as well.

7. My son found a disturbing video on Youtube.  Go to youtube and search these two words:  Chimpanzee frog.  Tell me what you think.  My son said what happened but I haven't seen it yet.  He said no animals died in it so don't worry.

8. Some people come into the 'Burgh looking for tickets instead of having them in hand.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has an interesting piece on scalpers.

9. I like women's softball.  I have watched a few games this year.  Can't tell you which teams played but......

10. Did I ever tell you i liked the LPGA?

11. I heard Mexico beat France.  Then I also heard France gave up.  Does France ever fold?

12. You talk about bizarre calls in baseball this year?  Check this one out:

13. If you ever watch Spaceballs, you will understand that Mel Brooks was a Pioneer.  If you ever watch Blazing Saddles, you will understand that Mel Brooks was a pioneer and probably the least PC person you'll ever meet.  Oh and he is a genius.  I highly recommend you see these movies of his if you haven't, Blazing Saddles, Spaceball, History of the World Part I (there is no part 2) and Young Frankenstein.

14. This bullet is for the Monday Movies.  Give me some ideas how we do this.

15. I saw some previews of some new shows coming out.  You have to be a sick bastid to come up with this stuff.  I'll just give you one, but there are MANY more...."The Gate."

16. Record your weather forecast for today.  Mine is Mostly Sunny High 89.

17.  That was the 16 in the for "1 in the hole" That's what she said......

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