Non Football Related: Cars

As a change of pace from all of our usual Non Football Related posts, I have decided to go for something quite different, I was inspired by a discussion we had about peoples thoughts on Smart Cars.

A car thread.

Well as a 17 year old in England I have just got my car (well I passed my test on the 4th of Feb) and I love being able to drive and go where I want ( an hour and a half journey in half an hour today, booyah!) well anyway let's all comment about what cars we have currently got,our first car, and what our dream car would be. Also post some good car related stories.

I'll start this off

First and Current Car - Renault Clio Extreme 1.2L  3 Door  "Cleopatra"


I love this car, it's pretty fast for a 1.2 and is really cheap to run/insure. Easy to get me and 4 friends in there and good for going round country lanes. Payed roughly $9000 for it and my insurance is at $2500. Love my little Cleopatra, shame I have to sell her to pay for my skiing next year :(

Well, as for my dream car there is really absolutely no question about it for me. I remember growing up and seeing 70's movies and TV reruns and thinking how awesome all the bad guys cars were, and this is what they drove. 

A Dodge Charger 440 RT 1973. Electric Blue with a black stripe running down the middle.


A proper beast of a muscle car, no way of stopping quickly, driving environmentally friendli-ly and no way of turning. Just pure straight line speed.

I worked out it will cost me around £40,000 to get one of these sent over from the US, but I could always just get an old beat up one and restore it.


As far as crazy car stories go, I have a couple, some of which have already been shared. 

There is the incident involving the lonely middle aged dogger who thought I was interested in some hanky panky in a public car park.

There is also the time I crashed into the school bus on my way into school, which would be a lot cooler if it weren't for the fact that I lost my car for 2 weeks, however it went a little something like this. I was driving down the 60mph limit on the way to school when I see this bus in front of me, so I start to brake, don't see any sort of brake lights or indication that he will pull in, so I carry on driving when without any signal he decides to pull in at a bus stop, unfortunately with me travelling at 60 I didn't have enough time to stop so I ploughed into him at 10-12mph causing Cleopatra to need a facelift and the bus got a new arse. Fortunately I wasn't injured and neither was anyone on the bus but I didn't have to pay for repairs because the guy who nearly hit me from behind backed up the fact the bus didn't indicate and had no brake lights so my insurance was safe too.

I will think of others later on I'm sure.

So post away guys and keep us entertained with some banterous car antics.

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