Non-football: Monday Morning Movie Review, Horrible Movie edition

Ok I actually watched a movie that I knew better than to watch.  It was a manifestation of the odor which exists in every Blockbuster I've entered.  Here is the storyline.

Three friends and one of the friend's nephew go up to a resort that they used to go to in high school.  This was a kicking town when they were high schoolers.  It's now about 30+ years later (not sure how many for sure).  They arrive and it's changed drastically. They still decide to stay there and remember old times. 

After some strange happenings they all get into the hot tub.  A can of some Russian stuff causes the hot tub to short out sending them into the past.  They are back in high school at an event they had (I think a Senior trip).  The people all see them at the age they were.  We see them as the 40+ guys they are. The nephew is the age he is in the future.  I guess because he would be just a thought back then.

These guys get the idea that they have to repeat everything or fall victim to "The Butterfly Effect".  They had to repeat things such as breaking up, having sex with girls and drinking like fish.  Along the way there are many twists and turns that are not very interesting at all.  The irony is kind of stale.

It seems to me that this is a some old guys fantasy of going back and doing things over or finding out what may have been.  He litters this with profanity and crude humor.  If you like that stuff you'll probably still not like this movie.  It's pretty shallow.  This is something a person would watch if they were drunk and had nothing else to do.  Even then he'd say that sucked! 

Now on to my bullet statements I love so much:


1. One guy calls his wife, who is 9 at the time, and tells her off.  It pays off for him when he gets back to the present.

2. The same guy feels he has to repeat history, but that means he has to have sex with this stacked blonde in the tub. He's crying because he has to do it, but his friends say he's not married yet.  She was very nice looking.

3. You find out who the father of the nephew is.  It's not surprising.

4. The movie was short.


1. There's a dude in the movie that says the "F" word more times than a Valley Girl says "Like".  I mean in every sentence.  "Dude I "effin" need to make a call.  Do you "effin have an "effin" phone?

2. Low on babe-agge for being a smutty film.

3. Too much dude on dude innuendo.  There was even some graphic stuff in that category.

4. I didn't stop the movie and just say I wasted money on renting it.  Instead I watched the whole thing and wasted money on renting it and felt like I fell in a dumpster at a seafood restaurant.

Thumbs down and 0 out of 5 stars.

Time for your review.

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