Non-football related: Monday Morning Movie Madness

Good morning BTSC.  Welcome to the first installment of the offseason movie review.  This is on a Steelers blog because it is a review done by Steelers fans.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  This is an open thread.  It is supplied for you to do your own movie review/critique and to read the reviews/critiques from your fellow Steelers fans.  I am opening this up with a movie I saw awhile back, but watched it since it was just released on Blu-ray. 

The movie I watched was “The book of Eli.”  I am not a professional movie critic.  Since I am not a movie critic, I’m not going to sound like I judging a piece of art.  I am going to just do what I do best.  I like to be brief.  I have a short attention span when it comes to stuff like this, but I can start conversations.  I don’t watch many movies anymore due to lack of time, so when I do it better be worth my time.  This is the second time I watched it so it should be obvious it was worth my time. If you haven’t seen it yet this is a spoiler alert.

The book of Eli was set in a post-apocalyptic America.  Eli is a person that has been around long before the nuclear war and fire from heaven destroyed the earth.  Eli is in possession of the last King James version (or was it New King James, more on that later).  Carnegie, a man also from the time before the apocalypse, is looking for this book to use it for his “good”.  He wants to use it to control the minds of the people in his jacked up town and create a nation which is slave to him. Eli was led to the Bible by the voice of God.  He was told to take it out west and that He would have his protection.
Carnegie crosses paths with Eli and finds out that Eli has the Bible.  He tries all he can to the Bible from Eli, but he escapes unharmed.  A daughter of Carnegie’s concubine (Solara) follows Eli because her mom says she will be safe with him.  Carnegie catches up with Eli and gets the Bible from him.  Carnegie shoots Eli and leaves him for dead, taking Solara with him.  Solara causes a crash and escapes with one of the vehicles in Carnegie’s caravan.  Carnegie is content with having the Bible (even though it’s locked) and goes back to his crazy town.

Solara goes back and finds Eli continuing his walk west.  Solara gives Eli a ride to the west coast.  They go through a ghost town that was once San Francisco and they find a civilization on Alcatraz.  They arrive on Alcatraz and Eli tells them to get lots of paper.  He has remembered the whole Bible.  He dictates the Bible to the scribe who then takes it to press and makes copies.  Eli passes on after it is finished and Solara heads back east with Eli’s weapons and his backpack.

Carnegie finally gets the Bible open and looks at the pages.  It is in Braille.  His concubine is blind but says she can’t read it because it’s been too long since she read Braille.  Carnegie dies, you assume, from an injury to his leg received the previous day while men are heard tearing his town apart.

Now, I have some points of discussion:

1.  Was Eli blind the whole time?

2.  Was that a New King James version or King James only to be changed after dictation?  Because he quoted King James earlier in the movie.

3.  Do you think there will be a sequel?

4.  I give it a thumbs up.  What do you give it?

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