Brian Westbrook? A good choice for the Steelers?

Ok so recently I've noticed that attention for the veteran Westbrook has been increasing steadily.


This got me to thinking, what bout having him play for our Steelers? There are some obvious pros and cons here, but I actually think he could be a solid addition.


When one says the word Westbrook, immediately images are brought to mind of medical carts, x-rays, and incomplete seasons. However I feel that largely stems from his large work-load in Philly over the last few years. He has however had solid campaigns, in particular his 2004 and 2007 pro-bowl seasons were excellent. And 2008 wasnt anything to laugh at either.

Last year, his problems werent so much with bones and joints, but rather with concussions. We have a pretty experienced team history with those. Perhaps we could be a good team for him to be on in that regard.

But why Westbrook? Clearly we have our runner in Mendenhall. Nobody denies this at the moment. And we have the ever reliable yet hardly used Waltzing Mewelde who still proves his worth despite having more splinters in his ass from sitting on the bench than Brian St. Pierre did.

But after that, who ya got? Dwyer is still no more than a speculative 6th round pick. Behind our main two we really have little in proven value.

So what is Westbrooks value this year? Well to me we have a good chance at getting him on the cheap, perhaps a relatively low contract for a year or two, minimal risk in other words. In addition to this, he can provide excellent hands out of the backfield. Granted our two backs can do that now, but it wouldnt hurt to spread the load. In this league right now, a tandem or even trio attack is beneficial to the survival of all. I'm willing to bet if Westbrook played 5-10 snaps a game, he would last the whole season, and would make an excellent addition to the team if used correctly.


With the Steelers talking about the run game this year, the last thing we need is to wear out Mendy early and have very little to go with down the stretch. Why not add some insurance, put a player in there that wants to compete, has the skills to handle virtually any play, and can possibly benefit in the trick play department. He's returned punts, thrown a TD pass, and can run a screen as good as anybody.


So tell me what you think Stiller Nation. I hate the eagles and they stank. But if Westbrook comes over here, I shall deem him cleansed of his stankyness and proceed to embrace him with arms wide open *cue creed music*

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